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    Guiding Light is Pre-empted For Today

    Friday, September 08 2006

    Due to the US Open, Guiding Light is pre-empted for today. It will return on Monday September 11th. Check your TV Guide for times as it may be on later in the day due to September 11 commemorative programs.

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    Posted by blueyes62 at Friday, September 08 2006 10:16 AM

    I don't understand why KDKA has to televise tennis during the soaps. There are sports channels that this can be shown on. Everyone is not interested in tennis or any other sport during daytime television. We have missed two episodes this week.

    Posted by Tootise at Friday, September 08 2006 01:55 PM

    Is Josh Paul Newman's Son??? And is Reva getting ready to leave the show???? Also I really miss the other "Cassie"
    this one is okay, but she play with her hair too much....

    Posted by lstutson at Friday, September 08 2006 02:02 PM

    i also think they should be on the sports channel i could care less about tennis and so do a lot of people and isnt that what sports channels are for?

    Posted by jdcornhusker at Friday, September 08 2006 02:18 PM

    TOday was my day off and to find out there was dang tennis on, Man!!! Well, I was wondering about this whole wedding thing, Tammy I think will eventually move on , allthought I dont want her too! But there is no way in hell I 'd be as patient as she has been, I think maybe perhaps Jonny boy is gettin his feet wet to get $$$, and then will leave Lizzi after he and Tammy get custody of thier little girl. OR Lizzi will manipulate her way MORE SO than she has with Jon and they will fall in love... The idea make me gag! As well, as Reva , Man she has to go some balls! And Micheal Alan - he working on Ava Big TIme....... I have been watching this show allmost every day for 3 yrs. That hour is my ALone time after i get off work, I love it! Gus Gus, , Jon, Mallet, YUMMY!!! Beckie

    Posted by leithahenderson at Friday, September 08 2006 06:59 PM

    I really wish they would quit taking GL off for sports.. thats what the sports channels are for...

    Posted by leithahenderson at Friday, September 08 2006 07:03 PM

    I have been watching Guiding Light for 22 years now... Its the only soap I watch... I record it every day Monday through Friday and its my time for an hour each night after work and I so look forward to it. Love the show...

    Posted by Nikki72 at Saturday, September 09 2006 11:30 PM

    I work monday through friday 8to5 i cant watch my soaps my favorit is guiding light my favorit couple is Josh and Reva the hole things makes me mad i love those two together she should of told josh about her cancer and the thing that makes me not want to watch is josh and cassie all wrong not right at all josh needs to be with reva right now. Nikki from C.P. Or.

    Posted by DesertFox at Sunday, September 10 2006 04:55 PM

    I know!! It just blows my mind that tennis preempts Y&R, GL, ATWT, etc for what?! A sport no one is really interested in..I thikn they could have picked another time like at 300 am when all the infomercials are on.

    Posted by jpfan at Sunday, September 10 2006 09:05 PM

    I have been watching GL for 46 years! I barely can stand it when they put tennis on instead of GL, but I grit my teeth and bear it. I don't like the new Cassie--she's just not convincing. I miss the other Cassie. I am wondering what is the deal with Kim Zimmer...???? I hope she isn't leaving. She's what makes GL, along with Robert Newman. They are just great. Please make t.v. magic, and heal Reva!!!

    Posted by jpfan at Sunday, September 10 2006 09:06 PM

    You go, girl!! I do the same thing!

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