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    Part of Your Inheritance

    Thursday, December 27 2007
    Harley is stuck in an elevator with a snake, Ava encourages her mother to keep going after Gus, Dinah and Bill step up their plot.

    At The Beacon, Gus tries to cheer up Olivia. She tells him that she can't stop thinking of the pictures she'll leave behind for her daughter when she's gone... Gus tries again to cheer her up, but she bursts into tears. As he wraps his arms around her, Natalia creeps around the corner. As Gus asks Olivia about her Christmas, Natalia pops into the conversation, kissing him and telling Olivia that Gus needs to come to the bridal boutique with her. After they rush off, Olivia turns around and is surprised to find Ava coming out of Bill's room. Ava and her mother go to her room. As they tidy up ornaments, Ava explains that, while she loves Coop, she still has needs and... slept with her ex-husband. She promises her mother that she would never do that if she thought that Bill meant anything to her and....she continues to ramble at a fast pace until Olivia stops her. She doesn't seem to care, even if this is a little weird. "Consider Bill part of your inheritance," she jokes. Ava doesn't like the sound of that. She wishes her mother would stop talking like this and turns the conversation to Gus. Olivia insists that Gus is special. Ava pressures her mother to call Gus. She does, setting up a meeting with him and the wedding planner.

    Cyrus is on the phone at Harley's. When he gets off, he informs her that a laptop has been stolen from Towers again. She's bored so she offers to go along and question people with him. He suggests that they go out for a drink after but then tries to retract the offer. She smiles and agrees to go along anyway. When she goes downtown, she begins fiddling with her walkie-talkie. Roc Hoover appears and helps her get it working before he vanishes again. As she drifts around Main Street walking backwards while testing the device, she manages to back right into Natalia. "What's that?" Harley asks, looking at the bag in Nat's hands. "It's my wedding dress," Natalia informs her. Gus and Harley's eyes dart around as he worries and she seems to stifle her rage. Biting her lip, she asks them when the "happy day" is. Cyrus walks up and gives Harley an excuse to get away quickly. Gus tries to tell Natalia again that she is where he wants to be. She already knows that. They go out for coffee and she thanks him for not apologizing to Harley about the fact that he's getting married. This is the first time he's managed not to do so. He tells her that he thought things were "for forever" with Harley, but he knows now that they weren't. Now Natalia is "forever" for him.

    Cyrus brings Harley over to Towers to do a security check. She starts to hyperventilate in the elevator. He walks with her and stops her from passing out. She hates having no control over how she feels and starts talking about the walls closing in on her. Feeling the need to take drastic action and face her fears, she asks him to lock her in the elevator. He doesn't think that's a good idea, but she insists, jumping in and demanding that he not let her out for fifteen minutes. He locks it up and shuts out the lights. Suddenly, she spots a snake slithering on the floor. She starts begging Cyrus to let her out. He assumes that she is hallucinating and tells her to close her eyes. Even when she closes her eyes, the snake doesn't go away. As it continues to slither around, she squeezes into the corner, gasping as Cyrus tries to feed her calm thoughts. They don't work. She collapses. When she wakes up, the snake is crawling on her head. A little boy walks up to Cyrus and asks him if he's seen his snake. Realizing that the snake must be real, he quickly opens the door. The boy takes his snake and Cyrus takes Harley in his arms.

    Lying in her bed, Lizzie tries to stop herself from thinking of Bill and how good he makes her feel. A moment later she finds him knocking on her door with flowers in his hands. When she lets him in, he informs her that he has something to tell her. She smiles in anticipation, but is surprised when he tells her that she is fired. Furious, she pushes him out the door. He keeps telling her that she is sexy when she's angry, but he has to follow the golden rules of business and "you don't mess where you do business," he explains. She hates him for making her care; he is mean and cruel and he can't fire her because "I quit!" she shouts, throwing the bouquet at him.

