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    Honest to Pete!

    Thursday, February 19 2009
    Bill and Alex visit Phillip, Buzz finds Coop's will, Reva and Josh offer their sympathies and Cyrus gets nervous.

    At Spaulding, Cyrus gets a call from his brother. He tells him not to call him there but assures him that he is still working on getting Lizzie's confidence. Lizzie walks in, complaining that the press has been badgering her. She tells him that he is the only person she can trust and begins handing over company information. Cyrus is giddy until Alex arrives. She quickly tells him to leave and then sits down to remind Lizzie about what a problem Cyrus is. "Honest to Pete! You cannot share these files with Cyrus Foley!" Alex exclaims, shaking her head. Lizzie thinks people can change. Alex suggests she talk to Marina, or Harley about that. Lizzie reminds her of what she did to Coop, and Tammy, and everyone else. The only person left for her is Cyrus. Alex walks out.

    Bill arrives at the jail to visit Phillip. He's there to talk about Lizzie. Phillip heard that he kidnapped her. Bill claims he knows who really did it. He's sure that it was Cyrus and he thinks that Phillip is the only person who can help him get through to Lizzie. Phillip is skeptical. Bill tells the story of the kidnapping and how he ended up finding her. He's sure that he was framed for this while he was in the hospital. Phillip can't understand why Bill isn't in jail. Bill tells him all the evidence was destroyed. "That's a lucky break," Phillip says. He needs some time to think this over. Bill advises him to think fast. Moments later, Phillip decides to make his phone call.

    Alex arrives to visit Phillip following his call. She's ecstatic to see him. He tells her that everyone has been trying to feed him their version of events and he doesn't know who to believe. He asks her what she knows about Cyrus. She says he's ten times more dangerous than he seems. That sounds exactly like what Bill said. Alex tells him not to listen too much to Bill either. "He's a flat drunk," she says. She tells him that Lizzie has started acting out the way he used to before he broke down. Neither of them knows what to do, but she offers to try and get him out.

    At Cross Creek, Reva is trying to write a letter to Buzz. She can only come up with cliches. Jeffrey suggests they go and see him in person. Billy and Josh arrive and talk about how hard Daisy has been taking everything.

    Bill walks into Spaulding. When he sees Cyrus and Lizzie working together, he splashes himself with some booze and walks in. Before he can make a scene, Cyrus walks him out. Billy arrives and Lizzie tells him that his son has been drinking again. She wants him out of her life and out of the company. Billy tries to talk her out of this.

    Cyrus takes Bill back to The Beacon. Bill tells him about wrestling with the kidnapper and how he thinks he is getting his memory back. Cyrus suggests that's wishful thinking and walks out. Bill watches through the door while a nervous Cyrus calls his brother.

    Buzz wanders into Coop's room. He smashes a photo of he and his two sons. Kneeling, he picks up the shards of glass and looks over Coop's papers on his desk. As he puts the photo away, he discovers Coop's will in a drawer.

    Mel walks into Company after seeing Buzz through the window. She tries to pay her condolences, but there aren't any words. He was going to call her anyway: Coop made a will. Buzz can't imagine why someone so young would do so. When they sit down, Reva and Jeffrey arrive. Jeffrey and Mel leave to make coffee and Reva sits with Buzz, offering him whatever he needs.

    Josh and Reva worry that Shayne seems to have vanished. He wants to search for him but Jeffrey forbids it. He won't let Josh drag Reva into this. Buzz walks over and reminds them about the dinner they were supposed to have tomorrow to celebrate the end of Reva's chemo. Reva can't celebrate while Buzz is going through his loss. He thinks life needs to be celebrated and hugs her.

    Reva and Jeffrey go to Towers. She knows that he wants to celebrate the end of chemo, but she can't stop thinking about what Buzz is going through. He hands her a gift. It's a graduation hat to signal her move to another stage in life. She laughs and they toast with cider.

    As Buzz sits on Coop's bed, Josh walks in to say goodbye. Buzz looks at a toast that Coop was writing for him before he died. Josh holds his hand. Buzz asks him to speak at the memorial. Josh would be honored to do so.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    The Coopers join together for Coop's memorial.

    Alan is angry that everyone blames his family for their problems.

    Alan crashes the memorial.

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    Posted by 3Puppies at Thursday, February 19 2009 01:15 PM

    My thoughts about today's epi:
    1. Great to see Alex again.
    2. Bill was not convincing to me as he talked to Phillip.
    3. Jeffery is becoming boring.
    4. Josh and Billy going to Reva - you go guys.
    5. Lizzie, oh Lizzie, where are your brains?
    6. Great to see Alex - loved her new look.
    7. Love Buzz to death.
    8. Did I say it was great to have Alex back?

