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    There's A Lot I Don't Know.

    Wednesday, February 11 2009
    Coop is taken into surgery, Phillip catches up with Alan and Rick, and Dinah plays Edmund and Shayne.

    "I guess you're wondering why I came back?" Phillip asks as he Alan stand at his grave. He explains that there were times that he thought he really was dead, but he couldn't stop thinking of his life there and all the people he left behind. There are still things he has to do... He pulls out a gun. Alan tells him that he will always regret shooting him but he had no choice. He's been trying to take care of Beth and the children, he explains. Phillip is angry and points the gun at him. He puts it down and admits that his father did the right thing. If he hadn't of shot him, he would have destroyed himself and everyone else. He's not back for revenge against Alan... he has other things to do.

    At Cedars, Rick rushes Coop into prep for surgery. Buzz tries to get some answers out of Rick, but the doctor can't promise anything. Buzz leans into his son and begs him to fight. Beth watches, horrified and then runs into the bathroom. She covers her bloody wedding dress with a doctor's smock. She returns as Coop opens his eyes and calls over to her. He asks if she married Alan. She shakes her head. Beth tells Coop that he's crazy. He couldn't let her go through with the wedding and he can't let her go. Crying, she tells him to get some rest and kisses him.

    Buzz runs into Reva and Josh in the hall. Josh asks if it was just ice on the road. Buzz explains that Coop was trying to stop the wedding.

    Frank speaks to his father. Buzz is broken up and bristling with anger. Frank tells him that there is no evidence of foul play; Coop just skidded on the ice. Buzz asks for more. Frank admits that Alan called Coop around the time of the crash. Before Coop can go into surgery, Buzz asks him about the call. Coop wants to thank the man who saved him from the wreck and tells his father and brother that he loves them. After Coop is taken away, Buzz walks off.

    Beth sits outside of Cedars and cries. Alan arrives. She tells him to stay away. "Our minister is praying for him," he says, pointing out that he has the clergyman in the car and is ready to continue the ceremony. She freaks out at him, accusing him of being responsible for this. She hyperventilates. He tells her that they are not to blame for what happened to Coop and don't need to feel guilty. He repeats that he loves her but she doesn't think this is love. When he tells her that Coop was no more than a toy, she blows up at him again.

    Phillip meets Rick outside of Cedars. He worries about which version of Phillip has returned. Phillip is realizing how much things have changed since he left. "There's a lot I don't know," Phillip says. Rick tells him about his marriage to Beth and what a disaster it was. Phillip didn't expect to come back to things the way they are, but he's still glad to see his old friend. He wants to see his kids. Rick doesn't think anyone will allow that.

    Phillip walks through the parking lot and finds Beth standing at the curb. When he sits with her, she quickly moves away.

    Beth finds Frank inside and asks about Coop. He tells her that she can talk to him later. She tries to convince herself that he will be fine. She paces until Rick comes out. He warns her that there has been a lot of damage and suggests that she go home. They talk about Phillip. She still can't talk to him.

    Buzz drives up to the mansion to confront Alan. He picks up a rock and threatens to put Alan in the hospital. Phillip runs up and grabs his arm, refusing to let anyone hurt his father.

    Dinah arrives at Shayne's. He clings to a little gift box. It contains the ring he bought for Lara. He thought he should give it to Edmund. Once again, she warns him about how dangerous Edmund is. At that moment, Edmund arrives. Dinah sneers at him and walks out.

    Dinah arrives at Company to tell Josh and Reva that Shayne is in trouble. They worry that he is getting too close to Edmund. She's sure that they can get rid of Eddie but they have to stop playing nice.

    Edmund takes Shayne to Towers. They toast to Lara. Reva calls to interrupt and tells her son that Coop was in an accident and it made her want to see her own son. He agrees to meet her and thanks Edmund for the drink.

    Shayne arrives at Company and sees his parents. They ask him about Lara but he doesn't want to talk. They ordered him some cake and beg him to stay. He's angry that they tricked him into coming there. Reva insists that she needs him and so will her son. Edmund calls him to say that there will be people coming to town that they can fundraise from. Shayne offers to speak later.

    Dinah finds Edmund at Towers. She reminds him that the Lewises don't like either of them and points at Roc Hoover sitting behind them. Edmund knows that Hoover has been following him for days and calls him over. The detective doesn't deny it, or the fact that Jeffrey hired him. After Roc leaves, Dinah explains her relationship with Shayne to Edmund. She's learned that the Lewis will never accept her or let her into their circle.

    Edmund goes to company and watches through the window as Shayne talks to his parents about Lara.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Phillip defends his father.

    Buzz asks Phillip if he is 'part of this'.

    Phillip confronts Beth.

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    Posted by Julien at Wednesday, February 11 2009 01:25 PM

    Great story today.The scenes w/ Philip and Allan and Rick great.I am glad Rick and Philip are still friends.Cant wait till Lizzie sees him.
    I am at the point with the Shayne/Edmund Dinah sl is getting boring real fast.I thought it would be much better.
    They either need to get more interesting or move on.

