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    You'll Always Be A Spaulding.

    Monday, February 09 2009
    Bill has a new plan to get Lizzie back, Alan pushes the wedding ahead, Jenna returns in a dream, Coop and Buzz fight and Phillip returns.

    At Spaulding, Bill asks Cyrus where Lizzie is. Cyrus offers to take a message. "You get her coffee too?" Bill snipes. Cyrus says he sits on her lap too. They continue trading barbs and Cyrus suggests he send an email if he needs to get in touch. Bill warns him not to take advantage of Lizzie. Cyrus is sure that he is all Lizzie needs right now. When Bill hears Cyrus' dog tags jingle, it seems to jog his memory. He flashes back to seeing the kidnapper and hearing the same sound.

    Bill meets his father at Company and tells him that the sound of Cyrus' dog tags was identical to the one he heard from the kidnapper. He lays out his case against Cyrus but he's sure that Lizzie wouldn't believe it. His father suggests he go to the cops. Bill has another idea. "You wanna crash a wedding?" he asks. He wants Cyrus to underestimate him by flying under the radar. He'll convince him that he is a drunken loser and go after him. Billy offers to help and douses him with booze.

    At the mansion, Lizzie receives an invitation to the wedding and asks her mother what happened. Beth pretends that this is what she wants. Lizzie guesses that Alan must have discovered the truth.

    Alan tracks Rick down at Cedars and asks him to be his best man. Rick thinks he's being delusional. Alan tells him every couple has their ups and downs. Rick taunts him about the affair. "I'd much rather have her with him than you," Rick says, but he agrees to be his best man so he'll have a chance to talk Beth out of this.

    Coop bangs on Marina's basement door after Buzz locks him in. Coop quickly finds the key to the gun box and opens it up. He shoots the door open, shoves the revolver in his pants and runs out to his car. His car won't start. He swears at it and then begins fiddling with the engine. "You think this is going to stop me? This wedding is not going to happen!" he yells before running off.

    Buzz is shocked to wake up and find Jenna staring at him. "You're dead! I'm dreaming," he says, embracing her. She tells him he's being a 'horse's rear'. He rolls over to sleep. Jenna tells him that Coop loves Beth. He tells her that their son could have an incredible future. She throws his words back at him and he admits that he would take this chance, but he can't let his son make the same mistake. "Have you ever regretted doing anything for love?" she asks. They kiss. He wakes up.

    Coop catches up with Buzz at the side of the road. He admits that he locked him in the basement and tampered with his car. When he asks for forgiveness, Coop punches him in the jaw. Buzz gets up and admits he deserved that. He's come to his senses and tells his son to go and get Beth and bring her back to Company. They embrace and Coop apologizes before jumping into the car. He drives down the road, then leaps out, runs back and hugs his father, thanking him again. This just proves to him how much he loves him.

    Lizzie finds Alan in his office and asks him if he is sure that he wants to go through with this wedding. He thinks they need to keep the public's confidence. "We don't need anyone, just our family," she says. He agrees. She doesn't see why they need a wedding then. He repeats that they have to show everyone how strong the family is. "No one will ever laugh at me again," he vows.

    Cyrus tells Lizzie that Bill was looking for her. He made it clear that he would have to go through him in the future. That's okay with her; she wants him to watch her back. There's nothing he'd rather watch. He leans in and kisses her. She pulls away and smiles as he walks out. She takes out the bride's bouquet. He looks back in and hums the wedding march before laughing.

    Cyrus and Lizzie find Bill in the hall. He seems to be drunk. Cyrus tells him it's invitation only. Bill explains that he has an invitation from the bride and tells her that her dog misses her. Cyrus offers to get rid of him but Lizzie wants to take care of this. She misses her dog too but tells Bill to sober up. He tells her this could have been their wedding. "You can't have a wedding without trust," she says. It kills him to see her with Cyrus. She claims she can trust him.

    Alan puts his great aunt's necklace around Beth neck. She doesn't want him giving her things. When he leans in for a kiss, she pulls away. He pulls out a prenup and hands it to her. She's surprised; they never had one of these before. "We never needed one before," he says. The agreement stipulates that a divorce would result in her forfeiting custody of Peyton. He says that this is the only way he can save her from herself and threatens a sad day for the Cooper family if she doesn't sign. She signs and hands him the paper, hitting him as she walks out.

