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    Welcome Home Phillip.

    Friday, February 13 2009
    Phillip and Lizzie talk, Olivia panics when she learns that Phillip is back, Coop wakes up, Ashlee admits her feelings and Phillip is arrested.

    Mallet and Marina are at Cedars with Ashlee and Daisy. Marina drifts off and Frank comes in looking for Buzz. Mallet tracks Marina down the hall. She forbids him to tell her things will be okay. He hands her a valentine. It's actually a get well card for a kid. She didn't get him a card but she got him a mug that says 'kiss me I'm a new dad'. The thought of them getting a baby is the bright spot that keeps her going. They kiss. Frank walks by still searching for his father. He's afraid that he's run off like usual.

    Lillian brings her daughter some coffee and assures her that Coop is young and can get through this. Beth tells her about speaking to Phillip. He seemed like his old self. "He's been a lot of things since then," Lillian points out. Beth cries and prays that Coop gets better.

    Frank hands Daisy a gift from Grady. Ashlee asks her what's going on. Daisy has been keeping him away to avoid adding more stress to the family.

    Lillian tells the family that the surgery has gone as well as can be hoped but there will be awhile before they know more. She lets them in to visit two at a time. Ashlee and Daisy go first. Ashlee sobs and tells him that he has always been her hero. Daisy thinks he can do that because he always flies under the radar of her crazy family. "What you did today was legendary. I need to believe in guys like you Coop," she adds. Ashlee begs Coop to have a happy ending. He groans so they rush out to tell everyone that he's wake. Mallet and Marina go in next. "Our family spends too much time in this place," Coop gasps. They joke around and Marina suggests that they all go on vacation and tells him about her adoption news. They tell each other how much they love each other. He calls for Beth.

    When Beth goes in to see Coop, he opens his eyes and asks if it's still Valentine's Day. She sobs and tells him he's crazy. "You're worth it," he whispers. She kisses him.

    Ashlee and Daisy walk around looking for a doctor. Ashlee wonders if it was her voice that woke Coop up. He's been the best part of her life and she ruined things with him. She wonders if they could have another chance and admits that she never stopped loving him.

    Olivia finds Natalia packing to go out to the mountains with Frank. Walking into the kitchen, she sits down with Emma so they can make valentines. The little girl is disappointed to learn that Nat will be going off on holiday. "All I need is you," Olivia tells her. Before leaving, Nat sits with them and helps. Emma tells them about a boy who gives her funny feelings. Suddenly, Frank calls and tells Natalia about the accident. She tells Olivia. A moment later, Frank calls again and asks her to tell Nat some more news. "Phillip Spaulding is back," she tells Olivia. Although Nat tries to calm her, Olivia begins to panic and tells her about how ruthless and dangerous Phillip was. She wonders if Alan brought him back to town to take Emma away from them. "I swear I will kill him for real this time!" she vows, asking Nat to take Emma out of town while she gets a gun. Nat tells her to stop being crazy and holds her hands, offering to do the thinking for her. "I promise you we are not going to let anything happen to your little girl," she says.

    Lizzie walks out to the car wreck. Her father appears and startles her. She backs away. He couldn't stay away anymore. "Stay away from me," she demands. He chases after her but she's terrified of him and accuses him of betraying her. Phillip doesn't expect any forgiveness. He had sworn that he wouldn't let anyone hurt her and he ended up doing it himself. She's had nightmares of him returning and wishes that he was still dead. He begs to be part of her life and explains that he was sick and had to recover. "You have always been the best of me," he says, asking for another chance. When he asks about her kidnapping, she shuts down. He promises never to hurt her. "I've heard that a lot. Everyone who says it, fails me," she says. He takes out a box for her.

    They walk to the gazebo. The box has her favorite stuffed animal inside. He found it in the attic and tells her it's for Sarah and asks about her, offering to do whatever he can to get her back. Frank arrives to arrest him. Phillip reluctantly tells them that he saved Coop. Frank arrests him for the abductions and leads him away.

    Lizzie goes home, sits with her stuffed panda and cries.

