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    The Innocent One Among Us

    Tuesday, February 12 2008
    Beth gives birth, Alan loses everything, Reva thinks Jeffrey wants to dump her, Josh and Reva try to help Cassie.

    On the island, Beth starts to go into labor while Jonathan holds a gun at Alan's head. Jonathan wants him to beg for his life, but Alan doesn't seem threatened. Before Alan can turn his back, Jonathan grabs him and throws him against the wall. "It's time for you to pay!" he screams. Beth walks in on the scene, crying out for help and gripping the doorway. Jonathan refuses to let Alan help Beth. "I don't care what happens to Beth!" he screams. He's only ever cared about Tammy and his kid and Alan suffering. Alan wrestles with him and dares him to shoot him in the back. He runs over to Beth and promises to call for help. There is no time though— the baby is coming now. Alan tries to comfort Beth and asks Jonathan to help him get her off the floor. They put her on the couch and start arguing about what to do. Jonathan tries to give advice but admits that he didn't go to all the birthing classes. Beth groans and Alan runs off to get towels and hot water. Jonathan holds Beth's hand and reminds her to breathe. Alan returns with the towels and tells Jonathan the first aid kit is in the car. They bicker about who should get it and Alan finally yells at him to go. He sits with Beth and starts telling her to keep breathing.

    Lizzie catches Remy running away from her on Main street. She asks him if he's seen Jonathan. He changes the subject. "So Alan...his will is up-to-date right?" he asks. It doesn't take much for her to figure out what this remark means. Meanwhile, Josh tracks down Jeffrey and Reva at dinner. He informs them that Cassie has run off alone with Will. As the three of them worry, Lizzie shows up with the baby and asks them to babysit her before running off. Josh explains where he thinks Lizzie might have gone. Reva thinks it's best that the baby is with them then; after all, "She's the only innocent one among us." They start talking about Cassie again and how she is making the wrong choice. Cassie suddenly calls and, after a long pause, tells him where she is.

    On the island, Lizzie finds Jonathan outside the house. She grabs him and tells him he has to go. He tells her she needs to go inside and pushes her through the door. She finds her mother going into labor. "Now you have the three of us to help you Beth," Alan says. "I don't think that's going to make her feel any better," Jonathan grumbles. They gather around and the baby starts crowing as Jonathan struggles to pull on a latex glove. After the baby is born and cleaned up, Alan says it feels like everything is meant to be this way. He asks Jonathan to go outside with him and wait for the ambulance. Lizzie thanks her mother for what she's done to help protect her and Sarah.

    Outside, Alan thanks Jonathan for his help and says it's time for them to have a truce. Jonathan can keep Sarah and they will put the tragedy of Tammy behind them. This way, Jonathan won't have to run anymore and they will have a future. The only thing that counts is to Alan now is Beth's baby. Lizzie walks out, interrupting and telling Alan that Rick is still the father and Beth loves him; so Alan really has nothing. Alan stares inside at Beth. Rick returns and starts yelling at Alan, telling him that Beth has been lying to him since she got there. He walks inside and sits with Beth and the baby. Alan watches as they sit together, kissing and holding the child. Jonathan tells him to stay away from all of them and then taunts Alan when he sees tears in his eyes. He gloats over Alan's suffering. "Why don't you shoot me? It would be an act of kindness," Alan says. The ambulance arrives and takes Beth away. Lizzie announces that she and Jonathan are leaving. Alan asks them to stay; they just shared an important moment. She tells him that whatever it was, it's gone. He's left alone in the house.

    Jonathan and Lizzie go to Customs. She's just glad that she stopped him in time. He suddenly remembers that he left the gun in the bushes outside the house. She suggests that's probably good because if he was carrying it, he would be arrested. He seems disoriented. Meanwhile, Alan takes a few drinks and, stumbling outside, finds the gun.

    Back in town, Will and Cassie return home. He tells her he's glad she took him out of the school. She sends him upstairs to get ready for bed and then sits down on the couch. Ghost Tammy comes out of nowhere to comfort her mother. Cassie knows she shouldn't need this hallucination around all the time: Josh thinks it's bad, but he doesn't always know what's best. She rests on her daughter's lap and looks for some advice from her.

    Reva, Sarah and Jeffrey go to his office. She asks him if she is bothering him. He's not sure what she's talking about, but she obviously thinks something is wrong. She continues with a series of broken sentences and reminds him that there weren't supposed to be any strings but things have gotten more complicated. Is this getting to him? He admits it is. She puts on her coat. "Dump me tomorrow," she says, seeing he is too busy for her. That wasn't what he meant. He's not looking for a way out; their relationship is complicated, but it's worth it, he insists. He offers her a long list of compliments but stops himself before it gets too sappy. They smile.

    Josh returns home and finds Cassie sitting in the dark. She's been thinking about how much she loves him, but she hates what he did to Will. He doesn't regret what he's done. Will needs the kind of help she can't give him. He starts to justify himself and explains that the problem isn't all about Will— it's her as well. She walks away from him, accusing him of believing she's crazy. He doesn't think she is, he just wants to help. This doesn't feel like help to her. Will comes downstairs but Josh still wants to talk. Cassie tells him to go back to church. Grudgingly, he leaves. Will sits on the couch and starts flipping through the TV channels, turning away from Guiding Light to watch cartoons. Cassie sits down with him and he reminds her of all the times Josh hasn't listened to her. She gets on the phone to Daisy to babysit.

