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    She's Going To Break Your Heart.

    Wednesday, March 11 2009
    Nat doesn't know what to say to Frank, Olivia gets a surprise, Shayne kisses Dinah, Mallet explains the baby to Marina and Colin has bad news for Reva.

    Shayne follows Dinah into her room. When he wonders why she didn't call him, she reminds him that he wanted her out of his life. That's not what he wants anymore. As she unpacks, he tells her how much he missed her. He tells her that he and Lara used to dance to the music box. She explains that she just wanted to make things up to him after erasing the video. "You have," he says. They kiss. She tells him this is wrong. It doesn't feel that way to him. She wonders if he'll change his mind again and doesn't want to get involved in someone else's drama. When she shows him the door, he reluctantly walks out.

    At home, Marina is overwhelmed by the new baby. Mallet explains that they were never going to get a baby from the adoption agency. They were flagged. "Did you steal him?" she asks. He promises that it is a hundred percent legal, even if he had to go to a foreign country to get the baby. He adds that they were flagged because of her and Danny, but the only thing that matters now is that they are giving a home to this child. She puts the baby in his arms and asks him where the baby came from. He explains that he got him from a Bosnian orphanage. There was a lot of paperwork and Dinah had to pretend to be his wife. She can't believe it. He insists that they just ran into each other over there and she offered to help. "That must have been a lot of fun for her... pretending to be your wife again?" she says. He swears that there will be no problems from Dinah. A moment later, Dinah shows up at the door. Marina asks her if she's come for the baby. Dinah insists she didn't set this up and hands Mallet the pacifier that he left in the car. She was just happy to help them and is sure they will make great parents. Marina cries and thanks her.

    At Cross Creek, Jeffrey tells Reva she can practice her knitting and 'fulfill herself as a woman'. She has other ideas about how to do that. They kiss and then Colin arrives with news. He tells them that the test results haven't been what they wanted. They may need to give her radical treatment: Radiation. Since this will hurt the baby, they need her to have a C-section in the next couple of days. If the baby is left inside of her, the treatment would likely be deadly. He'd like to have the procedure done tomorrow. Jeffrey says they will call him. After the doctor leaves, Reva tells Jeffrey there is no chance she will do it. She refuses to give birth without a guarantee that the baby will be okay. He reminds her of how much he loves her and can't afford to lose her. They begin to shout at each other and she refuses to let him put anything before her baby.

    Frank is on his knee in front of Natalia. She's shocked that he's proposed to her after such a brief courtship. She glances at Olivia in the window as Frank tells her that he loves her and this is what feels right. Olivia closes the shutters. When Frank and Nat go inside, she doesn't know what to say. He tells her that he knows what she is feeling and why she is upset. "Your faith," he says. There's more to it than that and she wants to tell him but he stops her. "You're exactly like me," he says. He wants to make her life better and help Rafe. Losing Coop was a wake-up call for him. He doesn't want to lose what is special in his life. She tells him that marriage is sacred. "It can't be because you miss your brother or because I..." she stops herself. He assures her that marriage is sacred to him too. After kissing her, he leaves, promising that he will wait for her answer.

    Olivia goes to Farley's bar and hangs around outside. It's Ladies Night so she goes in. As she sits at the bar, the bartender comes over and welcomes her. Olivia claims that she's not a lesbian. "I've been married a lot," she says with a laugh. But at the moment she's attracted to a woman, who is definitely into her, but she's too religious. "Walk away. She's going to break your heart," the bartender tells her. Offended, Olivia is about to walk out when she turns and sees Doris. Doris claims that she is not a lesbian and she is just there to meet with constituents. Olivia lays into her for trashing her lifestyle in the press and Doris tells her she did the same things when she stormed into her office and swore she wasn't a lesbian. They have both lied about this because they are afraid of what people think. Doris admits that her daughter doesn't even know her secret. "What's so honest about the way you live your life?" Doris asks her. Olivia is silent.