    At rehab, Dinah tries to battle off the nurse as she searches through her possessions. Bill calls and she assures him that she is continuing her surveillance of Billy. She reminds him to stay away from Lizzie but is unconvinced by his attempt to reassure her. Dinah gets off the phone just as Billy walks in. He gets her some water and sits down while she tries to play up her recovering drug addict act. She's sure that no one will come to help her after what she's done to everyone and she hates being so abnormal. Billy promises her that it will be okay. "In here, everyone is damaged," he says. Later, Dinah is reading the rehab book and getting fed up. When Billy returns, they begin talking about Bill. She tells him to let his problems with Bill go. He would like to, he says, but the company is in jeopardy so he's decided to put Lizzie and Dylan in charge. Dinah quickly excuses herself and calls Bill to tell him what's going on. She warns him that this could be the end of things for him but she'll work on Dylan if he works on Lizzie. Bill rolls his eyes; he just fired her, now he has to grovel.

    At The Beacon, Natalia is trying on her wedding dress in front of the mirror. Rafe arrives, impressed to see how his mother looks. He knows that she's been waiting a long time to be a bride. Part of her was always waiting for Gus to come back, she admits. He's glad to see her happy; that's all that he's ever wanted. Melinda, the wedding planner, stumbles into the room. Natalia's surprised; she thought that she was supposed to be with Gus and Olivia right now. Meanwhile, Gus arrives at Olivia's just as Ava hurries away. He hands her his Christmas gift: It's a bottle of wine set to mature in fifteen years. They can open it together when Emma graduates, he offers. She's impressed that he has so much faith in her. As she hugs him close, Natalia bursts in, with her wedding dress in hand, and calls Olivia out on plotting to get Gus alone. Gus tries to calm everyone. Olivia tells them that she will put the dress in storage and treat it "as if it was my own." Gus ushers Natalia out and Olivia pulls the dress from the bag, holding it up to herself in the mirror.

    As Dylan leaves the rehab clinic, Dinah catches him and pretends to be woozy so that he can hold her up. She starts to tell him how hard things are for her and how she wishes she had someone to help her, but she's all alone and no one cares about her. Later, she flips through the rehab book again and Billy reappears. He promises her that working through "the steps" will make her feel better. Meanwhile, Bill returns to Lizzie's door with another bunch of flowers. He tells her that he only fired her because he was scared of how he feels about her. At first, he came back to town only for revenge, but now he can't get her out of his mind. She has no reason to trust him and tells him that there is no way she will fall for this routine again. After slamming the door in his face, she smiles and giddily tells Roxie that she is all that Bill can think about. The dog seems unimpressed.

    Ava meets Roc at CO2. She tells him that she likes writers. He offers to buy her a drink. She starts to ramble about her problems until finally stopping herself and asking him what he's doing in town. He tells her that he is there doing some work for Jeffrey. She informs him that Jeffrey is her father. Roc leaps up and runs away. Jeffrey may be his friend, but he's also a trained killer.

    Next on Guiding Light:

    Ava demands that Ashlee push Coop away.

    Cassie is sure things will get better for Will.

    "There is definitely something weird about that kid," Josh surmises about the boy.

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    Posted by bremarie at Thursday, December 27 2007 01:42 PM

    Jesus Ava, what are you? She loves Coop and having sex with Bill. Tramp

    Is that a white dress Nat is wearing???? Sure lady and Rafe was the immaculate conception? Look out for Olivia, she's dangerous. But would you really want to marry Gus? After all, he does cheat.

    I'm just going to pretend that I see nothing as far as the Dinah/Bill/Lizzie whatever. That is a mess.

    Did you kids see what's next on GL. Tramp

    Hey to mom, 3Pups, aussiegal and of course, good old guyfromSTL Hope you all had a good Xmas

    Posted by gemini030 at Thursday, December 27 2007 01:55 PM

    Harley, there are meds you can take for panic attacks, the cure is not your niece's man. Just kidding, I really don't care at this point if Cyrus stays with Marina or goes to Harley. They are all boring. Natalia is pathetic and Gus is going to realize that if she jumps from around another corner at him. If he was really hers she wouldn't be so worried. But I am seriously in Olivia's corner on this one. I just hope she don't mess any chance she may have with Gus up by being slick. Ava has turned into a real tramp. First her stepdad, now she hits on a man old enough to be her father. She mays as well get TRAMP tattooed on her forehead. I think something can really come out of whatever is happening with Bill and Lizzie. If their romance is in full swing by the time Jonathan returns, I hope she don't mess it up thinking she wants Jonathan again.

