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    One of Those Sappy Girl Movies.

    Friday, March 06 2009
    Lizzie realizes who the kidnapper is, Mindy is back in town for the reunion and Cyrus tries to get his brother out of town.

    Lizzie tracks down Grady and offers to make a deal with him. He says everyone wants to these days. Doris has offered him the chance to save the town from Alan. "I'm offering you the chance to keep your arms," she says, telling him that Alan will hire someone just like him to come after him. He doubts that will work because he could figure out what he could do. "Then we'll send ten of you," she says. He tells her she'll have to find someone other than her grandfather to fight her battles in the future. She needs her grandfather to feel secure. "That's too bad," he says, walking off.

    Phillip is searching through old photo albums. Looking at pictures of Lizzie, he wonders how he can make her trust him again.

    Mindy and Beth are at The Beacon giggling while they look through their old high school yearbooks. She asks her friend if Phillip is okay. Beth's not sure. She cries and worries. Billy arrives and lifts his daughter up as they laugh. He teases them about going back to high school.

    Daisy and Grady are at the gym. He says they can be 'a couple in one of those sappy girl movies' now. He even offers to go and see one with her. She's delighted.

    Lizzie meets with Cyrus by the side of the road. She tells him that she just tried threatening his brother and now she needs his help. He tells her that all she needs is money to get what she wants from Grady. She's tried paying him to leave before and he's still around. Cyrus says he needs a real payoff. She offers to get him a million dollars within the hour. He's thrilled. She drives off. He calls his brother and tells him the deal. Grady calls Daisy and tells her that he just came into some money. He wants to take her out to Towers and then to The Beacon for a night of sex. "Uh... okay," she says.

    At the station, Buzz rants at Frank when he discovers that Alan has been let out on bail. He yells for a gun. Frank warns him that he needs to calm down before he has a heart attack. No one wants revenge, he shouts at his father. Buzz spots Alan and leaps up. Alan tells him to get on with his life because he'll lose the war he's starting. Buzz just wants to see him pay. Alan smugly tells him that Grady's testimony will never see the light of day.

    Cyrus goes to see Daisy. He tells her that she's asked a lot of Grady and he hopes that, one day, she can get what she wants. "You're being weird," she says. "I'm Australian," he answers. She still thinks that Grady can become respected.

    Lizzie arrives at the canning factory. She looks down in the basement and sees Grady changing. When he takes off his shirt, she gasps as she spots the tattoo covering the scar on his chest. Buzz calls Grady and asks to meet him at the police station.

    Alan thanks Phillip for bailing him out of jail. He didn't. Alan tells him that Lizzie is convinced that he kidnapped her. They argue about the best way to protect the people they love. Phillip thinks his father has crossed some lines he shouldn't have.

    At the courthouse, Billy finds Buzz ranting at Frank. He warns him not to go down the road of revenge. "You're one of the good guys," he tells him. Buzz can't be that man anymore.

    Phillip, Beth, Mindy and Rick are all at the high school. They look around and try to remember the faces. None of them want to go back to what they were back then. They sit around and eat as a former classmate hands them their nametags. Rick leaves to flirt with her and Mindy and Beth leave to check in on someone else. Left alone, Phillip gets a call from Lizzie. Tearfully, she tells him that she just saw the kidnapper and he is going to get her.

    Cyrus runs into his brother on the road. He rants at him for bungling the deal he just set up. Neither of them wants to go but they can't stay. Cyrus loves his brother and he can't watch him ruin his life. "I need Daisy," Grady says. "And I need you to stay alive," Cyrus says, hugging his brother.

    Phillip runs to the factory and finds Lizzie. He promises her that he will help her. She jumps back and tells him not to touch her. She doesn't even know how he got there. Stuttering, she tells him what she saw and cries as she describes the kidnapping. Her memory of that leaks into her memories of when her father kidnapped her. She collapses and screams. He tells her about counting her toes when she was little. He was always afraid of losing her, but he doesn't know how to help her now. "Can I just take you home?" he asks. Slowly, she stands up and they leave together.

    Back at the reunion, Mindy and Beth notice that Phillip is gone. Mindy wonders if this is too much for Beth. Beth remembers that her past was as full of bad things as the present. She feels like she's on a merry-go-round and bad things just keep repeating. Rick returns and wonders where Phillip is. They joke around.

    Buzz arrives at the mansion and lunges for Alan. Frank and Billy grab him before he can attack. Buzz yells and Alan orders Frank to get him out of there.

    Grady meets Daisy outside of her house. He likes her outfit and has her spin around for him. After taking her picture, he hands her his dog tags so that part of him will always be with her. He sends her back inside, promising to meet her later. She goes inside and finishes getting ready. Buzz sits at the kitchen table and drinks. She sits with him and offers to play poker. "Good things are going to happen tonight," she says.

    Cyrus finds Lizzie sitting outside of the mansion. She tells him that she knows that Grady was her kidnapper. She can't believe how stupid she's been and worries that Grady must have done something to Bill.

