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    It's My Fault.

    Thursday, February 12 2009
    Phillip talks to Beth, Lizzie learns her father is back and Buzz attacks Alan.

    Billy goes to see his son at The Beacon. They catch up on Coop and gossip. Billy thinks that with all that's going on, Lizzie could really use Bill's help. Bill shows his father all of his fake booze and explains his strategy to fool Lizzie and Cyrus before swooping in. His father reminds him that there are other ways but Bill refuses to change his plans.

    Lizzie walks into Company and tells Daisy she lost track of her family. Daisy realizes that she has no idea what's happened. She tells her that there was no wedding. Coop was in a car accident and is in surgery now.

    At Cedars, Beth is trying to get the blood out of her wedding dress. Rick tells her to go home and rest. She refuses to leave. Rick says that Coop couldn't have survived if Phillip hadn't brought him here. She asks him if Phillip is back to normal. Rick says he doesn't seem like the same guy, but he doesn't know if he's better. Beth has no idea what to do or how her children will feel.

    Outside of the mansion, Phillip stops Buzz from attacking Alan. "Are you part of this?" Buzz asks. He and Phillip struggle. Phillip insists that Coop was just in an accident. Buzz realizes that it was Phillip who took Coop to Cedars. "What happened to your son, Buzz, is his own damned fault," Alan says, adding that Phillip should have left him for dead. Buzz promptly punches Alan in the face. Phillip grabs Buzz and holds him back. Alan refuses to bother calling the police since they're all Coopers. As he goes inside, Phillip follows Buzz down to his car. He tells him that he is a different man now and asks after Harley. Buzz tells him that Zach is on the other side of the world and threatens that Alan can't hide forever.

    Ashlee rushes into Company after Daisy calls her. She's eager to go over to the hospital and check on Coop, even if his new girlfriend is probably there. Daisy tells her who his new girlfriend is. Ashlee's baffled to hear it's Beth. Daisy sadly tells her about how everyone's love affairs are failing. She hasn't talked to Grady about any of this. After another car crash, it's probably not a good time for him to be around. They begin clearing tables. Ashlee admits that she should go and see Coop, but she doesn't want to because she's too 'weirded out'. Daisy assures her that Coop will get better. Buzz returns and anxiously runs by to prepare food. Ashlee decides she should leave. Daisy follows her grandfather into the kitchen. She tells him that no one will expect him to bring them food in the hospital. "It's my fault," he says. He breaks down, sure that his advice pushed Coop into this. Daisy thinks his advice was wonderful. "Look where it got my son," he says. When he saw Coop run off to stop the wedding, he looked so alive but now...

    Rick finds Alan standing by Coop's room at Cedars. Alan grills him about Phillip but Rick doesn't have much to say. Alan tells him that Phillip had a gun. "It wouldn't be the first time someone shot you on your wedding day," Rick points out. Alan needs to know what's been going on with Phillip. Rick only spoke to him a few times; he claimed he had work to do before he came home. He tells him that Bill went looking for him and then asks him to leave.

    Phillip walks through the mansion. Beth arrives and they lock eyes. She backs away as he approaches her. She knew that she would see him again. "A lot has changed since you've been gone," she says. She hated him for leaving and she's done what she's had to do to protect their children. "Don't you judge me!" she forbids. He won't. They talk about their mistakes. Coop finally made her feel alive again, but now he's struggling for his life. She tells him that James is away at prep school and Lizzie lost her baby because of Alan. Phillip's jaw drops. He pours a drink. Beth explains that the baby is alive and Reva's son is the father. "I didn't do a very good job," she cries. He tells her that she has nothing to be sorry about after all that he did to her. She cries on his shoulder and he takes her hand. They go upstairs so he can help her clean up. As he undresses her, Beth tells him about Lizzie's kidnapping. He wishes he had been there to help. "Are you here to stay?" she asks. He won't answer. After he walks out, she collapses on the floor in tears.

    Lizzie goes looking for Cyrus at his place. She finds Bill climbing out of his back window and demands to know what he's doing. She assumes that he must be planting evidence and begins padding him down to see if he stole anything. In his pocket, she finds pictures of she and Phillip. He admits that he went looking for her dad. "You know, my father tried to kidnap me once? Maybe that's why you relate to him," she snipes, ordering him to stay out of her life.

    Beth returns to Cedars and finds Buzz waiting for news. Rick comes out and explains that they have stopped the bleeding but there is liver damage and Coop is still critical.

    Alan runs into Bill outside of Cedars. He taunts Alan, but Alan doesn't jump. He informs Bill that Phillip is back.

    Lizzie goes to see the wrecked car on the road. Philip approaches and she backs away in horror.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Lizzie tells her father that she wishes he was dead.

