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    That's a Hopeful Color.

    Wednesday, March 04 2009
    Olivia tries to tell Natalia how she feels, Jeffrey and Reva fight and Mallet gets a baby.

    Marina and Shayne are helping Jeffrey and Reva decorate the nursery. They talk about Marina's breasts and then Shayne and Marina leave to get more tape for the walls. Jeffrey worries about the paint colors. Reva brings up her demise again and ruins the moment. He gets annoyed and throws the paint at the wall. "Enough," he declares. She's confused. He needs to know if she plans to be there for their child. She can't answer and claims she is only being realistic. "If you were into being realistic, we wouldn't be here in the first place," he says. He accuses her of giving up. "I never stop fighting," she claims. He walks out.

    Marina and Shayne run into Josh outside. They try to rope him into painting. He doesn't think that's an ex-husband's job. When they get back to Cross Creek, they find Reva sitting on the floor. She explains what happened with Jeffrey. Shayne wants to run off and clobber him but his mother forbids it. Marina tries to be reassuring. Reva cries. They paint and bicker until Dr. Colin McCabe walks in. Reva's thrilled to see him and introduces him around. They send Shayne and Marina away to get the ladder and she convinces the doctor to paint. He laughs about the horrible color. She tells him about her fight with Jeffrey. "I don't want to die," she cries. He won't let her die.

    Marina and Shayne sit in the living room. She sorts through stuffed animals and asks him if he wishes he had a kid. He can't imagine anything worse for his life right now. A package comes for him from Dinah. He doesn't want it until he sees it's from Bosnia. When he opens it, he finds Lara's music box inside and tells the story of when she got it. Having it with them in Sarajevo made them feel better.

    At home, Olivia tries to calm Nat's fears that God hates her. Nat's sure that Frank hates her too and imagines that God will strike her with lightning. She feels like a hypocrite. "If that's a sin, I'm in a lot of trouble," Olivia says. Nat thinks she's the most honest person she knows. Olivia admits she hasn't been truthful with her lately... maybe if she had been, she never would have been with Frank. She has Nat sit down so she can explain. This has been a year she never expected to have and it's been full of unexpected things. Gus gave her a greater gift than his heart, he gave her Natalia. Nat imagines she is trying to cheer her up. Olivia cries. Before she can confess what she's really trying to say, Jeffrey knocks on the door and interrupts. He comes in looking for Olivia. They sit at the kitchen table and he tells them about his fight with Reva. Olivia thinks he's been a fool. He admits it. Josh arrives with some joint compound and Nat offers to cook dinner for everyone. Olivia tells her there is nothing in the fridge. Nat decides they should all go out.

    They go out to a bar and start playing pool. Olivia offers to 'break the balls' and starts the betting. Nat and Olivia easily beat the men and take their money.

    When Natalia and Olivia get home, they laugh about their night out. Olivia hopes she can get to see all these different sides of Nat. Before she can return to what she was trying to tell her earlier, Emma rushes in with the newspaper. She shows her the picture of Phillip and asks when she can see him.

    Jeffrey returns to Cross Creek. The nursery is finished. He apologizes to Reva for hurting her and admits that they can't control everything. They hug and discuss where to put the crib.

    Mallet and Dinah sit in a hotel room in Bosnia. He's relieved that Marina wasn't there to have the baby taken away from her. "I swear I felt like I was holding my son," he says. As they pack, she wishes she could have helped him more. He wonders what is wrong with him. "Absolutely nothing," she says. There's a knock at the door. It's the parents of the child he tried to adopt. They want to thank him. Mallet doesn't understand. They explain that they are poor and wanted to give the child a better life. "Are you trying to sell your baby?" Mallet asks. He rants at them and accuses them of feeding on people's needs. They say that they took the child off the streets and wanted to give him a home. If Mallet doesn't want him, they will drop him back on the streets. "How much do you want?" Mallet asks. They tell him, but he doesn't have enough. Dinah hands them her wedding ring. He stops her. She doesn't think he'll have another chance. They agree to the deal and leave the baby. After Mallet leaves Dinah with the child, he follows the couple. They hand him immigration papers for the child and he violently demands the ring back. After taking it, he returns to Dinah and she hands him the baby. He gives Dinah her ring back and tells her that he will never forget this. Shayne calls Dinah and asks her how she got the music box. He thanks her and asks her what's next. She wants to travel. He wishes her a safe trip.

    Marina goes home. She listens to a message from Mallet saying that he is on the way home. The answering machine breaks before she can hear the rest of the message. She sits at the table and looks at sample colors for the child's room. "Yellow, that's a hopeful color," she says.

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    The Four Musketeers are reunited this week.