    When Olivia gets home, she finds Nat waiting outside. She never expected what Frank did and says she couldn't give him an answer. They go inside and Nat explains that she's only loved one man in her life. She's always shut all others out. She wonders if God wants her to be alone or if who He picked isn't who she expected. "Why am I so afraid?" she asks. "It's new and different and that's scary," Olivia says, but she tells her that if Frank is everything she needs, then she should say 'yes'.

    Frank and Daisy arrive at Marina and Mallet's. They explain that they adopted the baby. "I'm a grampa?" Franks asks excitedly. They've named the baby 'Henry' after Coop.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Reva refuses to have her C-section but Jeffrey has her power of attorney and has already signed the authorization.

    "I'm dead," Dinah guesses when Phillip tells her that they know who was behind Lizzie's kidnapping.

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    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:16 PM

    My thoughts about Wednesday's epi:
    1. Frank really loves Nat? That fast?
    2. Will Nat accept the proposal later?
    3. Wow, Reva with cancer again?
    4. Marina - stupid stupid stupid.
    5. Dinah and Shayne - proably.
    6. When will Shayne find out about the baby?
    7. We all know that baby is Shaynes.
    8. Marina - whine, cry, get angry, and etc.
    9. A possible relationship: Doris and Olivia?
    10. Hope tomorrow is better.

    Hey: GLandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23.

    Posted by GLfan85 at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:26 PM

    1. Frank has loved Nat for a long time.
    2. Reva has had cancer for some time, found out about the same time she found out she was pregnant.
    3. Why is Marina stupid?
    4. Would you not get upset if your husband wasn't forthright with you on being flagged for adoption and then going off to Bosnia to get a baby?
    5. I prefer Doris and O than O and Nat.
    6. I hope tomorrow is better too, MORE PHILLIP!!!!

    Posted by grangran at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:27 PM

    Hope this is not the beginning of the end for Reva. She has always been one of my favorites. Doris being gay is a shocker she never should have talked about Olivia. Can't wait to see what Philip will do about the kidnapping. And I wonder when we will find out what happened to Grady.

    Posted by grangran at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:30 PM

    Glfan85 ita Much better Oliver with Doris than Nat. I know Reva wants to give her child the best change she can, but it won't help if she is not around to love it.

    Posted by SJH 13 at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:35 PM

    OK, so I've got no problem with someone making a lifestyle choice other than my own, but seriously- Olivia?? She was a maneater! I find it hard to believe she's suddenly a lesbian. Doris isn't a big surprise though. If Nat decides she's one though that's just too much!

    Posted by nesitari20092000 at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:43 PM

    boring boring except that doris is a lesbian ha ha ha i knew it she was too strong looking and hated men. how about her and olivia gettin it on two strong women.

    Posted by coco50257 at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:46 PM

    Wow! If Olivia is going to be lesbian. I prefer her with Doris than Natalia. Now that would be a pair. Poor Frank. I hope Phillip don't become a Allen in doing in everyone who hurt Lizzie. Except if he goes after Alan. Sure that baby will be Lara & Shayne's. What a mess. I miss Josh having a role to really play anymore. Get rid of some of the boring ones & give Josh a life again on this show. As in Josh & Reva.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:53 PM

    I have always thought the character (Marina) was stupid. She continues to act like a spoiler child. Her statement to Dinah about coming back for the baby, was stupid. Mallet explained to her about Dinah's role. Marina will continue to find fault with everything. That is JMO! Can we handle a baby, Company, and her husband. Let's wait and see.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, March 11 2009 01:58 PM


    I totally again about Josh and reva getting back together. I use to love Jeffery but he has become an entirely different guy since he is with Reva. Reva has also become less Reva. Is the cancer s/l happening due to Kim's new contract coming up? I sure hope not. Kim is an excellent actress and I would be the first in line to protest. HaHa

    Posted by DEE53 at Wednesday, March 11 2009 02:08 PM

    There is such a thing as bisexual and Olivia and Natalia can be bi-sexual. But I agree the story line is dumb for those two particular woman..since neither has shown interest in other woman before...I am glad Phillip is back..I loved him and Harley together. I think the whole Alan and Beth was disgusting...Just shows Alan wanted what Phillip had.or maybe it was payback for Olivia & Phillip

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