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    That Doesn't Make Any Sense.

    Thursday, March 05 2009
    Lizzie assumes that Phillip is the kidnapper, Grady makes a deal and Alan is arrested.

    Lizzie walks into Alan's office and starts playing the kidnapper's message again. Cyrus arrives and tells her that she should stop doing that. She wants to take the recording to the police. Phillip eavesdrops in the hall while Lizzie tells Cyrus that she is surrounded by kidnappers and one is still trying to get her. Phillip walks in. Cyrus wants to leave but Lizzie asks him to stay. He promises she will be okay and leaves. Phillip offers to take her to the station. She avoids him. Beth walks in on the awkward moment to say that Mindy is flying in. Lizzie runs off. Beth tells Phillip that their daughter has had a hard time for the last few years. "All of our lives are falling apart because Alan has control over everything," she claims. "Not anymore," he says.

    Beth goes up to her daughter's room. She insists that Phillip is normal again and back to what he was like when he was young. "That's really sick," Lizzie says, telling her mother that Phillip isn't half the man that Coop was. Beth explains that she's been asked to defend Phillip. While she tries to rationalize this, Lizzie tells her to snap out of it. Beth can't forget the good years with him. Lizzie tells her she needs to accept that people change and sometimes the things they do are too bad to be forgiven. She admits that she would be with Bill if he could prove his innocence. Beth thinks it's the same thing. Lizzie shakes her head. Beth tells her that Alan is ten times worse than Phillip. "Grandfather has never held me hostage," Lizzie says.

    Grady chases after Daisy. He tells her that he will testify against Alan... for her. They kiss and she thanks him before taking him to Cedars to tell Buzz his decision. Once they tell him, Buzz thinks that this will make Grady a hero. He warns them that Alan will fight hard. Grady's willing to take that risk for Daisy. Buzz shakes his hand and tells him he's doing the right thing. Cyrus sticks his head in and orders his brother out. In the hall, he tells him about how Lizzie listens to the message constantly. He thinks he should leave town right now. Grady explains that he is going over to the good side and is turning on Alan. "You are so stupid," Cyrus says. Grady is sure he can handle this. He turns around and sends Lizzie another threat.

    Phillip goes to see his father at Cedars. He accuses him of trying to have him kept in jail and tells him that the family is in the worst shape he's ever seen it. Alan tells him not to be so judgmental after abandoning everyone. Phillip reminds him that he shot him. "That was a long time ago," Alan says. Phillip vows not to let him hurt anyone anymore. He wants everyone to be happy. "Sometimes people have to be told what to do to be happy," Alan says. Phillip doesn't want to fight with him but he will.

    In the hall, Phillip chats with Lillian and asks her out to lunch. She agrees but slips in to see Buzz first. She's preparing his release papers and offers to pamper him later. As soon as she steps out, he tells Daisy to get him out of there so they can have Alan arrested as soon as possible.

    Cyrus runs into Lizzie in the parking lot. She shows him the latest message she got. She starts to wonder how long her dad has really been back and guesses that he must be the kidnapper. "That doesn't make any sense," Cyrus says. It makes perfect sense to her. She rushes into Cedars to talk to Alan and Cyrus calls his brother to tell him that they need to leave. "Don't worry," Grady says.

    Inside, Grady hangs up and walks out. Phillip starts after him and then bumps into Lizzie. She stutters. He asks her what happened. She accuses him of being the kidnapper and runs to Lillian. She tells her that Phillip is the kidnapper and plays the message to her. Lillian isn't convinced and tries to talk sense to her. When Phillip comes in, she runs away. Lillian asks him if he is the kidnapper.

    Buzz arrives at the station and tells Doris that he has convinced Grady to confess to all of his crimes so they can take down Alan. Grady can't be tried for the hit and run because of double jeopardy and Buzz is sure Doris can grant him immunity for the rest of his crimes. She agrees and leaves to start the paperwork. Daisy hugs him and tells him that Coop would be happy.

    Back at Cedars, Rick is discharging Alan. Rick admits that he's not sure what's going on with Phillip. Alan thinks they need to keep a careful watch on him. Rick agrees.

    Lizzie rushes into Company and finds her mother sitting on the floor. Beth's crying. "Sometimes I need to feel close to him," Beth says. Lizzie tells her that Phillip is her kidnapper. She realizes that she hasn't seen Bill in days and wonders if Phillip hurt him. Beth tells her they can talk about this after the reunion. Lizzie is disgusted and decides that Alan is the only person who can help her. She calls and arranges for Alan to meet her there. Beth flies off the handle and tells her that Alan destroys everything he touches. Alan arrives. Lizzie hugs him and begs him to help protect her from Phillip. "No one's going to take you from me," he promises.

    Daisy is telling Grady how well everything is going. Cyrus walks over and tells his brother he can't testify. Alan will have him killed before it can happen. Daisy walks away. Cyrus threatens to dump his brother with Bill. Alan calls and threatens Grady for threatening Lizzie. Grady threatens him back and Alan hangs up. Cyrus tells his brother again that they have to leave town.

    At Cedars, Phillip is shocked when Rick tells him that he let Alan check out. Phillip complains that Lizzie thinks he kidnapped her. Rick reminds him that he did and people don't easily forget that sort of thing. Phillip wishes everyone would get over it and insists that he's okay again.

