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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Guiding Light'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Maybe we can Make a Deal?

    Friday, June 20 2008
    Lizzie does her best to keep her family clear, Reva tries to cover for her sister, Grady gets out.

    At Company, Lizzie looks though the paper noticing an article about Grady. She drops it in the trash and then takes it out again as she goes up to see her grandfather. She finds him calling out to Gus in his sleep. He worries about his dreams and visions. Lizzie tells him that she has a nightmare for him and shows him the picture of Grady in the paper. Alan is outraged. Lizzie promises that she won't let the Aussie implicate him in Tammy's death. Maybe she should hate Alan for what he did, but the family's lost enough and she won't let this creep drag them down.

    Cyrus returns to the cells to visit his brother. He continues promising to get him a lawyer. Grady laughs and reminds Cyrus that he made a deal with Lizzie and he would have been fine if it wasn't for the cops. Cyrus doesn't think he should add blackmail to his other crimes. Grady throws it back, pointing out how Cyrus married Alex to take her money. "You do what you need to do to survive," he sarcastically says.

    Cassie rushes to Cedars to see Jeffrey. Reva holds her back and tells her he's still recovering. Cassie is still furious about Grady. "He'll pay for what he did to Tammy!" she mutters as she runs off.

    Cassie tracks Alan down at the gazebo in the park. He guesses why she's there. She tells him that Grady has come back and she can take away his life like he took away Tammy's. He plays it cool and starts talking about his dreams of Gus. She's not impressed. They talk of the peace that being visited by a ghost can bring. He never knew what he cost her until he lost a child of his own. She doesn't care; she still hates him and will come after him.

    Lizzie walks into her room at The Beacon and is shocked to find Cyrus sitting on her bed with Roxie. He knows that she tried to get his brother out of town before and now he needs a lawyer. She hands him her family lawyer's card and tells him that she wants this handled just as much as he does.

    Reva goes to visit Josh, worried that her sister seems to be going down a dark road. Josh doesn't think he's been able to help Cassie much lately. Reva doubts that Cassie will hurt Alan, but thinks she has to be kept back to let the legal system work this out. Jeffery is involved this time and is sure to get justice for her. Josh says that he'll do his best. "Foley's target was Jonathan. Do I have to worry about you too?" he asks. "No more than usual," she says.

    Lizzie goes over to Towers to see Judge Brennan. She sits down at his table and starts talking about the Grady case. He reminds her that he can't talk about it. She asks him if he's still in the Caesar's Club. Her grandfather keeps a file on everyone and she knows all about the judge's taste for young escorts. "Maybe we can make a deal?" she smiles as he sweats.

    Cassie runs into Cyrus in the parking lot and fires him. He starts apologizing; he had no idea what his brother was up to and wanted him to turn himself in. She's not impressed, calling him "pathetic". He continues to apologize. There's no way he can fix this though and she doesn't appreciate him trying to con her. There's no reason she shouldn't hate him the way she hates his brother, she claims.

    Lizzie goes to the cells and informs Grady that she's got his bail dropped and paid it. She tells him he'll get out and he can wiggle out of his ankle bracelet and disappear. "Once I pay your bail, forget you ever met me," she orders.

    Reva tracks Alan down at the boarding house. She tells him that he has the power to stop Cassie's nightmare. He thinks she's overestimating him: He has no power anymore. She thinks that he could give Cassie peace if he turned himself in. "What if Grady Foley makes a deal first? Who will be holding the bag then?" she asks. What would Gus tell him to do? She leaves him to think it over.

    Josh calls around for Cassie. She walks through the door, sorry for worrying him. Reva's been worried too, he says. Annoyed, she tells him that she hasn't killed anyone yet and, as a sarcastic gesture, starts hiding the knives. While she does this, she accidentally cuts his hand. She sits down and tends to his wound, calming down slightly. Josh reminds her that Jeffrey will be out soon and handling things. He suggests that they take a vacation; they've only been pretending to be a couple lately. Maybe it's time for them to learn to be together again, he suggests. "What's more important to you? Love or revenge?" he asks. She agrees; something has been broken and she wants to fix it. They embrace.

    Alan sits by the water when Buzz arrives. He tells him how lucky he feels. Buzz laughs. Alan explains that after losing everything he's had time to smell the roses. He'll miss Buzz when he moves out. Alan has started to feel like everything will be alright with the family. Buzz says that Gus has parked himself in Alan's head somewhere and he should take that as a gift and not screw it up.

    Reva goes to the cells to see Grady. He stops doing push ups and apologizes. She's not impressed. He's heard about her son and he's no saint either. She admits that, but he's her son. He tells her that she can go now. She asks him how much Alan paid him and if it was worth it. "No, not even close," he says before asking about Daisy. She tells him not to dare pretending he cares. She suggests that Alan is ready to step up and confess. Laughing, she walks out and runs into Cyrus. She asks him if Harley knows about this. "If you love her, you'll keep Grady away from her daughter," she says before walking off.

