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I'm Dead.

Thursday, March 12 2009
Jeffrey takes desperate measures, Dinah panics and Doris' case falls apart.

At the mansion, Alan smugly tells Phillip that Grady won't be testifying against him and the case will collapse. As he walks away with a smile, Phillip says, "Unfortunately Dad, I think you're right."

Doris is annoyed when she arrives at the courthouse and Grady is nowhere to be found. Lillian tries to calm Daisy's worries. She's sure that something has gone wrong because he was doing this to prove his love for her. Across the room, Doris has to explain the legal process to Buzz. He freaks out: He needs Alan to be punished immediately not months or years from now. Alan walks in and begins mocking Buzz. Daisy tells Alan that if he did anything to Grady, she'll never forgive him. Time runs out. Doris is furious and tells Daisy her boyfriend is fired. Alan leaves, wishing he could have just stayed home and had a massage instead. Buzz runs off furiously while Lillian tries to calm Daisy. Phillip eavesdrops in the hall.

Edmund surprises Dinah in the park. They trade some barbs and he tells her that she will never win Shayne back. She ruined things with him just like she destroys everything she touches. After he meanders away, Phillip arrives. She hugs him and welcomes him back. He tells her that he is still settling in. "Have you heard the news about Lizzie's kidnapping? She found out who did it," he pointedly says. She tenses up. He tells her Grady did it. "Just Grady?" she asks. He wonders who else would be involved. Dinah wonders where Grady is now and tries to leave. Phillip tells her that Bill was abducted but now he's back. When he leaves, Dinah grumbles, "I'm dead."

At home, Shayne turns off the music box just as his father arrives. Josh wants to change the situation with him and just be his dad, not his therapist. He just wants to hang out. That sounds okay to Shayne. Josh throws him a video game and brings in pizza and beer. Shayne suggests they eat breakfast first. When Josh tries eating his cooking, he spits it out in disgust. The room smells like eggs and socks so he suggests they go out.

Josh and Shayne go to the gym and play catch. Josh is quickly worn out and his son teases him, threatening to set him up with younger women. As they drink, Edmund interrupts and Josh announces he has to go to a meeting with Billy. Once he's gone, Edmund sits down and tells Shayne that he's glad Dinah found the music box... but he hopes that he continues to protect himself from her.

Dinah tries calling Grady and asks him if it's time for her to leave town too. As she tries packing her bags, she becomes annoyed and throws her clothes around the room.

Dinah goes to see Shayne. "I'm scared," she tells him. Everyone knows that Grady kidnapped Lizzie and it's only a matter of time until they come after her. He tries to calm her but she is panicking and fidgeting. She can't take the waiting. Shayne asks her why she has come to him. "You're the only one who... understands me," she says in tears. They kiss. She pushes him away. "It's okay for you to need me," he says. He doesn't think they are so different, but she tells him that he's never been with someone who deliberately left him. Everyone who has loved her has left. He wants to help her but she is sure she has to do this alone. She walks out.

Buzz and Daisy drive over to Grady's. He leaps out of the car and begins screaming. Lillian promises that she will help them find Grady. Daisy sits on the porch and tries calling her missing boyfriend again. Lillian chases Buzz down as he throws garbage all over the lawn. She tells him that he's not acting fairly and she's worried about him.

When they return to Mallet and Marina's, Lillian follows Buzz upstairs. Daisy suddenly gets a message from Grady. He apologizes and tells her that he couldn't change; he's sorry but sure she will find someone else. This message wasn't from Grady though, but from Phillip.

At Cross Creek, Reva tells Jeffrey that they are going to her birthing class this morning. He says they aren't and reminds her of what Colin said. The baby is supposed to be delivered today. She will only do that when she is certain that the baby can survive on its own.

He follows her to Cedars, reminding her that they shouldn't be doing this. She refuses to listen and goes into the birthing class. They bicker and Jeffrey walks out. After the class is done, she walks out and finds Jeffrey waiting for her. Since he has her power of attorney, he's already filled out her admissions papers for the operation. He announces they are going home to pack. She trails after him into the parking lot and tells him he is out of line. Refusing to argue with him, she gets in the car alone and drives off.

When Reva gets home, she hears a knock at the door. Thinking it's Jeffrey, she yells at him to find somewhere else to sleep. Josh sheepishly sticks his head in. She lets him in so she can sign some paperwork. He asks for a beer and she can hardly believe he is drinking in front of her.

Jeffrey goes to the courthouse to ask Doris if she knows any precedents he can use to force Reva to have the procedure.

Jeffrey goes to his office and drinks.

Back at Cross Creek, court papers are delivered to Reva. She signs for them and is shocked to discover that Jeffery is suing her.

When Phillip gets home, he finds his father happily drinking scotch. He tells him that he sent Lizzie to make a deal with Grady. "You sent Lizzie to deal with her kidnapper?" he asks in disbelief. Alan thinks she can handle anything. "Grady Foley has been dealt with. He'll never hurt Lizzie again and neither will you," Phillip threatens.

Next on Guiding Light:

Reva calls Mel to be her lawyer,

Colin thinks this trial is a bad idea.

Olivia is sure that Phillip has taken Emma.

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