    Hi: 3Puppies,Gossipqueen75, mom6,GLandWT and everyone

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, February 11 2009 01:44 PM

    Not bad for a Wednesday. However, why haven't the nurses or someone wipe Coop's face? How is Coop able to speak when he is in just a bad way? Didn't Phillip know who Coop was? Didn't Coop know who Phillip was? I'm confused. Absolutely love Phillip's performances. Doesn't look like Phillip is too impressed with Beth. Good for him.
    Now, Dinah.... what is she doing? I am totally confused with her. Why is she getting involved with Edmund anyway? Doesn't look like Shayne is that crazy about her at this time anyway. Maybe in time, but not now. I don't want to read any spoilers so I still don't know for sure is Coop is going to die and just leave town. All in all, it was okay for Wednesday.

    Hi: GLandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Sunflower23, Vanillahere, and all.

    Posted by vanillahere at Wednesday, February 11 2009 02:34 PM

    today's show was ok. I'm sure glad Phillip homecoming so far is turning out to be intersting. I agree with Julien the Edmund s/l is boring.

    Hi: GLandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Sunflower23, 3Puppies, and all.

    Posted by gossipqueen75 at Wednesday, February 11 2009 03:06 PM

    Todays show looked like it was pretty good today. Loving Phillip. He is sure to drive those ratings up! I am so sick of Beth, she needs to get her act together and for the love of God stand up for herself.

    I am not really liking this Edmund/Shayne/Dinah trio s/l. That is just personally, it is dragging. We need more clues or they need to come to some conclusion about Edmund soon.

    Hi: 3Puppies, Julien, GLandWT, Vanillahere and all

    Posted by k-bit at Wednesday, February 11 2009 03:13 PM

    Dang...I didn't get a chance to watch today...are Wednesdays still kinda funky...y'all know what I mean...that focus on one or two characters to move the plot along.
    I haven't even read the daily update for today! I'll do that soon. Wonder if Coop is gonna make it? Wonder if he doesn't, will Buzz sue the hospital? Will Phillip feel guilty for just leaving Coop there? And if so, will he (Phil) try to make things better for the Coopers? And What about Harley..(never really liked her)?
    Can someone please tell me what Phillip did to make Lizzie dislike him? The ***spoilers*** say that she is gonna have him arrested. I stopped watching a LONG time ago, and certain story lines are completely lost on me! Thanks

    Posted by k-bit at Wednesday, February 11 2009 03:21 PM

    Gossipqueen...I agree about Beth. It was quite painful watching her at the end of yesterday's show. was painful watching her at the wedding!! And I thought Sharon on Y&R was the ultimate victim. Beth has her beat by a mile!...heck...a hundrend miles!! I almost find myself WANTING Beth to find misery! Such a weenie!!
    I'm glad Shayne is back. I'm not a Dinah fan. I like her hanging around ...but not with the main characters. Edmund...oh well...another bad guy. My "Edmund knowledge" is pretty shady,though. I know he's pretty evil...And I'm SICK OF HEARING ABOUT LARA!!!

    Posted by k-bit at Wednesday, February 11 2009 03:36 PM

    The reason I'm sick of Lara is because I hated all that San Cristobel crap. I remember watching GL back when I was in elementary school...any of you remember Ben(the artist) and Rita's sister...was it Hillary? To me, Edmund is a "forced character". He never really clicked with me.

    Posted by coco50257 at Wednesday, February 11 2009 03:43 PM

    That's their problem they get a bad story line & they go with forever! Be done with the Edmund, Dinah, Shayne story line. It's already boring! Nice to have a break from the Olivia & Natalia saga, Grady & all the mess. I like what Bill is doing but again must it go one forever? Love Phillip being back:-) Hope her & Phillip get back together and give Alan the boot! Let him take over Company & live there. We know the Buzz already took him in when he didn't have a penny or a friend left in town. That's how Alan pays it forward!

    Posted by k-bit at Wednesday, February 11 2009 03:53 PM

    Olivia and Natalia...blah. So much could be done with their characters! I like them living together and raising little Emma. That's a really cool concept! With the crappy economy in real totally makes sense! But why throw the lesbian card into the pile? Even if it was only brought on by Emma's school report. Olivia and Natalia could be written as (unlikely) best friends. Comedy relief, yet serious when we need them to be. I certainly hope that the Bauer Barbeque will be the biggest event in Springfield this year!!

    Posted by Guidinglight_fan at Wednesday, February 11 2009 06:50 PM

    i liked todays show and Phillip but i didn't like when he took up for Alan. If he had shot me, i would've let Buzz smash his head in...I wish they wouldn't have done it like that. Alan is evil..even tho he didn't have anything to do with car crashing but he did upset Coop and cause him to not pay attenion..i wish they'd kill Alan off!

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