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I Didn't ask for This.

Monday, April 07 2008
Bill doubts Ava's pregnancy, Natalia visits Olivia, Harley says goodbye to Gus.

Alan peers through the windows of Company while it fills up with noisy cops who have come to wake Gus. He goes up to his room in the guest house and sits with a picture of his son. Downstairs, the cops drink and vow to party as unhealthily as possible in honor of Gus.

In the graveyard, Lizzie cries on Bill's shoulder. She talks about how much she misses being a mom. Even though she's standing over Gus' grave, she keeps feeling like she's at Sarah's. Having a child is the most amazing connection in the world, she tells him. They go home and she admits to how much she used to envy the long-legged, non-Spaulding Ava, but now she has something that Ava doesn't have: Bill. They have sex and then he sneaks out.

At Cedars, Ava and Sam are trying to talk to Olivia. She remains unresponsive. Ava informs him that the doctors say the operation went very well; the problem is depression. Later, she keeps trying to get her mother to sit up, but Olivia continues to be cold. Ava reminds her that she needs to get up; she will be a grandmother soon. Olivia manages to sit up and then tells her daughter to get out. Ava's phone starts to ring as she leaves. It's Bill setting up a meeting with her. Left alone, Olivia picks up the program for Gus' funeral and begins to cry.

Ava and Bill meet at Towers to talk about the baby. He tells her a baby is always great news but is reluctant to toast to it. He says that he needs to be sure. She says she's had two tests and is definitely pregnant. He still wants to see some lab results so that he can be sure. After she leaves, he returns to Lizzie, who is playing with her doll house. Sitting down, he tries to explain but just trails off. She tells him that she finally feels safe with him. He apologizes for pushing her away before and promises not to do so anymore.

Natalia finds her son sitting outside of their house. He wonders what Gus would want him to do. She says he'd want him to be happy. He informs her that he just broke up with Daisy; he needs to take the time to look after her. Natalia says that he should be living his own life, not looking after her, and pulls him up. Daisy tries calling him, leaving a message, telling him that Gus was loved. Meanwhile, Natalia and Rafe begin to move into the house, setting a welcome mat at the front door.

Harley remains at the church. She goes to the altar and picks up the portrait of Gus. Cyrus helps her take it down. They go over to Company and Harley seems annoyed that the cops are loudly getting drunk inside. Cyrus says Gus must have been wonderful if they are remembering him like this. She thanks him for his help. Blake arrives and hugs her before walking away. "Her husband also died...I mean, not husband," Harley corrects herself. Mallet and Marina poke their heads out and ask her to come in and tell some Gus stories. As she's pulled in, the funeral director grabs Cyrus and tells him that Harley's credit card was declined. Cyrus says that she's busy right now and he'll take care of it. He sends the man away and watches as Harley tells stories to the crowd. She and Marina share some awkward glances and she goes into the washroom. As she talks to herself, Gus appears. He tells her not to be sad. "I always thought it would be us in the end," she cries. Buzz interrupts and she takes another beer as they wander back to the party, stopping to cry on the steps along the way.

Sam finds Daisy on Main Street and grabs her warm beer away from her. They quickly catch up and she tells him that the love of her life just broke up with her. "Nothing lasts forever...not even grief," he tells her as they wander around the city. He tells her that something good will come out of this... She thinks it's easy for him to just show up and say these things. He shrugs: He only needs a laptop and a computer to do anything he wants with his life. He advises her to do whatever she wants as well, and even offers her the chance to go surfing with him. She gives him a "rebound kiss" and tells him it's not all bad. They laugh and return to Cedars where he tells her that she can have anything she wants in the world, as long as she wants it enough. He goes into Olivia's room to tell her that he has to get going. He promises to return at some point and tells her that Gus would tell her to stop whining and get a life. After kissing her goodbye, he leaves.

Mallet sneaks away from the wake at Company and finds Dinah playing the organ at the church. He puts his hat on her and asks her to play him a song. She plays "Abba-dabba Honeymoon" while he laughs.

Harley finds Cyrus sitting alone outside. She swipes his beer and downs it before asking him to go to a bar somewhere where they don't know anyone. "I wish I could just be numb," she says. "Then you wouldn't be you," he reminds her, telling her that she's been great today and can do anything she sets her mind to. She kisses him and thanks him for reminding her that there is something she can do after all. They go back to her house and start doing construction work. He tells her that it's okay to let him kiss her; it doesn't mean that she's forgotten Gus. He goes to the basement to get nails and she starts to tear down some sheet rock, finding a heart painted behind it. "I'm a romantic, what can I say?" the ghost of Gus tells her. He suggests that finishing the house is a good way to move on. She writes "Harley loves Gus" on the heart before taping over it. Daisy surprises her and offers to help out but Harley asks her to go and do something fun instead. Daisy insists that she wants to help; she thinks Gus would expect it. They comfort each other before Cyrus returns. Daisy asks if the funeral director got in touch with her. Cyrus says that he took care of it. Harley leaves to get the power tools while Daisy tells Cyrus to pack up and leave, reminding him that he will never be Gus. He apologizes for shutting down her fake ID business and agrees to partner up with her. Meanwhile, Harley is upstairs when Gus' spirit surprises her and tells her he has to go. He wants her to promise to finish the house and tells her he will be waiting for her. "I love you y'know," he says before vanishing. She slumps onto the floor.

Natalia arrives at the wake with her son. Frank offers to get her something. She thanks him for being nice but leaves to take a walk. She goes to the church and wonders what she is supposed to pray for now. Later, she goes to Cedars to visit Olivia. Natalia doesn't know why she's there. Olivia is sure that she is there because she hates her for taking Gus' heart. She tells her that she should have said no. "I didn't ask for this," Olivia insists. "Of course you did," Natalia accuses, reminding her that she prayed for a heart. Olivia thinks this is all a sick joke. "I hate you," Natalia says. "I lost my second chance and you got yours," she continues. "You have what's left of him so you're not going anywhere," she vows. Olivia just wants her to go away, but Natalia insists that she can't.

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