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    Sometimes Ships Return to Port

    Tuesday, January 29 2008
    Alan holds Sarah's memorial, Lizzie gets another shock, Bill tries to help, Will puts his brother in a dangerous position, Cassie throws RJ and Josh out.

    Reva bangs on Josh's door until he comes outside. He hopes that Jonathan has changed his mind and will now tell Lizzie the truth. Reva doesn't think that's going to happen. Cassie comes out and Reva asks her if she's coming to Sarah's memorial. Cassie doesn't have any tears left to shed so she's staying home. She goes inside and asks the boys if they'd like to go out for the day. Will tries to get rid of RJ but his mom tells him to give him a chance. Outside, Josh is pacing, wondering how he can talk about the "dearly departed" when he knows they are still alive. Alan suddenly pops up with a doll in his hands. He tells them he found it a few feet from where Reva beat him with her car hood. Reva says it was just something she ran over. Alan accepts this and starts going over the "talking points" for the service. Josh doesn't want them. Alan reminds him that this is a family event and if Josh isn't willing to take some points, he's fired. Josh is happy to hear that and goes inside.

    At the mansion, Lizzie is caressing the Sarah monument when Bill surprises her with flowers. She doesn't want them. Today isn't about them— it's about her daughter. He can't help her and he drove away the only person who could. He tells her that she'll be better off without Jonathan around. He chases her inside and they argue. He insists that she is going to need him today but she tells him to go. Bill assumes that she just wants him out of the way in case Jonathan shows up. She threatens to have him thrown out. "You give Jonathan another chance and he's going to hurt you again," he warns, walking out.

    Outside of Cassie's, Reva still can't believe that Alan is going to lead the memorial service. "How hard can it be if he does it?" Alan smirks. He assumes that Reva and Josh are up to something. Bill shows up and tells Alan he has some information for him about Lizzie. Alan isn't in the mood to listen. As he leaves, Bill taunts Reva about the "dead" people he's seen wandering around Springfield. She warns him not to lash out at her son. "Jonathan should have stayed dead," he tells her. Jonathan cost Lizzie her baby and is nothing but trouble. Reva begs him to leave them alone, but he's not going to do that.

    Cassie brings the boys down to the park. When she goes to get hot chocolate, Will starts to tease his brother and throws his soccer ball onto the railroad tracks, daring him to climb over and get it. When RJ does, his foot gets stuck and Will just stands there as he calls for help. The train starts to speed towards him and Will smiles. Cassie returns and runs over, pulling RJ lose just before the train rushes past. After checking that her son is okay, she demands to know what he was doing on the train tracks. RJ lays the blame on Will and mopes away. Cassie angrily asks Will if he has any idea what he's just done. After grabbing him, she tells him that she will make things right.

    At the Beacon, Jonathan searches around for Sarah's doll when Tammy's ghost stops him. She wonders why he's running away again and asks him why he keeps coming back to the room they spent their wedding night in. "You know what you have to do," she prompts him. She tells him to let Lizzie have her baby. He needs to move on, for everybody's sake. He can't do that. He and the baby go to the train station and buy a ticket.

    At the mansion, Beth arrives for the memorial. Alan greets her and asks where Rick is. She tells him that he's on-call and couldn't come. Alexandra interrupts, pulling her brother away and asking him if he made sure that Rick couldn't be there. Does he still want Beth back? "The ship has sailed and there's a baby on board," she quips. "Sometimes ships return to port," he points out. The family gathers around Lizzie, offering her hugs before they ask where the Reverend Lewis is. Alan announces that he will be leading the service instead. As he starts, Reva shows up, making her presence known while Alan reads his statement, clearly blaming Jonathan for Sarah's death and saying that he got what he deserved. Lizzie and Reva are appalled.

    Lizzie runs out, refusing to listen to her grandfather. When she runs into a bedroom to cry, she hears a baby crying. Turning around, she sees Jonathan and Sarah. "Is this a dream?" she wonders. He walks over and places her daughter in her arms. After holding her and crying, she begins lashing out at Jonathan for what he's done. He had no right to do this to her and her daughter. When she yells at him, Alan knocks on the door and asks her if she's alright. She sticks her head out the door and they start arguing. After an apology doesn't help things, he quickly changes tactics. He's sick of her immature acts of self-indulgence. "I could fill a cemetery with my losses," he says. "That's because you put them in the cemetery," she points out. He tells her that he is flying the family south and wants her to come. She turns him down, breaking the news that she isn't pregnant. "You can't get anything right can you?" he snaps. As he walks away, she runs back over to her little girl. Jonathan reminds her that this is why he took the child away in the first place.

    Alan tells Beth that Lizzie won't be going to the island with them. She says that she can't go either; they aren't married anymore, she reminds him. He shows her a picture of the last time they were there and reminds her of how things were between them then. She tells him that she is going back to her husband. He needs to stop living in a dream world, she advises. There are some dreams he isn't willing to give up, he tells her as he walks away.

    Back in her room, Lizzie lashes out at Jonathan again. He has robbed her of her time with her child. She's missed her first words and her first steps. He wants to take her and run right now. She won't let that happen. Bill runs in and tells Jonathan to get away from Lizzie and the baby. They threaten to call security and send Alan after him. Jonathan abruptly slouches away, vowing to return for his daughter.

