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Monday, June 23 2008
Cassie tells Harley she slept with Cyrus, Daisy can't stay away from Grady, Jeffrey gets back to work.

Harley is relieved to hear Cassie's voice on the phone. Cassie needs to talk to her about Cyrus. Harley begins apologizing about Cyrus and his brother; she can't deal with it right now though. Cassie stops her; this is more personal than that. She tells her that Cyrus is not the man she thinks he is. Harley says she trusts him and doesn't want to hear any rumors. "I slept with Cyrus," Cassie confesses. Harley almost drops the phone. A lengthy silence ensues. She doesn't know what to say. Cassie assures her that it didn't mean anything; she was just in a tough place and it has no justification. Cyrus was more than willing, she explains. "You needed to know. He's a liar and worse," Cassie says. Harley doesn't want to hear this. Cassie reminds her that Cyrus tried to cover all this up and is now protecting a murderer. "Put my father back on the phone... we're done," Harley says.

A distraught Harley calls Buzz at Company. He asks her what's wrong. She tells him to bring Zach to her right away. She'll be staying where she is for the summer at least; she still has to figure things out. She can't take Jude from Rick and doesn't want Daisy near "G". She and Cyrus are done, she informs him, and she doesn't want to talk about it. After hanging up, she sits on the ground and cries, repeating to herself that she'll be alright.

At Harley's, Grady is trying to figure out how to get his ankle bracelet off. Cyrus warns him how hard life on the run is and tells him he can't bring Daisy. Zach and Jude walk in and ask who this new guy is. He introduces himself and then gets up to leave. Cyrus ushers the kids outside to play. When he brings them back in, they begin playing games in the living room. The Foley brothers start to argue and Buzz arrives. He sends the kids out and Grady as well. "Keep him away from Daisy," Buzz orders before explaining that he is taking Zach to Harley. Cyrus offers to do it. Buzz shakes his head and explains that Harley says the two of them are over. Cyrus is baffled and wonders why she didn't call him herself. Buzz explains that she talked to Cassie and then issued the order.

Daisy tries to sneak by Frank at the station. He catches her and asks her where she's going. She admits that she wants to talk to Grady. He's been bailed out and she shouldn't see him anyway, he says. She argues that he's changed and been rehabilitated, just like her. She may have changed, Frank allows, but she didn't kill anybody.

Reva goes to pick up Jeffrey at Cedars. She tells him that he can move into a place of his own if he wants. "Did you dump me?" he asks. She thinks he might want an "out" since she postponed the wedding. He likes what he has. "If you put up with me, I'm yours," he smiles. She thinks he's smooth and starts gathering up his things. He asks after Cassie. She says that Josh is taking her out of town for the summer. She helps him pull his coat on and they laugh as they leave.

Cassie bumps into Daisy on Main Street. Daisy apologizes for hiding Grady. Cassie doesn't blame her and is sure that he manipulated her. When Daisy drops her bag, Cassie notices it's full of men's clothes. She guesses they're for Grady and starts ranting at her for helping him. Daisy insists that he's changed and is trying to make things right "You are clearly Reva's granddaughter because you don't care about anyone but yourself," she snipes before walking away.

Reva and Jeffrey go back their room and get in bed to watch TV. He's not sure that she'll be able to spend so much "quality time" with him. He starts to pace, frustrated that he doesn't have any work to do.

Reva and Jeffrey go down to the station. Frank wishes Jeffrey was back at work and then starts sniping at Reva for not keeping Daisy away from Grady. They go up to the DA's office. She tells him how much he needs to get his job back. He wonders if he should just start doing his job until someone tries to stop him. She doubts anyone would try to stop the DA who took a bullet. She gets on the phone and calls a press conference for him. "You must really want me out of the house," he jokes. "Only till tonight. Then I want you back in my bed," she kisses him.

Grady meets Daisy outside of Harley's house. She shows him the clothes she got him for court and explains her run-in with Cassie. He apologizes for all the problems he's caused her and suggests that she go and be with her mother. He can't trust Alan and may have to run. This upsets her and she storms off.

Cyrus waits on Cassie's doorstep. She opens the door and tells him that the one thing Harley can't forgive is cheating; she couldn't even stay with Gus because of it so he doesn't have a chance. He thinks she must enjoy ruining her friend's life. "I'm going to get her back," he vows. She doubts it; Harley is better off without him. "What about Josh? Is he going to forgive you when he finds out it was me?" he asks. "That's really not your problem," she slams the door.

Cyrus returns to Harley's. He demands Harley's address from Buzz. He needs to see her; she's alone and hurt and he needs to fix things. "Do you have any idea the damage you've done to this family?" Buzz asks. He gave him a second chance, even after everything he's done, but he's finished with him. Buzz tells him to walk away because that's the least he can do for them.

Daisy pouts at Cross Creek. Her grandmother confronts her about what Frank said. Daisy thinks that Grady is just like Jonathan and he just needs someone to believe in him. Reva was Jonathan's mother; that's different. "You always say follow your heart. That's what I'm trying to do," Daisy reminds her. Reva shouts that this guy is off limits and then gives her a hug.

As Jeffery sits in his room, Cassie arrives. She asks him to promise not tell Reva what she will tell him. He does. She confesses her one-night stand and explains that she already told Josh but didn't tell him who it was with. Jeffrey advises her to tell him. She can't torture him anymore. "Do you ever feel so out of control that you need to hold onto something?" she asks. He tells her to hold onto her marriage. After she leaves, Reva arrives. He shows her the original police file he dug up on Grady. She asks him to keep Daisy out of this. He can't. She's not sure what Daisy might say on the stand. She thinks her granddaughter has feelings for him. As she says this, Daisy listens at the door. Jeffrey promises he won't let Alan or Grady get away with what they did.

Cassie goes home and calls Josh. She tells him that she's looking forward to going away with him and really hopes that they can put their relationship back together.

On the street, Cyrus tells his brother that he's leaving for Europe to find Harley and he should call Lizzie for help. Grady tells him that he'd rather call Daisy; for the first time in his life, he's found someone who cares about him. Cyrus tells him to stay away. "You take care of you and I'll take care of me," Grady says, walking away to meet Daisy. Cyrus follows him and finds him making out with her by the storage shed. He throws his brother against the wall.

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