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    Monday, February 23 2009
    Phillip gives a speech at the memorial, Buzz abandons Company and Olivia goes to see Phillip.

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    Posted by Deneb at Monday, February 23 2009 05:57 PM

    I have watched GL for years, but I cannot for the life of me remember how Ross Mauler died. And then to see Blake be angry with Phillip - gives the impression he was involved. Can anyone shed some light?

    Posted by Cam42 at Monday, February 23 2009 06:06 PM

    Phillip had Ross's plane sabotaged so that Ross wouldn't be able to take off, because Ross knew where to find Phillip. The plane took off and subsequently crashed....BTW, Rick is the one who sabotaged the plane for Phillip.

    So, that is why Blake is so, peeved....but the bigger question is why has Blake forgiven Rick....I can't remember that...

    Posted by sholsten at Monday, February 23 2009 06:41 PM

    For the life of me; how can Ashley think that Daisey would still be her big buddy after telling her that she has feelings for Greasy? Lizzie has turned into a big whiner just like Marina & Olivia. Where will they all gather to eat since Company is gone? Buzz should have taken the free & clear title to it.

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    I wonder if Bill & Lizzie wll get back together when it comes out that Greasy was her kidnapper?

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Monday, February 23 2009 07:00 PM

    Mom of 6 I agree Olivia is being a drama Queen. Why would Ashley want to be interested in a low life looser like Grady? What is wrong with her. Boy I cant wait till the truth comes out that Grady is Lizzie's kidnapper. I'm so sick of seeing him walking around town. I read on another site, that Jessica Leccia( Natalia) is expecting her first baby in June. Has anyone noticed a baby bump on her? I haven't really paid any attention.

    Hi 3 Puppies, Julein, GLandWT, mom of 6, vanillahere, and everyone else..

    Posted by spyo4444 at Tuesday, February 24 2009 04:34 AM

    I hate Beth this is all her fault not Alan. She think she is too good for the others. Buzz should blame her and everyone else should too. She changes men like her panties. I hope Phillip has got more sence than to mess with her.

    Posted by jbwbubba at Tuesday, February 24 2009 08:32 AM


    You are very correct about Olivia, If phillip is peeved at anyone it should be Olivia. Don't forget she talked Phillip ito marrying her while he was in the mental hospital. And it was her lies about Emma being dead that sent him over the edge in the first place.

    Posted by joeann at Tuesday, February 24 2009 10:58 AM

    I am so sick of Olivia. Phillip hasn't even mentioned Emma's name. She is creating another "false" situation to be with that pitful Natalia. Ashley needs to leave the show for good. Beth is the reason that Coop is dead what mother sleeps with any man that their daughter dated. That "old cougar" needs to focus on her other children.

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