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    Thank you for Saving my Life.

    Tuesday, May 27 2008
    Rafe shoots Jeffrey, Harley takes Rafe on the run.

    At home, Harley starts crying when Daisy comes down the stairs in her graduation gown. Daisy admits that she's excited and her mother gets out her camera. They go to the lawn and start snapping pictures. Daisy reminds her that she still isn't going to college and then asks about the ticket that's gone missing. Harley explains that Cyrus is coming. Daisy shrugs as Cyrus arrives with flowers for Daisy. She thanks him for helping out and goes inside. Harley tells Cyrus that she's almost ready to go but she has to talk to Mallet about Gus first. They go back inside and Harley takes another picture. Cyrus takes the camera and takes pictures of them together in various poses until the family files through the door. Harley informs them that Cyrus will be coming along. An uncomfortable silence. Cyrus offers to take a family photo before they go and the family bunch together in the kitchen.

    At the courthouse, Rafe has a gun leveled on Jeffrey. He's not going to let Jeffrey speak to the press and blacken his father's name. Jeffrey tries to reassure him and clam him. As he reaches out his hand, Mallet bursts in, startling Rafe. The gun goes off and hits Jeffrey who collapses on the floor. Rafe is shocked and runs. Cops rush in and Mallet orders Jeffery to stay on the ground while the paramedics are called.

    At home, Harley gets a call from Mallet telling her what happened. She promptly informs her family that Jeffery was shot by Rafe. Daisy runs out and Frank and Marina follow, leaving Cyrus to comfort Harley. She soon hurries down the stairs to the basement and starts searching through Gus' boxes. She realizes that Gus' gun is gone and Rafe must have taken it. Running outside, she begins to panic while Cyrus hurries up to her. He tries calming her when she suddenly gets an idea about where the boy might be.

    Daisy tracks Rafe down in the house Gus bought. He's hiding among the boxes. He's disoriented and frightened, sure that there is no way to go back from this. He worries about his mother, insisting that he only meant to scare Jeffrey. Daisy tries to reassure him and promises that Jeffrey will be okay. Harley and Cyrus arrive and explain that they will help him. He wants to see his mom before they bring him in. He's Gus' son and that makes him her son too, Harley explains. She hugs him, promising to do whatever she can to help him.

    Mallet is pacing at Cedars. He calls Ava and leaves a message saying that Jeffrey has been taken in. He tries calling Reva but she doesn't pick up.

    At the boarding house, Natalia tries getting in touch with her son without luck. Mallet soon appears and informs her about what's happening. She's distraught and can't understand what's going on. She begs him to bring her boy back safely and then collapses on the floor.

    Buzz hurries to the police station and runs into his son outside. Frank points out that Rafe is the shooter and says that they will do whatever they can to protect him.

    One of the cops comes to the boarding house to search for Rafe. Harley covers for the boy and sends the cop away. Once he's gone, Harley and Cyrus bring Rafe upstairs to Natalia. The boy goes in with his mother alone. She hugs him and wonders if they should got to Alan for help. She's sure they can convince everyone that he's a good boy and this was just a mistake.

    Downstairs, the two former jailbirds wait. "I feel bad for Rafe. Prison's rough," Cyrus says. Harley knows and she won't let Gus' son go away. She blames herself for all of this. If she hadn't started digging into this, nothing would have happened. Cyrus offers to help her. "I thought I was going to finish what he started but now I have to finish what I started," she cries onto his shoulder.

    Coop and Daisy go down by the water. She thinks she's cursed. They begin comparing all the horrible things that have happened since each of them came to town. She blames herself for what's happened. "It's just a coincidence. Life doesn't work that way," he insists. He doesn't know how it works though. He offers to take her to graduation but she just wants to go home.

    At the boarding house, Harley and Cyrus go into Natalia's room. She still doesn't know what to do so Harley explains that she will take care of everything. After sending her out, she sits with Rafe to explain her plan to him. Once she does, he worries how his mother will take it. She tells him he has an hour and then they're running. She leaves him and stops in the hallway to breathe before they each begin packing.

    In the hallway, Cyrus tells Natalia that he's sorry. That's all anyone ever say to her anymore: "I'm sorry." She wonders how she can protect her son. She goes back to her room to talk to him. He hopes that things will get better and she can be happy again. "I will never give up on you," she says. "Maybe you should," he suggests. She offers to get him something to eat and he tells her he'll take his meds. As soon as she walks out, he finishes packing. When she returns, he's gone. She finds his stuff gone and a note that says "I love you" on the bathroom mirror. She begins to cry.

    As Harley packs at home, Frank comes in for an update. She doesn't tell him much. "He's a Cooper now," Frank says, assuring her that he likes Rafe and would do anything for him. She thanks him for being the best big brother ever. he walks out, promising to find him. As soon as he's gone, she gets on the phone to Buzz to ask for help. There are things she needs fast and she'll need him to back her up with Daisy, Frank and Rick. She can't tell them what she is going to do because they would talk her out of it. She promises that she will be back but she can't tell anyone what she's doing. He promises to get her what she needs.

