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    This Insanity Has to Stop!

    Thursday, February 14 2008
    Beth is shocked at the truth, Jonathan and Lizzie take Sarah back, Cassie lashes out at Josh and Reva for betraying her, Harley and Cyrus can't stay apart.

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    Posted by Teiralinda at Thursday, February 14 2008 05:51 PM

    Ok Harley CANNOT get pregnant anymore... last year she and Gus tried to adopt and lost to baby's relatives... and IF MARINA was pregnant - they'd have found that in tests at the hospital when she got hurt.

    Let Harley have Cyrus - both are losers and I am tired of the Marina mooning eyes.....trying to hold Cyrus... who wants a marriage with a man YOU CAN'T TRUST with your Aunt!

    Come on Beth - you are a gold digger and you have done some LOW things yourself to hold your high and mighty attitude with Cassie. Rick should have that baby and with someone other than pathetic money loving Beth.

    Reva is low...selling out Rick, Josh, not to mention Cassie. She just ruined lives including that babies. You lost my respect.

    Cassie at least you STOOD up for what you did and yelled like a woman believing in what she did. Kudos!

    Posted by Vonice at Thursday, February 14 2008 05:54 PM

    I wish Bill would go the Eva and leave Lizzie along so she can enjoy being with Sarah and Jon. and Beth needs to go back to Alan because she is missing the money that Alan can give her and Rick can't.

    Posted by Liason_Chelsick_GH_Days at Thursday, February 14 2008 07:02 PM

    oh my gosh i love lizzie and jonathan together and i hope allan does not torment that little baby can cyrus and harley be together already!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Old Chow Lady at Thursday, February 14 2008 07:50 PM

    I'm glad Allen and Beth found out its his baby. Beth is better with Allen than with anyone else. She loves the rich powerful position of being a Spalding.I hope they kick Josh out of the ministry. I hate seeing a pastor doing all the things he has been doing, like shacking up with his sister in law while he studed for the ministry,UGGG.

    Posted by yummy_mummy0021 at Thursday, February 14 2008 08:10 PM

    I love Lizzie and Jon, they need to be together, not bill and Lizzie ewwwwww. Is there anyway to make tom phelphrey stay on for a long time. He is the best actor on this show.

    Posted by Donnalee at Friday, February 15 2008 04:58 AM

    I truly don't understand why Josh, an intelligent man, is allowing Cassie to get by with all the crazy things she has done. Will has killed his daddy Alonzo, pushed his uncle Edmond over a bannister, trying to kill him, which left Edmond in a coma. He has tried many times to hurt or kill poor little RJ. This is a serious matter..yet Josh and the DA Jeffrey have allowed the pushy, needy Cassie to stil keep her precious little demon at home with her. When she got Will out of the special schol...that should have been the last straw with Josh. Josh and Reva really belong together, and let the crazy Cassie go with weird Willie boy to the insane institution. Allen needs to join them. Why doesn't the town press charges against old Allen Spaulding? He is getting by with so many illegial offenses. He should have to pay big time for all the pain he has caused. I feel sorry for that new baby of Beth's and his. Remember, Beth is one card sort of a deck herself. Allen is too evil to even be around a child. I hope Jonathan will stay longer on GL. I hope Lizzie will let Bill wallow with the skanky Ava, and stay with Jonathan. Bill is hansome, but cannot be trusted. He needs to have daddy Billy to straighten him out. Where is Billy lately? I adore that man, and love to see him on the show.

    Posted by Donnalee at Friday, February 15 2008 05:03 AM

    I forgot to add what I wanted to say about Harley and Cyrus. Cyrus needs to just tell Marina..and stop having sex with both womwn. That is horrible. Harley has sunk so low. She has no shame or pride. She need to lose her children to their fathers. All she needs is a bed and Cyrus. Why did her character have to be ruined? Frank needs a life...a love life. He is too goodlooking to be just working and ruining his daughter Marina's life. Marina needs to get a little pride, and kick the Aussie guy to the curb. She KNOWS he is being unfaithful to her with her Aunt Harley..the SKANKY Aunt Harley.

    Posted by d-wrek1 at Friday, February 15 2008 05:25 AM

    Today's show was great thanks 2 reva all the skeletons are out of the closet, I agree with what she did, she did what any mother would do. Now josh can have a clear conscious, but i wonder will he lose his job as a minister for keeping the secret about beth's baby. How about cassie 2-day, she lashes out at reva and josh for telling the truth, she wants 2 keep alan's baby from him , but when it comes 2 will she doesn't want anybody 2 tell her what 2 do with him, how ironic. cassie is nothing but a liar and a control freak who tries 2 control other peoples lives in a way she is just like alan. josh can do a whole lot better than cassie because she is insane. I think cassie and josh's marriage won't last long. How about rick he looked like a stone idiot 2-day, why is he still saying the baby is his when everybody knows now that it is alan's. Beth is at a crossroads and she does not know what 2 do, but i think she will leave rick and go 2 alan. I thought it was funny when lilian asked beth was burnadette sleep and beth didn't recognize what she was talking about and lilian "bernadette, the baby" that tells u right there that is not a good name 4 that baby. I like the way jon and lizzie are working 2-gether and what about that kiss they try 2 play it off like nothing was there, but there are feelings between jon and lizzie. if jon asks lizzie 2 marry him and he has 2 leave the show what's going 2 happen with that? Overall 2-day's show was good, except 4 the harley and cyrus scenes how disgusting, harley is trash.

    Posted by glowhip at Friday, February 15 2008 06:32 AM

    This was one of GL best shows, and they ruined it by adding Harley and Cyrus, what a waste of minutes on that duo.

    Posted by glamin at Friday, February 15 2008 01:35 PM

    I can't believe the writers are doing this to Harley this is not even in her character. Ever since they put Jonnathan and Tammy together they think every couple should keep it all in the family.GROSS!

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