    Lizzie runs into Cassie on Main Street. Cassie tells her about her plans to leave. She suggests that maybe she should go away as well.

    Cyrus tracks Buzz down in the park. "Thanks for nothing," he says. He feels like he'd of been better off in jail. He now has no job or place to live.

    Lizzie returns to her room and talks to Roxie about what a great job she did today. Her grandfather has taught her so much... her phone rings. It's Grady, worried about Reva, "the grandmother from Hell". "Maybe she should work at Guantanamo Bay," he jokes. He warns her that Alan might rat him out; if so, all bets are off. He hangs up and Lizzie runs out of the room and around town searching for her grandfather.

    Cassie runs into Reva at the station and tells her that Josh is taking her away for awhile. "You need to let it go. Tammy would want you to be happy," Reva says. The sisters hug. Cassie walks outside. Turning, she spots Grady walking out, free on bail, with Cyrus following him. Her jaw drops and her eyes narrow.

    Alan goes to the chapel and lights a candle. After sitting down and saying a prayer, he walks to the police station. He asks Gus to show him a sign. A cop asks if he can help. Alan asks if Grady is still in custody. He's out on bail. Alan says he'd like to make a statement. Lizzie runs in and stops him. Alan protests but she says she will save the family whether he likes it or not.

    Cyrus and Grady go back to Harley's. Grady pulls out a beer but Cyrus says there is nothing to toast to. The only thing he is sure of anymore is Harley and he advises his brother to change his life. If he takes care of things here, he can turn around. Grady just wants to cut off his ankle bracelet and run. Cyrus tells him to try something different. "Why?" Grady shrugs.

    Reva goes to see Josh and tells him that Alan is thinking of confessing. That would mean there wouldn't be a trial. Josh may believe in miracles but he'll believe Alan turning himself in when he sees it. He continues packing up his things and tells her that he won't be around for the rest of the movie shoot. "Then my character gets all the juicy lines," she smiles.

    Cassie goes into Company and catches Buzz on the phone with Harley. She grabs the phone away from him. "There's something I need to tell you Cyrus and me," she starts.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Cassie tells Harley that Cyrus is not the man she thinks he is.

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    Posted by homan at Friday, June 20 2008 02:07 PM

    This has nothing to do with today's show, but is Ava pregnant in real life. The day she had an ultrasound they showed her belly? Also the Harley running away line is stupid, who would leave their own kids behind to protect someone you don't even know that well, come on writers. I am glad to see Rafe gone, BAD ACTOR. Something needs to happen because the story line is getting BORING! Oh and what happen to Lizzy's bar she bought? I guess it is running itself!

    Posted by homan at Friday, June 20 2008 02:11 PM

    About today's show, I hope Alan doesn't become his old self again, I am starting to like Alan. Cassie needs to tell Josh before she tells anyone else. And I am beginning to feel sorry for Cyrus, he is trying to be a good guy and nothing is working out. DINAH is wacko, I hate her character

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Friday, June 20 2008 02:20 PM

    Lizzie is starting to act just like Alan by blackmailing the judge. YEP, SHE IS TRULY A SPALDING! What do you think happened to the book that she has that belongs to Alan? Did Cyrus find it or his brother, or do you think that the dog chewed it up? Will be interesting to see. I believe that Alan will begin to act like his old self again and very soon.

    Posted by shela2much at Friday, June 20 2008 05:15 PM

    Did you finally change the banner of Gus and Harley? Congratulations Gina on your emmy. GL you have lost many viewers due to your amateurish camera outdoor shots and lack of dialogue. Step your game up.

    Posted by shela2much at Friday, June 20 2008 05:23 PM

    When logging out, I saw that your updates still feature the photos of Gus and Harley. Harley has another phone in cameo, but neither are coming back.

    Posted by Julien at Friday, June 20 2008 06:00 PM

    I really hope Josh finds the truth out about Cassie. Matbet Harley will call him.

    Posted by BBBMANAGEMENT at Saturday, June 21 2008 12:10 AM

    Cassie, is about to break the town wide open. Josh, will be disgusted with her for sleeping with Cyrus. Reva and Jeffrey are not getting married, therefore, it will leave, it open for Reva and Josh to get close again.

    Posted by pugnose at Monday, June 23 2008 08:00 AM

    Is Harley leaving the show?

    Posted by sweetcaoline at Monday, June 23 2008 08:25 AM

    Yes, Harley is leaving the show, in fact I think that she has already left. She is I hear joining the cast of AMC.

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