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    Guiding Light - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Guiding Light' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Montel Williams to Guest Star on Guiding Light.

    Monday, July 21 2008

    Guiding Light will be getting a unique guest star in a few weeks. With Remy Boudreau suddenly becoming a focal character this summer, we've been seeing more of his family once again. In the past two weeks, we've had numerous appearances from his over-achieving sister Mel, but now his parents are set to return. Although Kim Brockington will be resuming her role as Dr. Felecia Boudreau, the part of Remy's father, Clayton, has been recast with... » Read More

    Michelle Ray Smith to Exit Guiding Light.

    Monday, July 21 2008

    For those who have been hoping that this year's summer love quadrangle (Ava-Bill-Lizzie-Remy) would be a sign of the future, there's a little news that ought to have a serious effect on it. It has been confirmed that Michelle Ray Smith (Ava Peralta Lewis) will be departing from Guiding Light . This news comes as little surprise considering the actress was set for maternity leave. Which brings us to more news: Miss Smith recently gave birth. The... » Read More

    The Return of Jeva?

    Friday, July 18 2008

    For weeks we've been hearing all about the re-enactment of Josh and Reva's legendary wedding at Cross Creek. Reva continues to wander around twirling her wedding hat, or perhaps it's merely a clone hat for the actress. Hawk recently confessed that he set this whole movie thing in motion just to get his daughter and Josh back together again. Convoluted it may be, but for a couple with their frequently unbelievable history, it's actually a bit tame.... » Read More

    Catching up with Guiding Light's Marcus Williams (Kevin Mambo)

    Wednesday, July 16 2008

    After Tom Pelphrey's recent repeat win at last month's Daytime Emmys, I couldn't help but think back to a previous winner of the same Outstanding Younger Actor Award who once graced the old sound stages of Guiding Light . That young actor, of course, was Kevin Mambo. He played the role of Marcus Williams, the nephew or Gilly Grant and the son of Griffin. In his time on the series, he got mixed up with Dinah's battles with Roger and the murder of... » Read More

    Guiding Light's Lawrence Saint-Victor in William's Payne

    Friday, July 11 2008

    For his fans, it's been a long time coming, but Guiding Light 's Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau) has finally been getting the airtime and material to suit his talents. In recent months, the character has been allowed to develop and become embroiled in one of the series most significant summer plots. In addition to displaying some major on-screen chemistry with Michelle Ray Smith (Ava Lewis), the handsome actor has also been able to show... » Read More

    Where Are They Now: Guiding Light's Lucy Cooper

    Tuesday, July 08 2008

    With the recent departure of Harley (Beth Ehlers) one of Springfield's major families seems to be dwindling in numbers. While she's run off trying to protect Gus' son, one can't help but wonder what became of Buzz's other daughter: Lucy. Like Harley, she was also the one time lover of Alan-Michel Spaulding. She was a great deal more like her vagabond father though, skipping around the country and getting into mischief in her earlier years. She... » Read More

    Guiding Light's Elizabeth Keifer in The Clique

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    Fans of Blake have been happy that they've been getting to see more of the character lately. Whether she's attempting to seduce Coop or deal with her daughter Clarissa, the unfortunately languishing character has been receiving some much deserved air time. The actress who plays her, Elizabeth Keifer, will soon be seen in a new role. Keifer, best known as Guiding Light 's most vivacious and often trouble making red head, has taken on the role of... » Read More

    GL Gets a new Clarissa Marler.

    Monday, June 23 2008

    Now that Dinah has started trying to "rehabilitate" herself again, her younger relations have been poking up. Most recently she tried redeeming herself in the eyes of Matt and Vanessa by taking care of Maureen and bringing her to work, promising her an office of her own. Now another Marler will be returning to her orbit. Naelee Rae will be joining the ranks of Guiding Light actors this week. The young actress will be taking over the part of the... » Read More

    35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards! The Guiding Light Live Blog!

    Friday, June 20 2008

    Welcome to's 35th Daytime Emmy Awards live blog for Guiding Light .

    Once again the show has been lucky enough to garner a bevy of nominations across the board. The series already took home three trophies at the 35th Annual Daytime Creative Arts and Entertainment Awards last week, but tonight viewers will be tuning in to ABC networks across the continent to see if their favorite actors will take home one of these... » Read More

    Guiding Light's Marcy Rylan Joins The Adventures of Walter Bloom

    Tuesday, June 17 2008

    Guiding Light 's Marcy Rylan (Lizzie Spaulding) has been keeping busy with other projects. Although she is currently involved in the new film Stray (see article here ), she has also signed on to work on yet another film. Rylan recently took on the role of Jeanie Wray for the upcoming feature The Adventures of Walter Bloom . Written by up and coming talents Don Money, Ryan Aynes and Michael Posillico the film tells the story of the world's... » Read More

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