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    Wednesday, October 17 2007
    Daisy's family learn about her abortion and try to deal with it.

    Daisy looks in the mirror and touches her stomach while Reva tosses and turns on the chair. She wakes up and tells her granddaughter that she should be in bed letting her take care of her. Daisy's just worried about how she is going to tell Harley the news; everyone is going to hate her now, she's sure of it. Reva tells her not to be scared. Harley calls and leaves another message. Later, Daisy tries calling Rafe but can't say anything. Reva walks in on her while she sits sadly, shaking her head and telling herself again that everything will be fine. Picking up the phone, she calls Harley for a meeting.

    Harley and Cyrus have Alex at Harley's place. She wishes they'd let her out of this torture, but Cyrus reminds her that even Harley's house is better than jail. Harley already has plans to get Griggs out of the shadows: 'We're going to go fishing and use you as bait,' she smiles at Alex. Meanwhile, Father Ray tells Rafe and Natalia that he knew their priest in Chicago and he asked him to look out for them. Natalia assures the priest that Rafe has come a long way since he was in the big city.

    Reva and Daisy go over to Company. Before entering, Daisy wishes that she could rewind her life and go back to when she was four. Reva offers to go in first and 'warm up the audience' and leaves Daisy to play with her miniature ballerina. Inside, Reva meets with Buzz, Dylan and Harley. Before she can say anything, Natalia walks in and says she's looking for take-out; she wants to surprise Rafe. 'I wouldn't worry about that,' Reva says before going out to bring Daisy in. The girl is gone though and everyone flies into instant panic. Harley demands to know what's going on and Dylan finally tells her that their daughter is pregnant. She's shocked and Natalia's angry that Rafe hasn't been told. Buzz tries to calm everyone down as Reva informs them that Daisy chose to end the pregnancy. Harley holds back the tears; how could her daughter make a decision like this without telling her? Natalia is outraged; she knows in her heart, and according to the church, that what Daisy did was wrong. What she did was wrong and— Harley cuts off her rant and starts laying into her and Reva yells at them to leave their personal baggage at the door.

    After Natalia storms away, Harley tracks her down. She wants to talk but Natalia thinks it's too late. Natalia accuses Harley of never teaching her daughter what family is. As they argue, her family intervenes and Natalia walks away. Harley starts demanding to see her daughter immediately but Reva refuses to let that happen until she calms down. 'Congratulations Reva! You finally found a way to take my daughter away!' Harley shouts, accusing Reva of taking advantage of Daisy like she was her own child. Reva says that she was only doing that because Harley was busy doing her job and left daughter with no one. Harley begins yelling, demanding that she stay out of her daughter's life with her 'cool granny' routine and her desperate need to be loved. 'Daisy needed someone to help her. I took her in...and tried to help her,' she shouts back. Dylan comes back to the conversation, confessing that he feels like he pushed Daisy into this; he wishes he'd done more to help her. 'None of us did. Not enough,' Buzz summarizes as Harley walks out. After slamming the door, she takes a moment before calling Cyrus and telling him what happened. She doesn't even understand why she's telling him this and hangs up.

    Daisy's returned to her room at The Beacon and crawls into bed. Rafe arrives. He's concerned that she doesn't seem well. She asks him if he loves her. He does. She takes his hand and tells him that the night they....was the best night of her life's had consequences. 'I wasn't thinking about the next nine months,' she says, shaking her head. Rafe is shocked and apologizes. He stands up, trying to take it in and asks her more questions. Putting his arms around her, he tells her that she won't be alone. He takes her hand and promises her that they can get through it. They can get married and he'll get a job: They can be a family. She starts to cry. Suddenly, Natalia walks in: 'Go on Daisy. Tell him. Tell him everything.' She informs her son that everyone knows about what's happened. Rafe asks her why he's the last to know. She didn't want to tell him; that would have made it too real. 'I'm not pregnant anymore,' she admits. She had to choose and she ended it. It takes a minute for Rafe to understand but he quickly becomes outraged when she explains that she was trying to spare him because he wasn't ready for this in his life. She wants to talk it out, but he can't. After he runs out, Natalia tells her that she took something she had no right to take and she won't let her near her son again. Daisy collapses in tears in the hallway. Harley arrives and sits by her daughter. When she was pregnant, Harley explains, every choice she had seemed wrong, but one seemed less wrong. Daisy doesn't think she had any other choice; she couldn't tell her that she was pregnant, she just wanted it to go away. She collapses onto her mother's lap. Soon, Dylan arrives and sits with them. He's sorry for the things he said to her. 'You were there...that's what's most important,' Harley tells him. Daisy wishes they could fix things, but right now she wants to go home and see her brothers. Harley (knowing that she's hiding Cyrus and Alex at home) tells her daughter that she needs to stay at her father's right now. This upsets Daisy and she runs off with Dylan following behind. Left alone, Harley starts to cry, wishing someone could explain all of this to her.

    Rafe goes down to Main Street and angrily throws something through a window. As the alarm goes off, Cyrus finds him and drags him away. Rafe goes back to the mansion and his mother soon arrives. She reminds him that they've been through plenty and always get through it. 'I messed up,' he says. Alan was right; he let his guard down, people got too close and now he's lost. He pulls up his hood and walks out.