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    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, March 04 2009 01:20 PM

    Okay, I have read various opinions on the Olivia/Nat relationship and there are some that are realistic with these two. First of all, there is nothing wrong with two women living together. However, GL is making this into more than just a living together relationship. Some of you may like this s/l but as far as I am concerned it is rediculous. The wrong people..... With Nat being pregnant in real life, I can't see how they are going to be able to continue with "O" and Nat s/l. If the writers are going to write her pregnancy into the s/l, then it will have to be Frank's baby. YES!! The only question I had was: if other soaps are going down that road of lesbians, why must GL do it. Kind of like, monkey see monkey do.
    Now, the adoption s/l. OMG. Where on earth do you get a baby from another country in a matter of hours? Buying a baby??? Guess that is what happened here. Stupid!!
    Enough from me.

    Hey: GlandWT(glad your back and again sorry), Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Sunflower23, and Vanillahere.

    Posted by almost30 at Wednesday, March 04 2009 02:44 PM

    What is Mallet thinking, this adoption can only bring bad news to his marriage. I just know that something will happen to where they will lose the baby. Olivia and Nat possibly being together is nog a good s/l, she feels horrible for sleeping with Frank, just imagine what she will feel like if it goes any futher with Olivia.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, March 04 2009 03:22 PM

    One more question, "What was the purpose of Dr. Colin McCabe's return?"

    Posted by coco50257 at Wednesday, March 04 2009 03:50 PM

    Crazy with Nat being pg & them having the two of them having this relationship. Bad enough that she is going to break Frank's heart. But to have his child & live with Olivia as her partner? That would really break his heart. Why are they going there?
    Really tired of the Jeffery & Reva sl. Poor Josh has nothing & no one. He is one of the remaining old characters. Give Josh a life!
    I liked Shane with Marina today. I like Dinah & Mallot together also. I bet anything that baby is Shanye & Lara's baby! Ya think? Down the road Marina, Shayne & his baby! Although it was nice to see Dinah & Mallot with the baby. But not if it's Shayne's.
    I hope the hype of the reunion preview every day this week is well worth it!!! Obviously it isn't taking place till Friday & suppose knowing how this show goes it will last all through next week!!

    Posted by GLandWT at Wednesday, March 04 2009 06:46 PM

    It was a little weird to me that Mallet, a policeman, could get/buy a baby in less than a day from another country. The baby looked American and approximately 6 months old. I am shocked that Dinah didn't notice the size and nationality. I did see GL the day Dinah supposedly erased Lara's video showing she was with child. Shayne mentioned to Reva today that he's been here 6 months. If Shayne had not seen Lara for over a year, their baby could very well be alive and about that age. However, if alive, I think Edmund would know since he had the video.

    3Puppies, I was wondering why Dr. Colin McCabe was on today. Is Reva about to give birth and he wanted to be with her or what? I didn't understand the Josh, Jeffrey, Olivia, and Natalia outing today. Why is Josh always dropping by the farm? I know I have missed quite a few episodes...

    Hi 3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen75, Vanillahere, Sunflower 23, and all.

    Posted by ConLou at Wednesday, March 04 2009 07:17 PM

    If my husband and his ex and picked out "our" baby, I would throw him out. Mallet lied about where he was going when he could just as easily have taken Marina to pick out their child. As far as the baby in a day, it's a soap, not real life. Since there was no real adoption and no real parents, it paves the way for this being Shayne's baby. I also loved Marina and Shayne together. Much more life than her and Mallet.

    I agree that Josh (and Billie) need to find someone instead of waiting around for Reva. We maybe need new blood.

    I am still hoping for a Grady murder. Everyone on the show could be a suspect, or perhaps Cassie could have snuck back and finally avenged Tammy.

    Posted by bines1186 at Wednesday, March 04 2009 09:43 PM

    I don't think the Nat/Olivia s/l is a bad idea at all. GL needed change and her it is! I do feel sorry for Frank that he's obviously going to get his heart broken. But obviously the main reason Nat slept with him was to get Olivia off her mind. I just know this whole adoption story is going to get screwed up.

    Posted by eemp at Thursday, March 05 2009 06:09 AM

    GLandWT- I am sorry to hear about your sister. My sister and I are very close and I don't know how I would be if I lost her. I am glad you are back. I am new to posting but I read all of the post every day and feel like I almost know all of the regulars.

    Posted by Gotta Luv the Soaps at Thursday, March 05 2009 02:00 PM

    Once again, it's Dinah to the rescue for Mallet. Those two have always been able to rely on each other. Meanwhile, all Marina can manage to do is sit around picking out "hopeful colors." The girl gets more pathetic and boring every day.

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