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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Guiding Light'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Screw ups are all the Same.

    Wednesday, July 09 2008
    Ashlee moves on, Daisy refuses to let Grady go, Blake looks for direction and finds Coop.

    Doris brings her daughter some gifts as she sits in the park. Ashlee talks of how excited she is about work. Doris says she's brave to be moving on after Coop. Ashlee reminds her that she dumped Coop. Doris doesn't understand. Ashlee says that she wanted her life to be about something else... she just needs to figure out what.

    At Company, Coop tells his father that he got offered a teaching gig at the local school. Buzz wonders if he has time for that and his writing and worries about him. Coop insists he's fine. Buzz brings up Ashlee. Coop doesn't want to talk about it. He also explains that he and Blake have parted ways, for personal and professional reasons. Blake may have aggravated things between he and Ashlee, but she wasn't the problem. He and Ashlee just weren't meant to be together.

    Daisy goes to the station to visit Grady. The guard tells her that she isn't on the visitors list and can't get in. She tells them this is a mistake. Grady listens from his cell and stays silent.

    Frank and Reva are doing some lawn work together. He apologizes if he's been hard on her lately. He shifts to her plot to keep Grady in jail. She plays dumb but it's obvious. Frank tells her that Cyrus thinks he can get his brother out. She understands that, but she doesn't want him near Daisy. "I'm sick and tired of those Foley boys," he says. So is she. She's sick of the movie too: "It's like I'm taking one step forward and two steps back."

    Blake runs into Natalia at Towers. She's waiting for Frank to pick her up. Blake tells her that he's a good guy, like the other Coopers. But it must be hard for her to live in the town with the "Gus and Harley thing". What Gus and Harley had doesn't bother Natalia; she's bothered because Harley has her son. Taking him on the run just means that he is in "jail forever" with Harley. After Blake leaves, Frank arrives. Natalia can't believe she is stuck there with the family that let Harley run off with her son. He asks her to get something to eat. She just wants a ride home; she's not mad at him, just everyone else. He misses his sister. Ever since Gus died, she melted down. They both worry that Rafe must be scared to death with her.

    Reva arrives at Company. She and Buzz wish they had sent Daisy away. "She's like you," he says. She says she's more like him. He shrugs. She's tried threatening Grady but it only seems to annoy him. "We need to make sure he stays locked up," she says. He wonders if he should pay him a visit... "I'm getting too old for this," he says.

    Frank bumps into Coop. He feels bad about he and Ashlee, but Daisy is in more trouble right now. He pats him on the back and walks off. Coop catches Daisy as she walks into the station. She calls him a jerk. "I hear you have a thing for jerks," he says. "Go fix your own life," she says. He wants to talk about Grady. She doesn't. "He picked me," she explains. Her family are with her only because they are family and they spend most of their time debating who is going to be stuck with her. Grady picked her and she picks him over all of them.

    Coop bumps into Ashlee in the park. She starts to stutter. They both admit that they are miserable. She keeps avoiding Company... He misses "us". He understands giving up the bad stuff, but she gave up the good stuff too. She doesn't know the difference and that may mean she's lost him forever. She runs off to see Daisy.

    "I don't remember putting Grandpa Crook-Cook on my visitor's list," Grady says as Buzz arrives. Buzz laughs and then tries to reason with him. "You're a big boy, get over it," he says. "You don't know me," Grady grunts. "You're not unique. You're a screw up and screw ups are all the same," Buzz says, before threatening him. He's an old man and he doesn't have anything to lose anymore, he says.

    Ashlee takes Daisy to work at the TV station. She complains about how Grady was set up and now refuses to see her. Ashlee thinks he deserves everything he gets. Daisy reminds her that it wasn't long ago that she had the hots for him. She wishes that her friend would be more of a friend to her. "I don't usually date killers," Ashlee says smugly. Daisy reminds her that she tried to kill Alan and the only person she's dated was Coop, who she dumped. "I have a big girl job and I need to go do some work and I need for you to go," Ashlee says.

    Blake goes to see her daughter. "I hope you're as proud of me as I am of you," she says. Clarissa thinks she's acting weird. She has to explain how the microwave works to her mother. They talk about school work and Blake pops a pill. "I think we need to shake things up. I'm tired of changing jobs and hotel living," she says. It's like they've been holding their breath since Ross died. Kevin and Jason are already back at boarding school; it's time for them to get something real. Blake offers to take her to London. Clarissa reminds her that she is starting summer enrichment classes today. Blake leaves to take care of something.

    Blake tracks down Ashlee at work. She apologizes for what happened with Coop. Ashlee says she's not the reason they broke up. Dismissing her, Ashlee thanks her for stopping by.

    Coop arrives in his new classroom and smiles. Later, class begins and he introduces himself to all the kids and takes attendance. Blake brings Clarissa in late. They share an awkward moment. Coop hands out poems for the kids to read and takes Blake aside. Blake makes excuses. Coop promises that this doesn't have to be a big deal. Clarissa watches them uncomfortably.

    Natalia thanks Frank for the ride back to the boarding house. He asks her out to a concert but she has to work.

