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Monday, February 23 2009
Phillip gives a speech at the memorial, Buzz abandons Company and Olivia goes to see Phillip.

Olivia stops Nat for a moment while they hurry to the funeral. Olivia just wants to see that Phillip is kept in jail. When they walk into the funeral home, Alan is still battling with the Coopers. Alan continues insisting that he isn't responsible for what happened to Coop. Phillip gets sick of listening to everyone arguing so he grabs a gun from a cop and fires into the air. The cops wrestle the gun from him and Olivia demands to know what he's doing there. He explains that he made a deal so he could come out for the day. Seeing Blake, he apologizes to her. She barks at him and the guards begin taking him out.

Outside, Phillip tells Marina that he was just trying to get everyone's attention so they could see that they were being ridiculous. Marina rants at him and tells him that he and his family make her sick. Phillip continues apologizing. Frank wants to cuff him. Before he can, Buzz stops him. He wants to know what Phillip has to say. Frank gives in and escorts Phillip back inside.

Inside, Alan promises Lizzie that he won't let her father hurt her. "He already has," she says. Across the room, Josh takes Rick aside and says that they should get people out of there as soon as possible. He asks what's going on with Phillip. Rick doesn't know. Meanwhile, Olivia tells Nat that when she saw Phillip, she wanted to take the gun from his hands and shoot him.

Frank brings Phillip to the front of the room. He apologizes to everyone. He understands how angry everyone is, but it's time for this to stop. "No one should ever have to bury a child," he says, adding that Buzz came to him in jail and asked him to help seek revenge. Alan gets upset but Phillip yells at him to stop. He reminds his father that he asked for the same thing. "These people are us," he says. They are all consumed by anger and revenge and they have to stop before it's too late. They have a choice about what to do with their future and a chance to make Springfield a special place. Part of that means learning to forgive everyone and embrace them. Buzz is unimpressed. "My son is dead," he repeats.

Outside, Buzz screams at everyone. He wants Alan to get what he deserves, he doesn't want to hear platitudes about getting along. They all know that Alan is responsible for this, he insists. He and Alan lock eyes. Alan asks him to listen to what Phillip said. Buzz doesn't care. Everyone tells Alan he's only making things worse. He hands Buzz the deed to Company and tells him that he can have it back. Buzz accuses him of just trying to avoid bad publicity. "Let's get past this," Alan offers. "Take your restaurant and go with God," he adds. Buzz refuses to accept. "We'll be moving out today," he announces.

Inside, Olivia stares at Phillip before running over and grabbing at the cop's gun. He pushes her away and Nat holds her back. Phillip wanders out back to Lizzie. She keeps her distance but he explains that he only cut a deal so he could come and see her. He knows he hurt her and most of her problems are his fault. He knows what kind of pressure she is under and he knows what it did to him. "I don't want that to happen to you," he says. As he tells her that he is the only person she can trust, Frank and Mallet walk in with their guns out and take him away.

Back in the chapel, Natalia is calming Olivia. She worries what will happen if she doesn't keep her self-control. Olivia is sure that Phillip will use their relationship against her to get custody of Emma. Nat offers to make it clear to him that there is nothing between them. Olivia is awkward and asks Nat if she is just telling people what they want to hear. "I don't need your help," Olivia says, defensively.

Buzz returns to Company with packing equipment. He screams about how Alan is trying to buy him off and then collapses in the corner, exhausted. After a moment, he gets up and starts packing.

Daisy and Ashlee arrive outside and watch Buzz pack. They've never seen him like this. Ashlee is sorry about everything. "I have sort of a confession to make," she adds. She tells her friend that she has feelings for Grady. Ever since he helped her with the mugger, she can't stop her feelings for him. Ashlee asked them to come and live with her because she wanted him around all the time. She's said goodbye to one friend today and doesn't want to say goodbye to another. Buzz sticks his head out and asks them to come in and help him pack.

Beth stands outside and cries.

Mallet and Frank bring Phillip back to his cell. After they leave, Olivia arrives. "Why are you here?" she asks.

Frank returns to Company and tries to talk his father out of moving. Buzz won't listen. Marina tells them that they can come and live with her. "I feel like we're leaving Coop here," Frank says. "He's coming with us Frank," Buzz says. Beth walks in to apologize. Buzz walks away from her. Meanwhile, Daisy tells Ashlee that she and Grady will be moving out. Once the family has a load of stuff, they walk the boxes out the door. Buzz trails slowly behind them. Peering back inside, he kicks the door shut.

Natalia finds Frank in Coop's room. He tells her that they are leaving. They've handed everything over to Alan. She takes his hand and offers her help. He stares into her eyes.

When Alan returns to his office, he finds Lizzie sleeping on the couch. He tells her that no one seemed to hear what Phillip was talking about except for him. He gave Buzz the restaurant but it was thrown back in his face. She doesn't want to deal with this right now. Alan promises her that she will be safe. It will be awhile before they find out how well her father is, but he will continue looking after her. He asks her where she disappeared to after the speech. She claims she came straight home.

Next on Guiding Light:

Phillip claims he didn't know anything about Olivia's alternative lifestyle.

Dinah discovers that Edmund has a video of the pregnant Lara that he wants to show Shayne.

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