    Posted by Keaton at Thursday, December 27 2007 02:05 PM

    Natalia is so afraid to let Gus out of her sight. She is afraid that he will leave her , as he did Harley for her. I wish she and Rafe would leave. I am all for Olivia now, because Harley doesn't want Gus anymore..and she doesn't deserve him anyway. Harley is too busy trying to get her niece's boyfriend Cyrus.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Thursday, December 27 2007 02:08 PM

    My goodness, isn't anything sacred in SF? The trampy daughter (Ava) with the step-dad and wanting the ex-boy friend, and willing to be with anybody. it is just too much for me. The Bill/Lizzie/Billy/Dinah s/l (and the list goes on and on) is horrible. When are they going to make Dinah well again? Bill normal? and Lizzie, either go for Bill or drop him. Now, Gus/Nat/Olivia/Harley, oh my, oh my. What a mess!!! Cyrus and Harley - go to bed already, everyone knows it is going to happen.

    Bre, mom6, aussie, and guy, Christmas was fantasic here and I hope for all of you also. I want to be the first to wish you all a great healthy New Year.

    Posted by guyfromSTL at Thursday, December 27 2007 03:31 PM

    Once again the old double standard,Bill sleeps around its ok but Ava does it and she's called a tramp for shame last time I checked Ava was over 21 which makes her an adult. I don't see anything wrong with what she's doin,she's a woman with needs at least she's not doin it with married men or her neice's boyfriend like someone else that I won't mention and I don't like that s/l. My girl(Liv) is up to something, watch out Nat.

    Hello ladies: Bre,Mom6,3p,and Aussie

    Posted by Candy11 at Thursday, December 27 2007 03:32 PM

    Hello to ALL who post, and I hope you had a wondeful Christmas. Harley needs to act her age, and more of a mother. Cyrus needs to stop leading Marina on. He should tell Harley that he loves her niece, and stop working with her and stay completely away from her. I think he wants them both. I am ready to see more of Buzz and I love to see interactins with him and Doris. I think he will be the one to make old Doris be a little more human.

    Posted by keytonblows at Thursday, December 27 2007 03:56 PM

    When are we going to see Nat and Olivia going at it? Nat knows Olivia is after her man and she keeps trying to get Gus's attention but Gus is a nice guy and wants to help Olivia. I can't wait to see Lizzie in charge and giving orders to Bill that is going to be funny.

    Posted by GLandWT at Thursday, December 27 2007 04:25 PM

    I know Harley had to drop out of High School to give birth to Daisy, but doesn't she know she needs to go see a doctor to find out what's causing her problems? I would at least want to know for my children's sake. Why is she always pushing them off on Buzz and going on assignments with Cyrus? Cyrus could have handled the job by himself.

    It's funny how Dinah doesn't have any problem remembering the bad things; yet when it comes to decency and common sense, she nuts up.

    Did you hear Natalia ask Gus "forever"; right! he said the same thing to Harley. Natalia should be reading the signs. What goes around, comes around. If she slept with Gus while he was married to Harley, what's to keep Gus from sleeping with Olivia? Gus is not her husband yet.

    Posted by Artie at Thursday, December 27 2007 05:02 PM

    Gus is a jerk that can't be trusted. Why is Olivia saying he is a good guy??? He cheated on his wife, left the children he promised he would raised and continued to lie to Harley. All within six months of seeing Natalia after seventeen years of nothing. Six years with Harley means nothing to him now. Not to mention going back to live at the Mansion. He's a total creep.

    Posted by Frankly Scarlet at Thursday, December 27 2007 09:37 PM

    Loved Gus being such a good friend to Liv. She needs one right now. I think he's gonna develop feelings for her just like she has for him. I wonder if Liv is gonna end up asking Gus to take care of Emma when she dies. He is a good father, so I hope so. As far as him being a jerk. Not. Harley cheated on Gus long before he ever cheated on her and then he found her skanky butt in bed with someone else again. He should have dropped like a hot potato the first time she laid down with another man.

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