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    I Want You Out Of My Life.

    Wednesday, February 25 2009
    Reva has her baby shower, Shayne blows up at Dinah and Mallet gets an idea.

    At home, Reva is recording a message for her child. She wonders what the future will be like and whether cancer will be cured. As she becomes upset, she explains that she finished her last chemo session and now feels like she is in a dark place. Hearing Jeffrey drive up, she stops the recording. When he comes in, he announces that he wants to take her somewhere.

    Shayne finds Dinah at Towers and demands to know what is going on with her. Edmund rushes over and says that the video of Lara has been permanently deleted. Dinah apologizes. "Do you know what you've taken away from me?" Shayne asks her. He tears into her and accuses her of being jealous. "I want you out of my life," he says. She apologizes and walks away, tears running down her cheek.

    Upstairs, Edmund finds Dinah outside of his room. She apologizes for hurting him. He still thinks that Shayne should know that Lara was having his baby. She disagrees, and she may have lost him as a friend for what she did, but she's sure it was the right thing to do. When she walks away. He goes into his room. Shayne wants to take the computer to an expert to get the file back. Edmund tells him to wait and encourages him to go and see his mother.

    Mallet and Marina arrive at Company for Reva's baby shower. He tells her that Reva will understand if they don't go. She needs something hopeful right now. Before she goes in, she heads upstairs to lay down for a bit.

    Inside, Blake and Lillian finish setting things up. They worry about Beth and Buzz. Billy comes in next, followed by Hawk. He flirts with Lillian and hands her his number. They hear Reva and Jeffrey outside and hide. When she walks in, they shout surprise. Hawk hugs his daughter and Billy comes up for a cuddle next. Vanessa walks in late and asks Reva how she's feeling and then chats about Maureen.

    Buzz sits in his car and talks to a photo of Coop. When he gets out, he wanders over to Company. Lillian spots him and rushes out. She was worried about him and asks him to come in. He asks for a moment alone first. As he stands outside, Vanessa comes out to see him. She tells him about when Jenna first discovered she was pregnant with Coop and how she named him for the two best men she knew: Buzz and her dad, Henry.

    Josh walks into Company and hands Reva a gift. "'Always' means a lot of things to you and me," he says, giving her a hug. He gets called away for work. As Reva walks into the kitchen, Marina approaches. She feels Reva's belly and laughs as the baby kicks.

    Mallet and Marina take a break and sit outside. She tells him that babies give her hope. "We'll have a baby too," she says. He tells her that she is very strong to be here, but if she needs to grieve, it's okay. She says she'll be okay. He promises her that they will have a child of their own. She kisses him and walks back in.

    At home, Natalia finds Olivia packing a gift for Reva. She invites her to go to the shower with her. When she tells her that it will be at Company, Nat decides not to go. Olivia wonders why but Nat tells her not to be nosy and ushers her out the door.

    Olivia arrives and finds Jeffrey sitting outside. When he tells her they are playing games inside, she decides to sit with him. When he asks where Natalia is, she becomes annoyed and walks away.

    Josh arrives at Natalia's. She called him over to help with her pipes. He notices that she's been reading The Bible. She's been looking for some answers, she says. After he fixes her pipes, she tells him that God is laughing at her. She doesn't feel like a good person these days. Josh is sure that God is fine with her.

    Shayne arrives at the shower. He tells his mother how happy he is to see her and how much he is looking forward to being a godfather. They can both sense that something is wrong and he tells her he's had a hard day. He wanders over to Mallet and Marina. She tells him that they are still looking to adopt. When she walks off, Mallet asks him about the Bosnian orphanage he mentioned. Later, Mallet calls for a ticket to Sarajevo.

    Vanessa runs into her daughter outside. She asks Dinah in but Dinah turns her down. She hurt Shayne and is sure that he doesn't want to see her right now. Vanessa asks her if Shayne is someone she might fall in love with. Dinah just wants to be his friend and help him. She thanks her mother for encouraging her to be more helpful to people.

    Buzz arrives and Reva greets him. He's quiet. She tells him that life never stops and he will be okay. She places his hand on her belly. He walks over to Lillian and tells her that she is the only reason he gets up in the morning. She thinks he's wonderful too.

    Blake announces that it is time to open the gifts. Jeffrey rushes out to get the camera from the car. While he's gone, Reva tells Lillian how worried she is about her final chemo results.

    Jeffrey sits in the car. When he turns on the camera, he finds the videos Reva has been making. After he watches it, he goes back inside and finds Reva opening her gifts. He stares as she puts on a brave face for everyone.

