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I Can Find It.

Monday, March 09 2009
Phillip battles with Grady, Cyrus comes clean with Lizzie and the reunion continues.

On the cliffs, Grady imagines that Phillip has come to make a deal with him to keep quiet. Phillip knows that he abducted his daughter and held her captive. He tells him he'll be rotting in a jail cell next to Alan. Grady offers to help him put Alan away if he forgets about the kidnapping. He tells Phillip that Alan recruited him to frame Bill. Phillip stands there with his mouth open. Daisy calls just to tell Grady how much she loves him. When he gets off the phone, he tells Phillip that this can go either way. Phillip begins to shout until Grady tells him that he should be shouting at Dinah, she was the mastermind behind all of this. "I thought my family was better off without me, but I left them at the mercy of scum like you!" Phillip yells. Grady shrugs and casually threatens Lizzie again. Phillip finally blows up and grabs him by the throat before throwing him off the cliff.

Lizzie plays the message for Cyrus again and tells him that Grady must be the kidnapper. She wishes she had listened to Bill and decides they should search for him. Remembering that Grady was at Bill's, she assumes that he has Bill somewhere. She runs off.

Cyrus follows Lizzie to The Beacon. She searches for clues and wonders what Grady could have done to Bill. Cyrus has an idea of what his brother might have done. Lizzie announces that they are going to the police for help.

Rick sits with Mindy and Beth at the reunion. They eat cake until Frank arrives. He tells Beth that Lizzie has evidence about the kidnapping and he can't track her down. She suggests he look for Bill. "Even if I assigned a whole task force just for the Spauldings, I wouldn't have enough manpower to look after you guys," he says.

Mindy, Beth and Rick walk around the classrooms and begin recollecting their past high school experiences. After Rick gives them some impressions of their former teachers, they send him off to fetch some cake. Mindy can see that Beth is upset. She worries about Lizzie.

At home, Daisy is playing poker with Buzz but he's feeling dejected. She tells him that he's fixed things with Alan and would be proud of him. Buzz stares at a photo of Coop. She tells him that Grady wants to be a good man now that he has a chance. Daisy is sure that this chance is changing Grady in good ways. He can see that she really loves him. She thanks him for this chance.

Lizzie arrives at the station to see Frank. She tells him that Grady kidnapped her and plays the message. Frank is amazed. She shows him a text message she got as well. When Frank is distracted by a call, Lizzie wanders off with Cyrus following her. "Daisy," Frank says to himself.

Ashlee goes to visit Daisy and tells her how much she misses them living together. Daisy tells her that she and Grady are going to be fixing everything for Buzz. Ashlee tells her friend that she looks perfect. "It's what Grady deserves," Daisy says. After they leave, Frank arrives looking for Daisy. He tells his father about the evidence against Grady. Buzz begs him not to arrest him until they put Alan away. "Do you hear yourself talking?" Frank asks, worrying that Daisy is in danger right now. They continue to argue and Buzz again begs him not to arrest Grady. Frank walks out.

Phillip runs into the washroom at the school. He washes his face and stares in the mirror. He returns to the festivities as Rick runs off to get a mint before the dancing starts. Beth can see that Phillip is out of it and asks him where he's been. Before he can say anything, Rick and Mindy return. He wants beer so Mindy piggybacks on him and they gallop off with Phillip and Beth trailing behind.

They go into the auditorium. Phillip smiles as Rick tries dancing with Beth. Once Rick pulls Mindy onto the dance floor, Beth asks him to sit down. They watch Rick and hope he's happy. Finally, they walk onto the floor and dance together. "That night changed my life," she says. She never felt safer than when she was in his strong hands. He admits that he failed. She's still scared. "Maybe tonight is about letting go of the past and concentrating on what's good," she suggests. She asks him to take her in his arms and make her feel safe again. He doubts he has the strength anymore. "I can find it," she says. When they begin talking about Lizzie, he tells her that he's 'taken care of everything'. Mindy comes to the podium and announces that they want to relive a moment from the original prom: They re-crown Phillip and Beth. As they start their dance, Beth tells him that this is a new beginning.

At the mansion, Lizzie fires Cyrus for betraying her. He did it because Grady is his brother. She slaps him, realizing that he must have known that he was her kidnapper all along. Before she can walk out, he asks her to let him help her. It could be the last chance he has to help his brother. She thinks he sucks at keeping his brother out of trouble. He continues chasing her around the mansion and tells her that he values their friendship, offering again to help her find Bill. They go out to his car and start to drive. When they get to the end of the lawn, a truck pulls up. Bill climbs out. Lizzie runs out to him and they kiss.

Ashlee drives Daisy out to meet Grady. She offers to wait in case he's late. Daisy tries to get rid of her but Ashlee doesn't want to leave her alone. She finally does and Daisy sits on Grady's porch to wait. After waiting until late, she tries calling Grady but there's no answer.

Next on Guiding Light:

Olivia warns Phillip to stay away.

Phillip wants to move on from the past.

Bill goes after Cyrus.

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