    Grady meets with Phillip on the cliffs.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Jeffery sues Reva for custody of their child.

    Bill tells Lizzie that Cyrus and Grady abducted him.

    Phillip and Grady struggle on the cliffs.

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    Posted by 3Puppies at Friday, March 06 2009 01:33 PM

    Lizzie finally has her breakdown. Now will she believe her father is NOT the kidnapper? Who will kill Grady? I think it will be an accident. My thought is Cyrus and Grady will be arguing and Grady will slip. Doesn't it sound like the Tony accident? Maybe the writers will surprise me and have a different scenerio. Sure hope so. Now how does Bill return? What will Doris do about Grady? What will Alan do? For a change we have some cliffhangers!!

    Hey: GlandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23, and All.

    Posted by Gotta Luv the Soaps at Friday, March 06 2009 01:57 PM

    Finally, Lizzie realizes the truth. Now this kidnapping storyline can finally be put to rest. I wonder if Dinah's part in it will be revealed. Things would get interesting then!

    Posted by gossipqueen75 at Friday, March 06 2009 02:01 PM

    FINALLY!! We had the ahh hahh moment where Lizzie finally put two and two together!!! YAY!!! I am glad that this will lead to some excitement. What a good show today. And next week it looks like Phillip confronts Grady. I hope Phillip doesn't get into trouble or Grady dies with Phillip around. Stupid Cyrus. I hope Lizzie kills both Grady and Cyrus. I have a lot of questions and look forward to next week.

    It was nice to see Mindy, they all look very good!!!

    Hi: 3Puppies, Julien, GLandWT, Vanillahere and all

    Posted by Julien at Friday, March 06 2009 02:36 PM

    I am so glad she has finly open her eyes.But now if I wonder if Grady will tell that Alan knew after the fact and if he does fall off the mountian Philip will be in big trouble again. I guess I was hopeing for more of a revisit the past for the reunion instead of a very sad set.

    Hello: 3Puppies,GlandWT,Gossipqueen75,mom6,Vanillaher & everyone.

    Posted by coco50257 at Friday, March 06 2009 03:58 PM

    Crap! I suppose Grady will fall off the cliff and everyone will think that Phillip is still crazy & killed him. Ugh! I hope not. I for one will not miss Grady or Cyrus. I hope that Lizzie finds out the Cyrus, Alan & Dinah also knew! Lizzie will freak out when she sees & hears Grady's dogtags jingle around Daisy's neck. I am so glad Phillip is back:-) Can't wait for Bill's return & finally knowing others know he did not kidnap Lizzie! This was better than the reunion. Phillip will probably return to the reunion. Cause ads showed him dancing with Beth!

    Posted by coco50257 at Friday, March 06 2009 03:59 PM

    Another thing. I bet that Dinah's part in it will never be known!!! Like Alan she can get by with anything.

    Posted by cheri63 at Friday, March 06 2009 04:18 PM

    What the hell happened to Jeffery and Reva?I have not

    Posted by simscb at Friday, March 06 2009 07:11 PM

    At Last!!!! Lizzie knows the truth. It took entirely too long for this s/l to reach denouement. I love Lizzie. Marcy is a great actress.

    Hope someone who is a reliable, good person sees Philip and Greasy Grady on the mountain top, witnesses the falling of Grady into lleh!

    I have been waiting for both Grady and Cyrus to get their just desserts. They should have been behind bars a long time ago. Too bad Lizzie hired Cyrus because she will regret it.

    It is also time for Dinah and Alan's involvement to be revealed. Bill will probably want to kill both of them. Lizzie, Philip, Mallet and Marina will be livid.
    Of course, this is a soap and the villans always get away with every thing they do.

    It was great seeing the Four Musketeers again. Love all of them.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, March 06 2009 07:12 PM

    I am wondering if Lizzie will put 2 and 2 together and get Cyrus. She hired Cyrus in the first place to find her kidnapper. Now that she's discovered it his brother Grady, what will she do/think? Cyrus was speechless when Lizzie told him the kidnapper is his brother. I hope this is the beginning of the end for the "Foley Brothers". I am hoping that Lizzie and Phillip had a plan in mind before she told Cyrus that the kidnapper is Grady.

    I'll be so happy when Rick is given a great s/l. I haven't liked his s/l's since Abigail left him and that was a long time ago.
    Hi 3Puppies, Julien, Mom6, Vanillahere, Gossipqueen75, Sunflower23 and all. Have a great weekend.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Friday, March 06 2009 08:28 PM

    Good Friday!
    Let’s hope they kill Grady!!!! Maybe they listened to us?
    It is a little ridiculous for Lizzie to be so upset about Philip trying to kidnap her way back when. She wasn’t blindfolded and tied up like what Grady did to her. And it was years ago. Lizzie is right, she is stupid.
    Glad I didn’t have to put up with Nat and O today.
    What’s going on with Reva and Jeff? Did I miss something?

    Hi GlandWT, Julien, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and 3pupps have a good weekend!

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