    "I swear to you, I will kill him for real!" Olivia blurts out after Nat tells her that Phillip is back.

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    Posted by mom of 6 at Thursday, February 12 2009 01:23 PM

    I wish Philip was getting a warmer welcome home instead of everyone hating him. If he is here to stay I wish the writers wouldn’t tease us about it and just get on with the storylines.
    Hi GLandWT 3pupps Julien and EVERYONE

    Posted by 3Puppies at Thursday, February 12 2009 01:29 PM

    mom6, I agree, I don't understand why everyone is anti-Phillip. I love the guy. I don't know if he is normal or not. He seems extremely soft spoken. And, what is with the wedding band? Who is he married to?
    Beth was absolutely pitiful today. When she told Phillip about all her casualities (husbands, children), I thought it was funny. She wants to be independent but look what she does with her life. I hope Lizzie remembers that Phillip is the rightful owner of Spaulding. Alan turned everything over to Phillip. Then Dinah pretended to be Phillip and stole the company. Boy, this could be a great s/l with Phillip going after Dinah and Bill. Hope the writers don't drop the ball on this s/l. And, is Phillip staying or not? Hope tomorrow is as good as today.
    Hi: GLandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Sunflower23, and all.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Thursday, February 12 2009 02:19 PM

    I hope Coop doesn't die tomorrow!

    Posted by 3Puppies at Thursday, February 12 2009 02:28 PM

    Coop can't die tomorrow. His mother (Jenna) is suppose to return on the 17th to be with him. And, I guess he is gone already but the pre-taping will run for another week (I guess).

    Posted by gossipqueen75 at Thursday, February 12 2009 03:34 PM

    Oh why??? Oh why must they all be such Phillip haters! I know he went nuts but hopefully things will turn in his favor and they keep him! I noticed that he did not tell Beth how long he will stay... Makes me wonder!

    Lizzie needs to get her head out of the clouds and get a clue. Poor Bill keeps trying so hard for her. I hope Phillip will set her straight. She needs to be bent over his knee for a spanking, because she acting a little like a spoiled brat, a mini Alan if you will. I just want her and Bill back together and Phillip and her to over throw Alan, but that doesn't sound like that will happen either.

    So Coop is going to die??? Not the way I wanted that to go.

    Hi: 3Puppies, Julien, GLandWT, Vanillahere and All

    Posted by coco50257 at Thursday, February 12 2009 03:45 PM

    I hope Phillip is going to stay! I know he tried to kidnap all his children but he was sick in the head! Everyone has forgiven Alan for all the crazy things he has done in the name of his family. Even murder & he gets by with it! Hello Lizzie? You obviously have forgiven Alan for him being the reason you don't have your grand daughter & trying to kill her father, Jonathan! Lizzie needs a wake up call quick! I wish they would have Beth & Phillip get back together. I was hoping to not see Olivia for awhile. Not upset that they have paired her & Natalia together. I just think all her whining & their story line has become very boring. I hope they don't have Coop die:-( Poor Buzz never gets a break!

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Thursday, February 12 2009 04:01 PM

    I'm loving Phillip being back, just wish everyone would stop being so anti-Phillip, especially Lizzie. Look at every thing Allan has done to her, and she forgives him.. every time. She is so getting on my nerves. Is Coop going to be killed off? I thought he was just leaving town???

    Hi 3 Puppies, Julien, and everyone...

    Posted by grangran at Thursday, February 12 2009 04:28 PM

    I felt so sorry for Buzz today, I hope they don't kill Coop off, just let him leave town. Maybe with Plilip back Beth will get back with him and Alan can't boss her around. Even though I am not crazy about her I felt sorry for her today.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Thursday, February 12 2009 09:07 PM


    Sorry gang but Coop is going to die. I just read it on another web site spoiler page “Beth breaks down after Coop's funeral”
    I hate this soap. Why do they have to kill everyone off???? I really liked Coop too! One of my twins is named Cooper. This sucks!!!

    Posted by Chief_lover at Friday, February 13 2009 07:03 AM

    Well, when Alan would do all those bad things, everyone did hate him for a while, but he stayed around and showed his version of "tough love" for that person, and they eventually came around and forgave him. Phillip (yes I love him too...don't take this wrong) left and was gone. Noone knew if he was alive, noone knew if he was holding a grudge, noone knew what he was thinking or what he was going to do. They were just afraid he was going to pick up right where he left off. So I understnad them not wanting anything to do with him for now...but that will all change in a few days, I am sure. So hang in there, guys. It's only a matter of time.

    I hate that news about Coop. I have always liked him. Not a coop/beth fan, but doesn't matter anyway. Gives option for Beth to get back with Phillip. That is where she belongs.

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