    Mel sits at the bar with Olivia who begins complaining about gossip. She doesn't think anyone can understand what she's going through. Mel suggests she try therapy. "I don't do therapy," Olivia says. She talks about her relationship with Natalia, the only girl friend she's ever had. "It sounds like you have strong feelings for her," Mel says. Olivia admits she does, but doesn't know why she is having this conversation and walks away.

    Buzz returns to his car and drives to the Spauldings. He tried to stay away but he can't anymore.

    Dinah returns to her room and calls to arrange a flight to Bosnia.

    When Olivia gets home, Natalia is waiting for her. When they sit down, Natalia says they have to talk. Olivia can't and hurries upstairs.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Jeffery confronts Reva about her video.

    Bill tries to pull Phillip onto his side.

    Lizzie discovers Buzz in Alan's office.

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    Posted by Chief_lover at Wednesday, February 25 2009 01:23 PM


    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, February 25 2009 01:25 PM

    Geez, what a BIG baby shower. Were there even 6 people there? Doesn't anyone have any friends? Where are they? In fact, where is the real Reva? This s/l has changed her to be boring. I liked the old Reva much better. Now, didn't Marina tell Mallet that it was okay with her that he could not have a child? Well, what's with all the gloom and doom with her? Mallet going to Bosnia to adopt a child??? Just what if Lara had the baby and he finds that one? How can he even adopt without Marina with him? And, what is Dinah doing? Why would she not let Shayne know about the child? Seems to me, he would be better off knowing the truth. And now Dinah is going to Bosnia also???? Stupid!!

    Hey: GLandWT (still praying for you), Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Sunflower23, and Vanillahere.

    Posted by roses4880 at Wednesday, February 25 2009 01:35 PM

    why are they putting so much into olivia and natalia. if they like each other so what. what's wrong with two women living together without being gay. no offense but why drag out this s/l

    Posted by mom of 6 at Wednesday, February 25 2009 01:40 PM

    If Reva loses the baby I’ll be ticked. I’ve had enough sadness on this show. We watch soaps to escape our own sorrows in life but this show has been nothing but a downer for a very long time. Philip has spent to long in jail and needs to be out already. The Nat Olivia SL turns my stomach, it makes me sick what they are about to do to poor Frank. And now the show doesn’t feel the same without Coop, poor Buzz. And I can't stand M&M. At least we go to see Vanessa today - what a waste.
    Hi GLandWT 3pupps Julien Sunflower23, and mom6 - oh wait that's me

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, February 25 2009 01:49 PM

    I read that Reva will have a healthy baby boy. So, no death there. I, too, am sick of all the gloom we have been subjected to. I still don't know if Reva is staying on or leaving when her contract is up. Now that could be another shocker. Let's hope not.

    Posted by 12312 at Wednesday, February 25 2009 02:46 PM

    Gloom it should be gloomy... Coop just was buried on Monday... gosh if they were happy you all would complain, the writers didn't grieve long enough... they are doing this the right way and you still complain come on get with it or move on!
    Justin is doing a great job his emotions and actions are that of what a parent would be doing in the situation. It's great having Philip back but we don't want to forget about the rest of the cast or you would be complaining about that too....

    Posted by ..granger1 at Wednesday, February 25 2009 03:09 PM

    I have been "out of the loop" so I am wondering if Kim Zimmer is pregnant in real life? If not........great special effects!

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, February 25 2009 03:15 PM

    First of all, Kim is not pregnant in real life. And, yes the effects are great.
    Second of all, the gloom I was referring to had nothing to do with the recent death of Coop. What I was relating to was ALL the deaths that have ocurred lately on GL. It will be a relief to have a new baby born healthy and not die.
    We all have our own opinions.

    Posted by coco50257 at Wednesday, February 25 2009 03:31 PM

    I don't care if Natalia & Olivia are going to end up together as lesbians. Just do it & get it overwith. Did they have to hurt poor Frank in this long drawn out process. For one sick of Watching Olivia be such a whiny & very dependent person. Doesn't any one work around there anymore? I bet that Lara had their baby. How long will they drag that one out? I hope that the baby M&M adopt will not be Shayne & Lara's. I also am very tired of ALL THE OUTDOOR SCENES!!! They have made Jeffery & Reva boring to watch. Like the ole Josh & Reva a lot better.

    Posted by HateMamdM at Wednesday, February 25 2009 06:29 PM

    I for one, would love if, Mallet and Dinah would sleep together while they were in Bosnian. These would bring some kind of excitment to their characters. I really hate Marina, she is by far boring. I can only wish. GL is a good soap opera that has really boring S/L right now. Does anyone else like to see Mallet and Dinah together? Just asking.

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