    Hey: GLandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Vanillahere, and Sunflower23.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Thursday, February 19 2009 01:19 PM

    I bet Harley and Coop’s brother won’t even show for the funeral – very unrealistic. In real life they would defiantly come.
    I can’t believe Alan is going to crash the funeral. What a jerk!!!!!!
    Nice to see Alex today. I can just hear her talking to Philip “don’t worry darling”

    Hi 3pupps, GLandWT julien and everyone

    Posted by quietheart at Thursday, February 19 2009 01:20 PM

    For the first time in years, I watch the clock and can't wait to watch GL. Usually it's on the DVR and I get to it somedays and other days I don't and it gets deleted.
    I hope they keep this up! I've missed loving GL!

    Posted by quietheart at Thursday, February 19 2009 01:21 PM

    They already said today Harley isn't coming. I was wondering if they were going to get a new actress. Guess not.

    Posted by jbwbubba at Thursday, February 19 2009 01:23 PM

    Good to see Alex back, her and Phillip have always had a good chemistry. Finally Bill might be getting somewhere and find out about Grady. Yeah PHillip is out of that sweatshirt.

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Thursday, February 19 2009 01:28 PM

    WOW, 3 Puppies, I agree on all 8..This soap has been really good all week. Love Phillip and Alex.. Why is Lizzie being so stupid? I just hope Lizzie doesn't sleep with Cyrus. Reva is such a loving person. I'm still hoping for a josh and Reva reunion, though I would feel kind of bad for Jeffrey.

    Hi 3 puppies, Julien and everyone else....

    Posted by Julien at Thursday, February 19 2009 02:59 PM

    I realy hope Philip is the guy to rid of Cyrus and Grady and to whip Lizzie in shape.I wish Harley would come back just for her brothers funeral but I doubt it.

    Hey: 3Puppies, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Vanillahere, and everyone.
    Post a comment

    Posted by ConLou at Thursday, February 19 2009 06:59 PM

    It seems everyone is looking to Phillip for the answers to their problems except for his family and his best friend, who are rejecting him and letting him sit in jail. Hate that Coop was killed off instead of just going away, but I guess that was the only way to have Beth go crazy. Her and Lizzie both? The best part of the last two weeks was no Grady. Maybe the no-talent bum is taking a long time to get a hair cut. I love long hair on some men, but on him it looks feminine and just plain unkempt. Daisy doesn't seem to care he's not around and I just hope he's not coming back. And where are Remy and Christina? Why isn't Remy mourning the loss of Coop, especially since he and Marina were so close.

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, February 19 2009 07:00 PM

    3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen, Vanillahere...
    This week has been rough on me. My sister has been under Hospice care for the past l8 months and now she has been given a week or less, and I just couldn't bring myself to post. I wanted you guys to know that I have seen your posts and I agree with you. Thank you for saying "Hi" to me and when things are settled, I will be back. I hope this is not against the guidelines; if so, I apologize. Again, thank you.

    Posted by Cam42 at Thursday, February 19 2009 09:13 PM

    Agree, it is nice to see Alex back, her flair for the dramatic has always been such a tension breaker...and it has been tense around GL this week, obviously. It is also good to see how well Alex and Phillip reconnected. I think that we have just seen the first major alliance of Phillip and his family.

    I think that Buzz's grief is very realistic. I think back to when my grandfather died (he was my best friend) and I can relate to the same feelings. Amazing how a blasted tv show can do that isn't it?

    I think that Josh needs to put the press on. My mother disagrees, she says that Josh and Reva are passed their stage, but I think that there might be one last great love story for them...a'la Bob and Kim Hughes from ATWT. It can happen, and I think that it would bring some stability to the show, which it is really needing right now.

    BTW, I am almost 100% certain Phillip's phone call was to Mindy. This is the set up for her return. Little Bill and Billy schemeing, Phillip getting in the middle, he needs Mindy and there you have it, the one phone call.

    As for Alan....this is classic Alan. This reminds me of two previous happenings....Roger's return in the late '80s and the Alan, Elizabeth (not Lizzie), and Phillip in the late 1970's....He will never change. And that is a good thing....dynamics people, dynamics....I think the writers are finally starting to do their homework. They need to relive some of the old days and recapture what made GL #1 for is right on the cusp....I mean right there....

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