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    Will You Marry Me?

    Tuesday, March 10 2009
    Bill and Lizzie are reunited, Frank has a proposition for Natalia, Phillip toasts to the future and Mallet returns with a surprise for Marina.

    Frank ties to rush the analysis of the recording Lizzie gave him. Marina arrives at the station and he fills her in about Grady. They worry about how upset Buzz will be if Grady doesn't testify.

    Dinah and Mallet are at the immigration office with the baby. Before she can leave, she tries to take her ring off. It's stuck. He offers to drive her home. She wants to jump on another plane. She congratulates him on his new baby. He thanks her and she rushes off. When the baby cries, he tries singing the Miranda act to him. Dinah returns after hearing the screaming and starts making faces for the baby. As the baby calms, he becomes overjoyed as it hits him that this is his son. Dinah tells him they look perfect together. An officer comes and hands them the immigration papers. Marina calls and asks him when he's getting home. He promises to be home soon. Dinah offers to drive him.

    Emma grabs some jellybeans and change and heads for the door. Olivia catches her before she can leave the house. She admits that she was trying to get away to see her father. Olivia reminds her it's late and sends her to her room. She calls a sitter, explaining that she has to rush out on business.

    Beth, Rick, Mindy and Phillip arrive at Company. It's empty. They take out beers and toast to the future. They sit around a booth and Mindy puts on a tiara. Rick wishes they would get together like this every year. Phillip walks outside when he spots Olivia at the window. She can't believe that he's out on bail and tells him to stay away from Emma. When he walks back in, everyone's relieved that he didn't invite Olivia in. Phillip drifts off by himself. The rest stare at him and wonder if he really is okay now.

    Sitting outside again, Phillip calls Lizzie and tells her that she will be safe from now on. When he goes back inside, he tells his friends that they make even the worst moments okay. He thanks them for putting aside their anger at him. To him, this night is about moving forward.

    Natalia shows up at the station with some cookies. She rambles as she talks to Frank. He's been calling her and understands if she needs some time to herself. She gives him the cookies. When she leaves, Olivia storms in and demands that he put Phillip back in jail. He can't "You're useless," she barks before storming off.

    Olivia goes home and lays in bed with Emma. She knows how much she wants to see her daddy but she can't take any chances with her safety.

    Dinah and Mallet pull up outside of his place. He thanks her again for all of her help. She tells him that pretending to be his wife was an honor. Dinah tells the baby to give his father trouble. He rushes to the house where Frank and Marina wait inside. As Marina sets things up, her father tells her that he just wants her to be happy. That's what she wants for him too. She asks him to take out the trash while he's leaving. Once he's gone, she hears Mallet shouting for her to come out with her eyes closed. When she gets out, he reveals the baby. She stares in disbelief. She and Mallet kiss and Dinah watches them from the driveway.

    Natalia runs into Remy. He teases her for bringing Frank cookies. "Next thing you know, you'll be sleeping with him," he jokes. She gives him a deadly look and he guesses that what he just said actually happened. She's embarrassed. He chuckles and offers to drive her home. When they get to the house, he tells her they can have a night of meaningless sex any time she wants. She doesn't appreciate the joke. Sex and marriage are sacred to her. When he leaves, she sits alone on the porch.

    Olivia comes out and tells her that Emma almost ran away. Nat can understand why she would want to see her father but offers to help her. "We're a team," she says. Olivia tells her that she thinks about her a lot. She's never had someone who fights for her like she does. When Frank pulls up, Olivia goes inside. Frank runs up to Nat and drops down on his knee. "Will you marry me?" he asks. Olivia watches through the window.

    Lizzie is amazed to find Bill standing in her driveway. They kiss and he tells her that they will be together now. As they cuddle, he explains that Grady and Cyrus grabbed him. When he spots Cyrus, he walks to the car and Lizzie follows him. She wants tonight to be about them, not Cyrus. He kisses her and then punches Cyrus in the face. "Now it can be all about us," he declares, throwing her over his shoulder and trudging down the driveway. When they get to the house, he tells her that he was crazy for not realizing that she was the most important thing in his life. He doesn't feel like he deserves her after the mistakes he's made. She's made mistakes too, but she's always known that he could rescue her. She thinks they could use a new start. He decides to give her one and runs off so they can meet again fresh.

    When Dinah returns to her room at the Beacon, Shayne is waiting for her. "Hey stranger. I missed you," he says.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Natalia tells Frank that she didn't expect his proposal.

    Olivia goes to ladies' night and is surprised by who she runs into.