    Daisy goes home to Reva's. She doesn't want to deal with her grandmother. Reva wants to talk so Daisy starts vacuuming. Reva gets her to stop and explains that Buzz went to see Grady and he's just as worried as she is. "You're all out to get him! Do you hate that I love him?" Daisy asks. Reva says this isn't love; it's just intense attraction. Daisy says she doesn't know anything; she's been living in "Josh and Reva make believe world" for too long. She refuses to leave Grady and storms out.

    Ashlee goes to the park and starts her own video blog. "My ex is devastated without me," she starts, and her best friend is now a "frenemy". She's also lost a lot of weight and has to buy new clothes. Everyone says she's different now so she wonders what she was like before. She feels like she's floating and doesn't know where she will land.

    Buzz goes to see Reva. He says that he can't get a good read on Grady.

    Daisy goes to visit Grady. He's cold with her. He didn't want her to see him. She set off a car alarm to distract the cops so she could sneak in. "Forget us Daisy," he says. Her family are going to make it their mission to keep them apart. She tells them they are all hypocrites but she will put a stop to it and she and Cyrus will get him out.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Bill buys a cabin. Ava thinks it's for her while Lizzie thinks it's for her.

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    Posted by mom of 6 at Wednesday, July 09 2008 01:40 PM

    I don’t understand why Ashlee left Coop. I know she is confused but I would never let a great guy like that go! I really hope Coop and Blake don’t get together, how awful would that be?!!!
    Hi 3pupps and GLandWT

    Posted by akosohu at Wednesday, July 09 2008 01:48 PM

    Daisy Daisy Daisy..can you like get a job? Go work at your grandfather's for pete's sake!

    Posted by kim27 at Wednesday, July 09 2008 02:00 PM

    If Coop and Blake get together I will stop watching the show. that would just be sick.

    Posted by Julien at Wednesday, July 09 2008 02:14 PM

    It is bad enough we have to suffer through Casie/Josh,Marinia/Mallett, and Bill/Ava. I really hope I do not have to add Coop/Blake to that list. Will the writers ever get a clue? I do know that when you have a big change to your body like loosing a lot of weight it changes you mentaly too. I can understand why Ashley left Coop, I am am so glad she told Daisy she had an adult job. Daisy fiddeling around w/ the switches is she 5? I really hope that cabin that Bill bought if for Lizzie.

    Posted by cynfrogette at Wednesday, July 09 2008 02:20 PM

    what.. are all the soaps having cougar-syndrome? phyllis is older than nick, they have emily with casey, tayler and rick on b & b and now coop and blake. geezzz

    Posted by Julien at Wednesday, July 09 2008 02:23 PM

    Cougars are the in thing now. I really think Emily and Casie and Taylor and Rick realy realy stretch that age difference. Blake and Coop would jut be totaly insane, but lately this soap has done some realy insane things. Cassie Marina Yuck

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, July 09 2008 02:46 PM

    Guess I will stop watching G/L on Wednesday. There are the most pathetic s/l all week. Blake and Coop - ridiculous! Blake made it sound like Clarissa has always been here, did I miss something? We haven't seen Clarissa since she was a very little girl. And, the boys, where are they? Probably would be in the way of mom's escapades. Wish the writers would get off the old/young relationships. Marina and Mallet make me want to throw up. He is way too old for her. Daisy and Grady - YUK! She has a lot of growing up to do. He looks too old for her also. (But not as bad as Mallet and Marina}.
    Hey: GLandWT, mom6, Sunflower.

    Posted by Booter at Wednesday, July 09 2008 03:08 PM

    I am now watching this show for 3 reasons....Reva, Lizzie, and Ashlee. I say keep Reva with Jeffery, love that couple. Please bring in two new male characters that are worthy of Lizzie and Ashlee. Would love to see them both with men that would appreciate what they have to give. And besides, I would love to see Bill hurt as much as he has hurt Lizzie.

    Posted by isadorer23 at Wednesday, July 09 2008 03:26 PM

    ASHLEE acted and looked more growned up than DAISY did could actually tell the difference between them today ASHLEE is growing into a beautiful young woman and DAISY is still acting immature.i hope they can solve thiers problems with each other a remain friends.i also like the way ASHLEE diss BLAKE when she was questioning her about COOP.i know G/L has a limited bugdet but can't they set up a classroominstead of having COOP teach summerschool in a church it just didn't look right.

    Posted by GLandWT at Wednesday, July 09 2008 03:48 PM

    Hi Mom6, 3Puppies.

    I don't understand why Ashlee left Coop since she was so gunned ho to have him.

    3p, the last time I saw Blake's twins, they were about 14 years old. When Blake went "nut" (the Springfield Blogger), Clarissa was to have been with Holly. Somethimes I think the writers forget what they write. I think the writers should get away from all this young/old story lines. I can't believe Frank didn't put up a fuss over Mallet dating Marina. Geez! Mallet is Marina's God Father/uncle or least he was once upon a time.

    I thought Buzz and Reva sent Daisy to be with Harley. If Daisy is old enough to refuse to do as she is told, then she is old enough to take responsibility for her actions. It appears she is totally dependent upon others to care for her. Furthermore, how can she be so in love with "G" when just a few weeks ago, she couldn't seem to let go of Rafe. I sure hope the writers don't try to make "G" young - he is almost Harley's age which makes him too old for Daisy.

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