    Frank takes Phillip to a cell and locks him in. "Welcome home Phillip," he mumbles to himself.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Lizzie worries that her father is back for revenge

    Buzz asks Phillip to help him go after Alan.

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    Posted by rosyree_06 at Friday, February 13 2009 01:27 PM

    This week has been AMAZING. However, I really miss the Guiding Light set, Phillip & Lizzie looked like dragons with smoke coming out of them when they were talking in the cold today.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Friday, February 13 2009 01:34 PM

    What a touching scene between Phillip and Lizzie today. It started out where I wanted to just slap Lizzie for her attitude but as time went on, their relationship is still there. Lizzie takes all kinds of crap from Alan and forgives me but she is uncomfortable with her dad right now.
    I figure out Phillip just yet. Is he seeking revenge or is he just a forgiving guy? He just seems too mellow to be the real Phillip. But, I just love him anyway. The scenes with Coop were sad. So, I guess they are going to kill him off. Dumb.... there are others that deserve it more than Coop. For example, Grady, Daisy, Marina, etc. Looks like Olivia is a little concerned about Phillip. Oh well, too bad.
    Hey: GLandWT, Gossipqueen75, Julien, mom6, Sunflower23, Vanillahere, and all.

    Posted by hrae0307 at Friday, February 13 2009 01:47 PM

    I loved this week! I'm so glad Phillip is back, I just hope they hurry up and change him out of that horrid red hoodie!, I love how Alan is 'running scared' right now. I hope they let coop get well, then write him out if ineed he's leaving, they kill someone off every February and it's really getting old!

    Posted by MarMall at Friday, February 13 2009 01:49 PM

    Wow..Lizzie and her panda! How mature..

    GLis definitely getting back on track!

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Friday, February 13 2009 02:14 PM

    I agree with you 3 puppies, about the Lizzie And Phillip scenes. I wanted to slap her too. I wish they wouldn't kill Coop off, they should of just had him leave town. They kill off all the wrong characters, like Tammy, Guss, and now Coop. Instead of killing off those two slime ball bothers, Cyrus and Grady. I hope that Phillip doesn't spend to much time in jail. He might as well be walking around free, at least he had some kind of an excuse for doing what he did, mental illness. What is Cyrus and Grady's excuse for walking around town free.

    Hi 3 Puppies, Julien, and every one else....

    Posted by jbwbubba at Friday, February 13 2009 02:17 PM

    Loved the week, with Phillip back.

    Kudos to Grant and Marcy for the fine job of acting by the car and in the gazebo, despite the fact it was freaking freezing. Good the thing the audio is usually bad or we would have heard Grant's teeth chattering.

    Posted by GLandWT at Friday, February 13 2009 02:19 PM

    3Puppies, I was thinking the same thing about Lizzie forgiving Alan time and time again, and yet she is giving Phillip such a hard time. I like Phillip's mild mannerism; how he told Lizzie he wants to make it up to her. Phillip looked like he was very cold when he and Lizzie were talking by Coop's car. When asked how old Sarah was, Lizzie replied two. I thought Sarah would have turned three last November. Oh well!

    It was said once that Coop and Ashlee were a couple in real life. If so, are they still a couple? When Ashlee said she sill is in love with Coop, she never stopped loving him, I was thinking too little to late.
    Hi 3Puppies, Mom6, Julien, Gossipqueen, Vanillahere and all. Have a great weekend.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Friday, February 13 2009 02:26 PM

    Did you guys see my post yesterday?


    Sorry gang but Coop is going to die. I just read it on another web site spoiler page “Beth breaks down after Coop's funeral” It will happen on the 17th.
    I hate this soap. Why do they have to kill everyone off???? I really liked Coop too! This sucks!!!

    Posted by 3Puppies at Friday, February 13 2009 03:05 PM

    I heard about Coop dying too but was hoping they would change that s/l. Can't understand why they don't just let him leave town. Why another death? Between the deaths and the missing children, it is a joke. Hope they can give us s/l's that can hold us for a long time.

    Posted by Maw-D at Friday, February 13 2009 03:41 PM

    I thought today was wonderful with Phillip & Lizzie -

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