    After Beth gets in her dress, Coop pops up. She tells him he shouldn't be there. He tells her that her life with Alan is just a fantasy and asks her again to leave for California with him. "We were meant to be," he says, recalling their beginning and begging her to believe. She snaps out of it. It was all in her mind. Alan stands there. He tells her that he can make her happy again. She cries and begs him to stop this. He announces that they will be going to Venice.

    Frank finds his father in a manic state at Company. He tries to calm him. Buzz refuses to tell Coop to give up on love and life. Frank wants to drive to the church and back up his brother but Buzz holds him back. They toast to Coop and love.

    At the church, Alan calls Coop as he drives and tells him that the wedding is already over. "You'll never see her or touch her again," he says. As he hangs up, Coop becomes furious and loses control of the car, spinning off the road and crashing. As he sits in the burning car, covered in blood, Phillip climbs out of the woods and looks inside.

    Back at the church, Beth refuses to go through with the wedding. She tells him that she isn't a Spaulding, she's a Raines. "You've had lost of names but you'll always be a Spaulding," he says. He tells her how hurt and humiliated he has been and threatens to show her what cruelty really looks like. When he walks out, she collapses in tears.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Phillip pulls Coop out of the burning car.

    Phillip arrives at the wedding.

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    Posted by gossipqueen75 at Monday, February 09 2009 01:31 PM

    Wow!! To bad I missed todays show! I am glad Phillip is back and seems to be normal at this point. I hope so and I hope he stops Alan and Beth's wedding. That is so sad! I still love the dirty evil Alan though it makes it more interesting for sure.

    I still don't like Cyrus with Lizzie and hopefully Phillip won't either. Thank God no Grady or Daisy for quite awhile that has put me over the moon!!!

    Hi: 3Puppies, Julien, GLandWT and everyone!

    Posted by 3Puppies at Monday, February 09 2009 01:32 PM

    Wow, good to see Jenna today. Hope she will return again. I miss her. Love her accent. I was disappointed that Phillip didn't appear until the end of the show. Thought he was going to be on all through the show. But NO. Just have to wait until tomorrow. He really hasn't changed much in looks. Isn't it about 3-4 years since he was on last? Beth was annoying today. Does she know what she wants? Wait till she sees Phillip. Her love for Coop will fly out the window. Are they killing off Coop? Does anyone know for sure? Bill thinks Cyrus is the kidnapper? Just because of the dog-tags. Come on Bill, you saw the guy, he sure didn't resemble Cyrus to me. Grady is taller and thinner. Can't wait until tomorrow.
    Hi: GLandWT, Julien, Gossipqueen75, mom6, Sunflower23, and all.

    Posted by soaphor at Monday, February 09 2009 01:34 PM

    Hooray! Phillip is back! I have waited a very long time for this day!!!!

    Posted by gossipqueen75 at Monday, February 09 2009 01:59 PM

    I agree with you once Beth sees Phillip, Beth will say... "Coop who???". Phillip was always known for "saving" Beth.

    Posted by morisey at Monday, February 09 2009 03:16 PM

    I'm kinda confused where Coop said he was going...Venice, Italy or Venice, CA? I thought he got an offer from Stanford which is at least 400 miles from Venice, CA (unless he was going to have a writing retreat on the beach?) But, obviously it's a moot point now huh? Go Phillip!

    Posted by coco50257 at Monday, February 09 2009 03:35 PM

    Finally!! A decent show today. I hope Phillip will be like the old Phillip & not the crazy one like Alan. One is enough. Especially since we have Cyrus & Grady as evil also. Enough!! Weird that Lizzie hasn't heard the dog tags. Cause Grady had them. Crazy

    Posted by Grammy43 at Monday, February 09 2009 05:05 PM

    morisey, It was Alan that said he was taking Beth to Venice on their honeymoon, that is when Coop sped up and ended up crashing his car. I may be the only person, but I cannot stand when Alan talks like he did to Beth, granted she needs to grow some and learn how to stand up for herself, but he makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck, maybe because in another lifetime I lived with someone that is just as controlling as he is!

    Posted by Clarity at Monday, February 09 2009 05:50 PM

    I think Beth is a beautiful lady but I don't like her character. She is so emotionally feeble. She just can't be without a man. In a way she makes me sick. Now she is with a man almost half her age.

    I would really like to see her become more independent from the Spauldings.

    Posted by J.Acencio at Tuesday, February 10 2009 02:15 PM

    Beth sure is a hopeless mess. I don't know if even Phillip can straighten her out. Like I said before, looks like the writers would give her a backbone of her own just once.

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