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    Posted by 3Puppies at Tuesday, March 10 2009 01:28 PM

    Okay, so Bill and Lizzie are back together. For how long??? We all know their relationship will not last, Lizzie and Bill will become boring and the writers will have to split them up = one more time. Did anyone notice the "Black" hair on Rick? Why????? Does anyone have an idea what the writers are goingn to do with Phillip? I have he isn't going to be charged with the killing of Grady when it happens. Now, M&M - wouldn't your first comment be "Where did you get this baby without me?" Is she too stupid to not ask? Sorry, I just can't stand those two together. Mallet needs to be with Dinah. What was with her ring? She couldn't take it off. Will that create a problem for Marina?

    Hey: GLandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Sunflower23, Vanillahere, and all.

    Posted by jozye at Tuesday, March 10 2009 01:35 PM

    Unfortunately I can see why there are no comments.
    1) How unrealistic for Frank to propose to Natalia just b/c they slept together once! They never even had a real relationship!!!
    2) The whole Lizzie kidnap thing, how the heck is Cyrus AND Dinah going to get out of this one?
    Did Philip kill Grady and why wasn't that mentioned today?
    4) And Mallet just "getting" a baby from Bosnia that fast??

    Posted by grangran at Tuesday, March 10 2009 01:39 PM

    I am so glad Lizzy and Bill are back together at last. I just wonder what Philip and Bill will do now that they know who all are involved in the kidnapping. But you know Allan will not get any blame he never has to pay for all he has done. I just hope this is the end of Grady. I can kind of tolerate Cyrus but he is guilty to. So glad Mallet and Marina got a baby just hope it don't turn out to be Shayne's. Felt sorry for Dinah watching M&M together Maybe her and Shane will get together.

    Posted by Justinnme05 at Tuesday, March 10 2009 01:46 PM

    I really like Bill and I think that him and Lizzie belong together... And I don't know how long this will play out with this baby thing...

    Posted by grangran at Tuesday, March 10 2009 01:47 PM

    So glad Lizzy and Bill got back together. I just wonder what Bill and Philip will do now that they know who all are involved. Alan will probably get away with it he always does. Good to see M&M get a baby I just hope it doesn't turn out to be Shayne's. I felt sorry for Dinah watching the two of them together.

    Posted by Julien at Tuesday, March 10 2009 01:48 PM

    What a realy boring day.I agree 3Puppies I would be like where did you you get the baby and why wasnt I involved?I wonder w=how Marina will react when she finds out Dinah was involved.I realy wish they would put Marina and Shayne together,I am not likeing Shayne and Dinah knowing how old Shayne should realy be.

    Hey:3Puppies, GLandWT,Gossipqueen75, mom6, Sunflower23, Vanillahere, and everyone.

    Posted by grangran at Tuesday, March 10 2009 01:50 PM

    Sorry for the double post I didn't think the first one got posted.

    Posted by Julien at Tuesday, March 10 2009 01:55 PM

    Also what happened to Edmond did he fall off the face of the earth?His coming back is very disapointing Lara Shayne who cares.

    Posted by GLfan85 at Tuesday, March 10 2009 02:02 PM

    1st of all this is a soap, like aging these kids from 5 to 15, adopting a baby only takes a day. There are so many kids in places like Bosnia that need homes I can ALMOST see it happening. I'm sure after the shock of him showing up WITH a baby wears off he will fill her in on the rest. What I want to know is what was his cover storey for being gone so long???

    ***spoilerish*** I heard that Reva's cancer is still there, so why wasn't that on today? Also I thought Jeffery was suppose to be taking her to court to force her to have the baby?? No lead up to it or anything. Why is it so impossible for them to show more than 2 s/l's a day. ~rolling eyes~
    Ok so Phillip and G wresseled on that cliff, did they show him falling yesterday? I don't remember. Why didn't they show any of that today? Very strange how they are playing this out!
    You would think Buzz would be elated to find out that Alan was beind the cover up of Lizzie's kidnapping. Accessory after the fact and tampering with an investigation could land him BACK in prison. Wouldn't this be his 3rd time? That means he wouldn't be able to get out! 3 strikes and all.
    I'm glad Phillip is back an all, but come on, they are dragging any possible s/l's way out. Especially with them doing the reunion thing so soon after he gets home with all the other bs he has to deal with. again ~rolling eyes~

    Posted by GLfan85 at Tuesday, March 10 2009 02:10 PM

    oh and I am sooo glad Bill punched Cyrus! How is Cyrus going to get out of the accessory and tampering? I too am glad that Bill and Lizzie are back together. As a couple they have so much potential, if only the writers would keep that in mind and not let them become stagnet!

    I miss Billy, they really need to give him and Vanessa a s/l, one worth chomping on for a bit! Instead they are showing this lameass O pining away for Nat and then having Remy pop up here and there!
    Alan should be quaking in his boots!
    As far as Frank proposing to Nat, hmmm, I don't know about that. I bet she will accept when O finally expresses her desires to Nat. But come on Frank, what a way to scare the begees out of someone! One date! Just one! oh and a roll in the hay. She's been avoiding you and just because Nat brings you cookies you deside to ask her to marry you????

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