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    I Can Find It.

    Monday, March 09 2009
    Phillip battles with Grady, Cyrus comes clean with Lizzie and the reunion continues.

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    Posted by JulieNA at Monday, March 09 2009 03:35 PM

    Wow that dummy really fell hard.I hope he is gone for good unless they are going to make him and Daisy another Roger Thorpe and Holly.He will be back and out for revenge w\Cyrus following behind him.I wonder if Cyrus will rat Alan out for knowing after the fact.Finaly Bill and Lizzie together.Buzz is realy something else wait till they cant find Grady.Ashlee needs a man seriously a life.

    Hello:3Puppies, gossipqueen75, GLandWT, Vanillahere,mom6 and everyone

    Posted by coco50257 at Monday, March 09 2009 03:37 PM

    Ugh! Please don't make Phillip a bad guy. I hope it's true & he is alive & someone else will do him in. But how the heck would someone find him when he falls off a cliff? Maybe Phillip will make people think that Alan did it. That's who Buzz will blame. Grady didn't tell him that Alan helped frame Bill did he? Want PHillip to be a good guy & stay that way. I didn't know that Jeffery left Reva. No way! Although I would love it if Josh was back with Reva.

    Posted by cininnc at Monday, March 09 2009 04:01 PM

    Grady can't be dead yet. The spoilers for Thursday say that Daisy gets a message from Grady. Even in soap-dom messages don't hang in limbo that long. Maybe his brother will find him, and Frank will miraculously be around to overhear the two of them discussing the kidnapping.

    Posted by ComputerFreak895 at Monday, March 09 2009 04:03 PM

    this was one crazy day!!! You have Grady thrown off a cliff. Beth and Phillp mabey but hopefully finding something!! Bill is back... and Cyrus confesses!! that is crazy. I laughed so hard when they were crowned. Phillip looked funny... but cute. and i canNOT belive Jeffery. And What about Shayne and MArina?!?!? but i think someone will finish GRady off and did you see Phillip after that. Its like he didn't even mean to do it the anger just got the better of him. but if he is alive and some one doesn't get rid of him....they better run him and Cyrus out of town. And poor daisy but then again she weould have been better off with Rafe and still would. And rick at the reunion, now that was hillarious!! no more cake for him. Cant wait for tomorrow!

    Posted by Vol Man at Monday, March 09 2009 04:51 PM

    Maybe Grady did survive and comes back to kill someone (Philip, Lizzie) and Cyrus does the right thing and offs Grady as he is about to kill them.

    Does anyone else think that could be the same cliff that Jonathan used to stage his own death (along with Sarah)?

    Posted by simscb at Monday, March 09 2009 07:55 PM

    I am so happy now that Grant Aleksander has returned to GL. It is so sad that the writers are making him a bad guy again. He is wearing his heart on his sleeve because he truly loves his family and would do anything to keep them safe.

    I do not believe Philip threw Grady off the cliff. They were fighting and Philip was angry when he learned the whole truth. His falling was an accident.

    Too bad Grady will have the strength to call Ditzy Daisy, I was hoping the b...... was dead already. Have been waiting a long time for him to either die or leave Springfield, and take Cyrus with him. Someone will finish him off after his call to Daisy, misleading her to believe that Philip is a murderer.

    Can't wait until Philip lets Dumb Dinah have it!

    Posted by LBOOGIE at Tuesday, March 10 2009 08:18 AM

    I really hope that Phillip doesn't go back to being evil. I really don't think that will happen. And just like most of you, I believe that Grady slipped. I think that Phillip let his anger get the best of him but I don't think that he pushed him. I must admit it was nice to see someone finally get the best of Grady instead of the other way around!! I'm so glad Phillip is back!!!

    As for Buzz, maybe he should go jump off the same cliff and try to save Grady but instead just land right next to him cause he is really getting on my last nerve!!!!! Alan ain't even thinking about him and here he is trying to make him pay for something he actually didn't do this time. Get over it Buzz!!
    I was so happy to see Bill and Lizzie reunite and the end. But we all know that they will only be happy for a season. This is soap opera land!!
    I have enjoyed watching the four musketeers together again after all this time. Unfortunately they need to go ahead and call it a night. I mean, it's starting to get on my nerve!!!

    Posted by JNCOC4 at Tuesday, March 10 2009 11:56 AM

    hello, i am a first time poster i have been reading for about 2 yrs and watching for at least 20 yrs and this show used to be so good and now it seems to be getting better again. ok so they bring back phillip and he is weird and why has he not asked about his other children??? doesn't he want to know how they are or even where they are?? i guess they will have to get rid of the charactor harley is playing on all my children to bring her back and age her kids about 10yrs. and just how long is reva going to be pregnant??? this is by the longesttttt pregnacy in soap history. ok the lizzy and bill thing is too unreal i think he is way too old for her and they need to get on with it or give it up plus she has hot chemisty with cyrus who is so hot.. well i could go on and on but will save for another day.. have a good day

    Posted by DIANA1965 at Tuesday, March 10 2009 12:25 PM

    what is goin on? i am so disappointed with GL rite now! killing coop was a major mistake! first, u break him and ashlee up and then u kill him?? where does da madness end? y in da world would u bring phillip back only to make him a killer? and to kill grady of all people!! i know that grady should be killed, but y not by someone else? let phillip handle allen!! as a matter of fact, y kill grady? it's time for him to pay for all da things he has done...killing him is to dang easy!!...he needs to be around to face daisy when she finds out everything! and y not kill her off as well? she is starting to WORK MY NERVES!! i have never seen 2 people as stupid as she and lizzie are!! this storyline was goin on long b4 phillip got back and he is da one to learn EVERYTHING!! so unfair! poor lizzie! she just keeps getting in deeper and deeper with da wrong guys. and y is it she's so forgiving of allen and not phillip? she never blames allen for anything! the writers need to do some more power thinkin...i'm confused...u have the 4musketeers celebrating their 25th class reunion,and they keep saying 1983, but it should be da yr 1984!! or am i missing something?

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