    Jeffrey and Reva go to the church and find Josh. They remind him that he should be talking to Cassie. He did talk to her, but she wouldn't listen. Jeffrey suggests that there are other options. They could have Will charged with a crime and send him away to get treatment. Cassie arrives, listening to them talk before she starts lashing out at them. Reva tells her they just want to help. Cassie accuses her of being a hypocrite. She reminds her that when Jonathan was tormenting the entire town, she did everything she could to protect him and wouldn't let anyone get involved. Josh tells her again that they are only trying to help her and Will. She remains unconvinced. "I will not fail Will the way I failed Tammy!" she screams. She accuses them of not listening and, when her sister reaches out to her, she shoves her down in a pew. Back at the house, Will is left alone with Daisy. He begins packing Josh's bags. He tells her that Josh is going for good this time. Once the bags are full, they can bring them to the curb.

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    Jonathan goes on the run with Sarah.

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    Posted by carmck at Tuesday, February 12 2008 01:27 PM

    Great episode! But I was cringing at the thought of Beth having her baby right on that nice white sofa...then poof! It was the neatest, cleanest birth in the history of the world! It was also handy that they happened to have a bottle and formula with them.

    Posted by kiala-jaray at Tuesday, February 12 2008 01:29 PM

    I doubt that Alan is going to shoot himself. He's to big of a character for them to kill him off. He got a rude awakening today, but it wasn't the first one, and I'm sure it won't be the last. I loved the way Lizzie stood up to him today. Cassie had a point about Jonathan, but he just wanted to ruin lives, not kill people. she needs to wake up. Somethingi s really wrong with Will. I haven't seen all of it yet, but I hope that Jon is on the run forever wit Sarah.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Tuesday, February 12 2008 01:36 PM

    Wow! What a show today! I was wrong about Valentines Day, but close. Is it a boy or girl?
    I guess Beth wont be breastfeeding then? That is funny, not even a drop of water or blood either.
    I hope Jon stays; he makes the show so great. Tomorrow should be good.
    Hi 3pupps, aussie, bre, guy

    Posted by J GLFan at Tuesday, February 12 2008 02:12 PM

    OK,....things are getting too confusing now,.....
    First of all, is everyone ending up on an island that is supposedly a distance away? And then Jonathon goes from extremely intensely wanting to kill,...even going so far as to say,...'I don't care about Beth and the baby', actually helping deliver the baby? Are they really going to make peace because of this? And then,...I almost felt sorry for Alan,......What happened to the previews of seeing Jonathon hitting something or someone with a tire iron? And now the previews show him asking Lizzie to marry him???? What's up with that? He doesn't love Lizzie. And if he's SO MAD at Alan for what happened to Tammy,...why not be mad at Lizzie too. After all,....Alan couldn't have done what he did to Tammy if Lizzie (poor little spoiled Lizzie) hadn't ask her grandfather too. I'm SO CONFUSED!!! Now, the previews we see Reva seeming to protect Jonathon from Alan. As much as I LOVE TOM and having him on the show,...and I DO,...BELIEVE ME! They're really not giving him a very good storyline. Are the writers back yet? Is it the writers' strike that is causing such bad storylines right now,.....? I'm so confused!!!!

    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, February 12 2008 02:35 PM

    Mom of 6, I thought it was going to be Valentine's Day too and I thought Rick would be the one to deliver the baby. This was the weirdest pregnancy/birth I've ever seen on soapland. Beth's baby looks almost as large as Lizzie's one year old. The baby is a girl. Beth already knew that. But did you hear her tell Rick she has his eyes? How did Rick get out of jail? Why didn't Alan call for him earlier? If Lizzie could get from Springfield to the Island in minutes, surely Rick could have come from the Island's jail in seconds. Alas was almost human today. The episode was good.

    Posted by carmck at Tuesday, February 12 2008 02:44 PM

    Beth's baby was very large! At first I thought it WAS Lizzie's child and I wondered what happened to her hair. I know I already commented on the mysterious birth, but it did really bother me how unrealistic it was.

    Posted by Brendamouse at Tuesday, February 12 2008 03:25 PM

    I haven't seen this episode, sadly, I'm still chained to my desk. I'm as confused as J GLfan. What's up? Sounds like an exciting day though.

    Posted by Keaton at Tuesday, February 12 2008 03:41 PM

    I do not feel sorry for Allen. He is only for himself. He will again try to kell Jon, but Reva will stop him by telling him that he has not lost everything, because the baby is his, and not Rick's. This was on the previews at one time. Beth even thinks the baby is Rick's, and that is horrible. I don't like Rick and haven't in a long time. He did Mel too badly, and he has an attitude that I don't care for. I hope Jonathan and Liz make it together with their baby. Cassie needs a major intervention to get that mentally ill litle boy in a place for help. She is putting so many lives at stake by being so stubborn and selfish about Will. What about poor RJ? Will will try to kill him next. He has already tried it a few times.

    Posted by Julien at Tuesday, February 12 2008 04:01 PM

    Cassie will get her wake up call to late.

    Posted by Sunflower23 at Tuesday, February 12 2008 04:13 PM

    OMG, what is Allen going to do with that gun? Is he going to try to kill Jon, the gun is not a register one. So he could kill someone and maybe get away with it, or worse frame Jon for a murder. I hope no one gets killed off. What is wrong with Cassie she needs to see a mental doctor too, along with little Will.

    3 puppies are you guys getting hit with a bunch of snow today?

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