    Coop and Daisy arrive at Harley's looking for her. They find Cyrus, who has no idea where she is. "I want my mom," Daisy says sadly. Cyrus sits on the front step until Harley returns. She asks him to keep an eye on Daisy while she's wrapped up in things. He thinks he's the last person she wants watching her. Harley tells him to do it from a distance. The best thing she can do for her daughter now is take care of Rafe. She hugs him. "I love you so much," she says. "Thank you for saving my life," she cries. He tries to comfort her but she sends him inside to check on Daisy. As soon as he's gone, she walks away.

    Daisy cries on the sofa. Cyrus tells her he's sorry. "For once this isn't your fault," she says. When he sits with her, she cries on his shoulder and he puts an arm around her.

    Harley goes to the park and hugs her sons and brother before sneaking away to check on Rafe. He's hiding in the backseat of her car. She hurries over to Buzz in the garage. He's emptied the cash register and gotten numbers and things together for her while she's on the run. Rafe comes over and hugs Buzz. He asks him to let Natalia know that he was fine when he last saw him. She asks her father to keep everyone distracted so they can get away. He embraces her and then walks away. She looks through the garage window.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Natalia tells Alan that Rafe is gone.

    Frank tells Natalia that Harley took Rafe.

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    Posted by 3Puppies at Tuesday, May 27 2008 01:40 PM

    Reasons for going nuts:
    1. Rafe shooting Jeffery. (Accidentally.}
    2. Harley taking Rafe on the run.
    3. Buzz helping Harley to take Rafe on the run.
    4. Everybody knowing Harley taking Rafe on the run.
    5. Harley saying to Rafe: "I am like your mom."
    6. Harley missing the graduation so she can take Rafe.
    7. Was this Harley's exit to GL?? If not, stupid show.

    Hey bre, mom6, GLandWT, and Sunflower23

    Posted by bishprincess at Tuesday, May 27 2008 01:42 PM

    It's all well and good that Harley cares about Rafe and wants to help him, but she's just going to pack up and leave her own children? Maybe Natalia would have wanted to be the one to take off with him...but those kids just lost someone who was like a father to them, and now she's packed her bags and run off too.

    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, May 27 2008 02:17 PM

    Hi 3Puppies,
    I heard Harley's last air date is June 23rd. I guess we will see her again. I can't understand why she would run off with Rafe when Jeffrey stated it was an accident.

    It was said that Rafe took Gus's old gun... I thought Gus's old gun was stolen by "G" when he and Daisy were involved? GL has left so much unclear. At the time of Gus's death, I thought he was on leave until Olivia could get a heart. Where is Reva?
    Hi Bre, Mom6, and all.

    Posted by Julien at Tuesday, May 27 2008 02:27 PM

    I felt really bad for Daisy. She missed her graduation anyway.I dont think latley Harley hasnt thinked of her kids latley. And all of sudden wanting to save Rafe? What a crappy way to exit.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Tuesday, May 27 2008 02:35 PM

    I can't understand the logic of today's show. I know Rafe is taking time off the show and that is why he is leaving BUT what is with Harley if she isn't leaving until June? Rafe is suppose to be back in about a month. Maybe Harley is going on vacation before she leaves the show. Isn't "G" suppose to be back soon?

    Posted by BBBMANAGEMENT at Tuesday, May 27 2008 03:12 PM

    I can't figure out, why Harley, chose to run with Rafe..what about her own children? Boy, Gus's son has become more important, than her own children. What kind of writing is this..If Harley is to leave the show, why not do it in another way...this way is stupid...Come on writers..Come up with more creativity. How about, while they are running, they get into a car accident, Harley is killed and Rafe comes back home, to face the music. There...that's a better ending. Plus, Harley was going to get Rafe somewhere safe, and she was going to tell Rafe's mother where to find him, and on her way home, she gets in a car accident...anything, but Harley leaving her children, whom she spends little time with anyway.

    Posted by bsclear89 at Tuesday, May 27 2008 03:59 PM

    I just have to say that I haven't taped nor watched GL since Gus died and I watched it on Monday because I was off work and I did the right thing. I have watched GL for 38 years and it has never been this awful. I have jumped ship and I think AMC will gain a new viewer. The writers at GL have no clue on the history of their characters nor do they remember what they have written previously. I still can't get over the "Daisy" being pure storyline after we watched her with "G". Too many inconsistencies that I have to say bye to all my actors - I love you all, but the storylines don't follow thru and the soap now jumps around too much and has changed all characters. And the camera shots really do nothing for the show. My mother has also left GL and she has watched it since the early 60's.

    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, May 27 2008 04:44 PM

    I guess for the next three weeks GL will focus on Jeffrey's getting better; Lizzie and Bill.

    It is supposed to be confirmed that BE has left GL and there will be a recast. I also read, recently, that the reason they shoot so many outdoor-scenes is because a lot of their sets are unshootable (if that's a word). Nevertheless, there was no logic to today's episode. I can't understand why GL is bringing "G" back. I also heard that Rafe was taking some time off. Maybe he and Harley will return as "recasts"....

    Posted by SHLOE_ROCKS at Tuesday, May 27 2008 05:03 PM

    Today was really good episodee

    I really love right now Natalia

    Posted by leonard23 at Wednesday, May 28 2008 07:49 AM

    okay, one thing, why was marina at the hospital watching jeffery, and not REVA! Reva should have been called, this show is getting stupider, and i love watching it, but it has been sucking lately, if my fiance' was shot, i would have wanted to be called right away, it makes me mad.

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