    Dylan stops his daughter with Reva's help. He tries to explain Harley and tells her that she just needs to stay with him or her grandmother right now. As he leaves to get the room ready, Reva tells Daisy that this isn't the end of her life; she'll get passed this. Her mother will still love her, she promises. But Daisy is more worried about Rafe. When she told him she was pregnant, he was excited, but now he'll hate her: She ruined everything. Reva hugs her. Meanwhile, Harley goes home. Cyrus gives her a beer and tells her he saw Rafe. She tells him that this situation has brought her closer to her daughter... Unfortunately, she can't bring her home because she's harboring a fugitive. Cyrus is sorry, but that doesn't help things for Harley; someone else is comforting her kid now. He puts his coat on her and she tells him its not his fault. Walking over to the mantle, she looks at a picture of Daisy and starts to cry.

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    Posted by Nea1891 at Wednesday, October 17 2007 01:18 PM

    I have mixed feelings about abortion in general, but i think that this was the best way to go with this storyline. I don't think the writers should of had Rafe and Daisy sleep together right away, and this kind of storyline is a real life issue. A lot of young girls have to go through this type of ordeal and I think it's a brave topic to approach. I do hope though that Rafe will eventually forgive Daisy.

    Posted by tizzlepiss at Wednesday, October 17 2007 01:32 PM

    I also believe this was the only way the story line could go. It is important to see how a difficult decision like this can be made. This girl is young and very confused. Rafe will have go get over it, Harley will have to try to have better communication with her daughter and both Dylan and Harley need to understand how their immediate reaction to Daisy's plight pushed her further away. It is so important for parents to understand how their immediate reaction to bad news can end the opportunity to help the child work the problem.

    Posted by bremarie at Wednesday, October 17 2007 01:46 PM

    This just kills me. Natalia is just this short of being a unsavory character what with her morals (having sex with a married man) and she has the nerve to bring the church into this??? Thats just great. I hope the minister that shows up is not Josh.

    Do you think that maybe we could see some fun people??
    I won't mention any names, but their initials are Ashlee and Coop or Jeffrey or Reva. Heck, I am so tired of Daisy/Rafe that I would put up with Olive.

    Posted by doubled at Wednesday, October 17 2007 01:56 PM

    I know this is old, but I miss a few episodes here and there, because I still can't stand to watch Cassie and Josh.
    BUT, DID DINAH ACTUALLY SLEEP WITH MATT? Or, did she just pretend? I am curious every time I watch that part of it. And, Gus looks like he has milk ring on this top lip.

    Posted by mom of 6 at Wednesday, October 17 2007 01:56 PM

    I hope Rafe hates her forever........

    Posted by ilovecbssoaps at Wednesday, October 17 2007 02:02 PM

    I really hate this abortion storyline. I know it's just a soap, but my husband and I have fertility problems and I just can't help but be angered by it. There are so many people that would love to adopt a newborn baby. Besides, her mom gave her up for adoption, what if Harley had decided that she couldn't handle the pregnancy and got an abortion? I guess we wouldn't have to watch this stupid s/l. The whole thing sucks. AS for Natalia, I agree with bremarie on this one, she needs to get off her high horse and stop judging everyone. After all, if Daisy had kept the baby, Natalia would have reacted the same way. I really don't like her.

    Posted by squishy at Wednesday, October 17 2007 02:04 PM

    Hello Everyone.. I just have a quick question? I was wondering if anyone besides me realizes that Daisy should be well out of high school by now since she was born to Harley way before Marina was born to Frank and Eleni. I mean Marina has already graduated and gotten in the police force and we are supposed to forget that Daisy was much older than Marina.

    Posted by GLandWT at Wednesday, October 17 2007 02:10 PM

    I know there are several churches in every city, but why make Josh a minister when GL still have Father Ray?

    Natalia is behaving as if she is the "Princess of Good". We all know better. I think Daisy was too hasty in making a decision to end a life...I don't approve of Harley's and Reva's parenting/grandparenting when it comes to Daisy. The writers should have let Daisy keep the baby and sent her away to have it along with Rafe and Natalia and Dylan.

    Somehow or other, the kids in school are going to find out what Daisy did and she is going to have to deal with that.

    Posted by 3Puppies at Wednesday, October 17 2007 02:52 PM


    In reponse to your question about Josh and Fr. Ray, Josh is not catholic and Fr. Ray is, therefore two different churches.

    Today's episode, gosh I don't know what to think. Harley is an absentee mom and she thinks everything is all about her. Wake up Harley, it's your daughter that needs you and your help, understanding, and her family. Again, you put your job ahead of your troubled daughter. Shame on you. Dylan go away! Reva, bless you for being there for your granddaughter. And some people think Reva is bad, NOT ME!

    Posted by Finicky fan at Wednesday, October 17 2007 02:53 PM

    She "just wanted it to go away", that about sums it up. No one else mattered. It was only about what she wanted. I have no sympathy for her, she is selfish. Rafe can forgive her along the way but I certainly don't see them getting back together. She trashed a part of Rafe. That was a slap in the face.

    I fully realize this is a soap. I do hope a teen girl in Daisy's position will take the time Daisy didn't take to think about what she is doing, not only to herself but others. This was an example of what not to do.

    In the beginning of the program the narrator says "All that we send into the lives of others.......comes back into our own." Daisy sent out a lot of hurt. I missed some episodes, did Daisy ever talk to Josh? What other counsel did she seek? The holidays are rapidly approaching (75 days left in this year). How is she going to react to babies or will the writers ignore all of that?

    I do have a right to speak about this matter. My daughter (at an age younger than Daisy) became pregnant. She knew her options and she knew immediately that abortion was not the solution. A quikie abortion is the cowards way out. There are extinuating circumstance but this was not one of those.

    The storyline could have been dealt with by a miscarriage. Daisy could have dealt with her guilt over losing a baby she didn't want.

    I would rather see a storyline that deals with pedophlia or predators on the internet. This is an area where the public could use education.

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