    Doris and her cops storm into Company and arrest Alan for Tammy's death. "I lost my son because of him and now he has to pay," Buzz says. Lizzie runs to Buzz and begs him to let her grandfather go free. "I need him locked up," Buzz says. As Alan is taken away, Lizzie runs after him. "I've done it Coop. Alan's going to pay," Buzz intones. Cyrus wanders in and tells Buzz that he can't let this happen. Buzz says Grady will be fine; Frank and Marina can protect him. Cyrus thinks that's laughable and he knows no one will ever respect Grady. "My brother is not a good man," Cyrus admits. Buzz insists that this is done and walks out.

    Lizzie goes to see Alan at the jail. He tells her that he has a plan. She needs to go and convince Grady that he will ruin his life. She's afraid to leave the building. He can't help her unless she does this. She promises to make sure Grady never testifies and runs out.

    Phillip returns to the mansion and yells for Lizzie. Beth comes in and tells him what's been going on with Grady and Alan. Even though she represented him in court, she asks him if Lizzie is really safe with him. He admits that the only proof he has of his innocence is his word.

    Lizzie shows up at Grady's and tells him they need to make a deal.

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    The Four Musketeers are reunited this week.

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    Posted by Snowbunnie7185 at Thursday, March 05 2009 01:26 PM

    This kidnapping s/l is getting old.

    Wanted to strangle Lizzie today, when she went off about Alan never kidnapping her, No hes just the reason you dont have your daughter. And If I remember correctly, didnt he keep Lizzie locked up in the house?

    What a Dummie!

    Posted by mv1970 at Thursday, March 05 2009 01:34 PM

    I agree about the kidnapping thing. Who cares anyway, who kidnapped her? And they try and make us believe she could actually be running a big company too!! Yeah right!

    Posted by Grammy43 at Thursday, March 05 2009 01:34 PM

    OMG!! Enough already, writers please let Lizzy grow up. Does anyone remember the mean tricks she pulled on Tammy, Johnathan, Coop, Ava? She was one mean person and she says to Beth that Phillip is crazy and that he could not possible change? She sure wants others to think that she has changed, not still the crazy person that she was back then. I just hope that I am around to see how stupid she looks when she finds out the truth.....guess she can go running into sweet grandfathers arms so that he can protect her, going to be so sweet to see her try to get in good with Phillip....hope he and Bill both drop her like a hot potato!!

    Posted by 3Puppies at Thursday, March 05 2009 01:39 PM

    OMG, what is the matter with Lizzie? Did she drive anyone else bonkers today? Run this way, no run that way!!! Is it time to lock her up now for being a wacko? Can't we have some other type of excitement besides the routine: nuts, mean, kidnapping, etc. Today was a total waste of time. However there was one bright spot, I loved Lizzie's knit jacket. Hee Hee. Now the four musketeers starts tomorrow. Is this going to be ongoing? In the previews Beth looked quite happy. Coop - who????

    Hey: GLandWT(glad your back, I know it is hard but there is nothing anyone can say that really helps - just cry), Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Vanillahere, Sunflower23, and all.

    Posted by MarMall at Thursday, March 05 2009 01:49 PM

    I really hate how the reunion isnt till tomorrow and we were forced to watch the same damn preview everyday this week..

    Today was so boring. Cyrus is so persistant about leaving...then leave!

    Lizzie's so away like always...Please..


    Posted by Gotta Luv the Soaps at Thursday, March 05 2009 01:58 PM

    I really wish they would give Cyrus and Grady some new storylines. The "bad Aussies" thing has gotten old. They are both charismatic and are very good actors. Surely the writers can do more with their characters.

    As for Lizzie, someone needs to slap some sense into her. After all of the horrible things that she has done to other people, who the heck is she to judge Phillip and say that he can't change? Right now, he seems to be the only one left on the show with any sense!

    Posted by soapoperafan78 at Thursday, March 05 2009 01:59 PM

    I've been quite tired of Lizzie for a while now. The way she closed Beth out after she found out she was sleeping with Coop, was laughable, considering Bill and Beth were engaged at one time. This whole kidnapping s/l is drawn out and silly. Why don't Grady confess and then skip town taking Daisy with him, and Ashley following along like a sick puppy.

    Posted by Julien at Thursday, March 05 2009 02:09 PM

    I just wanted to slap Lizzie silly today.She was so so convienced that it was Bill now her Dad. And when Cyrus said he and Grady need to split town that made me very happy they need to leave.
    Finaly the 4 musketeer tomorrow.I know they cant show old clips of Beth because this Beth is not the original one:Who is still like the best" but I hope they show Rick Mindy and Philip clips circa 1983 I think.

    Hi 3Puppies,GLandWT, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Vanillahere, and everyone

    Posted by bines1186 at Thursday, March 05 2009 02:13 PM

    Lizzie has seriously lost her marbles!!! Paranoid that Phillip is going take her, for what?! And if so, why hasn't he done it already? And just how is it that Lizzie didn't suspect at all that Grady and/or Cyrus may have something to do with this !?! Which brings me to my next question, WHY HAVEN'T THEY BEEN CAUGHT YET?!?" I hope when Dinah gets back she finally comes clean about this whole mess especially now that they've kidnapped her brother.

    Posted by Guidinglight_fan at Thursday, March 05 2009 02:15 PM

    i agree with snowbunnie i couldn't slaped Lizzie serval times today. what an idiot! why are they making her so stupid this week? uh..i wish she'd find out who kidnaped her and let it be over..send Grady away! but i am glad that Alan may pay for Tammy's death..they never did fing her justice.

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