    Cassie brings Will home and sends him upstairs. She explains to Josh what happened and assures him that everything is okay. Will throwing the ball on the tracks was just an accident. Josh wonders but stops himself from saying anything. He hugs her, but notices that she is shaking. He tells her that Will needs help and RJ has needs to. She realizes that RJ must feel neglected but she has a solution. "I want you to take RJ and move out of the house," she says. As she starts to pack his things, he tells her that she is punishing RJ for being a good kid and giving Will just what he wants. She's not a therapist, she can't look after him. He thinks they should still send him away to the special school, but she says no. He then explains that this is a bad time for this; Jonathan and Sarah are still alive. That sounds crazy to her, but he sits her down and explains what happened. She jumps up and grabs her coat. She has to see him and the little girl— they're part of Tammy. This explains why Reva was never grieving. She's so happy for her sister, which shocks Josh. She doesn't blame Reva or Jonathan for what they've done. Josh disagrees, especially when it comes to Lizzie. He told Reva that Jonathan has to come clean; that's the right thing to do. "You set yourself up as Solomon but it's not your right to tell Jonathan and Reva what to do!" she bites. He tells her that he is right, just like he's right about Will. She's furious at this, but he points out that she is in no position to judge when she is keeping Alan's child from him. He tells her to wake up and see what is happening. She can stay there with Will, but he'll make sure that RJ doesn't suffer for it.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Lizzie worries that Jonathan will run off with her daughter.

    Gus says, "You might have to fight dirty."

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    Posted by GLandWT at Tuesday, January 29 2008 01:32 PM

    Today's episode was very good. I am so proud of Lizzie. I liked how she stood up to Alan. I am glad Jonathan had a change of heart and brought Sarah to Lizzie. I know it's hard for Lizzie to forgive Jonathan, but I hope she doesn't hold a grudge too long.

    Cassie is one stupid lady. Little Will, what can I say. The boy is a good actor. He has Cassie wrapped around his little evile finger. She probably needs to sign herself in with Will and the two of them get some professional help - and fast.

    Posted by Brendamouse at Tuesday, January 29 2008 01:41 PM

    I am so happy that Lizzie knows about Sarah and Jonathan. This girl has suffered so much this past year and her character has grown in such depth and maturity. She is definitely not the same spoiled little rich girl that got pregnant from a one night stand and manipulated Jonathan into marrying her.

    Cassie can't even buy a clue. Who's going to save her from Will?

    I can't wait to actually watch this episode.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Tuesday, January 29 2008 01:43 PM

    The whole show has been good lately. I really like Bill and Lizzie and I hope Jon sticks around so we can have a love triangle.

    Posted by Juliegrrl20 at Tuesday, January 29 2008 01:54 PM

    I am so happy that Jonathan is back! I really hope he sticks around. I would much perfer to see Lizzie with him them bad bad Bill.

    Posted by Shannon at Tuesday, January 29 2008 02:09 PM

    Great show today! I always look for little "mishaps" when I watch tv. Did anyone else notice that when the train was coming there was no snow, but when it passed by Will/Cassie/RJ there was snow all around....even all over the tracks? funny.....

    Posted by lynn81 at Tuesday, January 29 2008 02:41 PM

    Ok I loved the show today,I love the women Lizzie has become but Jonathan should have known that Lizzie wouldn't give Sarah up. Plus who sees that Little Will is going to be the one that does Alan in because he hurt Cassie. One more things does anyone know how long Tom (Jonathan) is going to be on. I have read where it is a long-term thing but then I have also read that he is suppose to be moving to LA?? anyone know

    Posted by kiala-jaray at Tuesday, January 29 2008 03:26 PM

    I haven't seen the episode yet, I've just read the recap, but am I the only one who was upset over what Cassie said? Ever since Sara was born, I always thought that they liked to forget that Lizzie, and not Tammie is Sara's mother. I know that Sara is Tammie's stepchild, but she isn't a part of Tammie like Cassie says.

    I'm so happy that they finally let Lizzie know that her baby wasn't dead. Since Josh has told Cassie, it's only a matter of time before the whole town but Alan knows that they are alive. And eventually, he'll found out too. If they do keep Jon on the show, and I hope that they will, it will be a love triangle between him, Lizzie, and Bill. I was never a fan of Jon and Tammie, and I thought that Jon and Lizzie made a wonderful couple, but I don't know who would be best for her. With Jon, she'll always feel that he's comparing her to Tammie, and her relationship with Bill is even more unstable. It's obvious that Bill is jealous, but if he admits that, then he'll have to admit that he has feelings for Lizzie. Either way, Lizzie deserves someone who will accept her for who she is.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Tuesday, January 29 2008 03:30 PM

    I believe Jonathan will be on for approximately 6 weeks. Both Tom and Stephanie are going to California. At least that is what I read. I sure wish they both would come back permanently. They add so much more to G/L. Maybe bring Tammy back as someone else. It was nice to see Lizzie with her daughter but I don't know that she can have custody. Jonathan was given custody (maybe it was temporary). Bill is going to be a problem with the knowledge of Sarah. He is only going to use it for his own benefit. That could lead into a battle with Bill and Jon. I can't believe Bill is a good guy (not yet) after the way he talked to Reva. He is going to be trouble.

    Hey bre, mom6, guy, and aussie.

    Posted by electa at Tuesday, January 29 2008 04:08 PM

    Am I the only one that thought the union between Sarah and Lizzie should have been a little more.....dramatic? I mean, this woman thought her baby was dead, I expected a few moments of silent shock or something. The episode was still good, nonetheless.

    Posted by Julien at Tuesday, January 29 2008 04:11 PM

    I think Jonathan will end up leaving Sarah with Lizzie. That will open up the Bill Lizzie relationship. Cassie is a fool. I realy hope Josh doesnt walk but runs to the nearest exit.

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