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    Guiding Light - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Guiding Light' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Wednesday, April 01 2009

    Although they are one of Guiding Light 's newest couples, they are steadily gaining in popularity. Remy Boudreau (Lawrence Saint Victor) and his wife Christina (Karla Mosley) have been slowly easing into an unconventional romance for the past few months. On my first day in Orlando I watched them shoot their final location scene. They were running across Universal Studios and joking around with the giant shark that hangs in the square outside of... » Read More

    Guiding Light's Daniel Cosgrove Welcomes a New Son.

    Wednesday, April 01 2009

    Guiding Light 's Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis) has a new addition to his family. The 38 year old actor and his wife, Marie, welcomed a new son into the world on Wednesday, March 4. They have named the child Finnian Jack Cosgrove.

    This is the first boy for the couple, but Finnian already has several sisters to welcome him home: Lillian (9 years old), Esme Rose (6 years old) and Ruby Willow (4 years old). » Read More Talks to Guiding Light's Jeff Branson.

    Tuesday, March 31 2009

    He only joined the cast of Guiding Light last fall but he's already left an indelible mark on the series. Actor Jeff Branson (Shayne Lewis) has garnered not only the admiration of his colleagues on the set, he's also received a pre-nomination for the Daytime Emmys this year. He's a strikingly intense actor, and not just on screen. In person he emits the same intensity, which can quickly veer from a slightly off-kilter humor to an inspiring... » Read More

    Guiding Light Weekly Blog.

    Monday, March 30 2009

    Blogging From The Beacon.

    Thoughts on the week of March 23-27.

    Last week revolved around a series of significant events (a trial, a christening, an engagement), but it didn't deal with any of them in an overly dramatic way. Instead, following on the previous week's more heavily dramatic playing, things were given more humor. That doesn't mean that they were any less emotional, but there was a softness and poignancy... » Read More Chats With Guiding Light's Mandy Bruno and Robert Bogue.

    Friday, March 27 2009

    While in Orlando, I sat down for a little dessert and a little chat with Guiding Light 's Mandy Bruno (Marina Cooper Camaletti) and Robert Bogue (A.C. Mallet). After congratulating them on the news of their engagement, they told me how happy they are to be together and gushed about the joys of swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove . We quickly got down to discussing their characters, both what they like about them and what they don't like so... » Read More

    Guiding Light's Crystal Chappell, Jessica Leccia and Frank...

    Thursday, March 26 2009

    It has become one of Guiding Light 's most talked about stories, and not just in the soap press either. The Olivia and Natalia pairing has also caught the attention of entertainment journals from Entertainment Weekly to After Ellen . But even if all of this press came as a happy surprise for everyone involved, they still couldn't help but be struck by the impressive and eclectic crowd that turned out for the autograph session given by Frank... » Read More Talks to Guiding Light's Robert Newman.

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    This was the first time I ever met Robert Newman (Josh Lewis) in person. I was a bit nervous. We sat in the shadows cast by the Jaws ride at Universal Studios. Sensing my nervousness, he did his best to help me out. We talked a bit about architecture and a lot about our backgrounds working in theater. He quickly put me at ease with his calm demeanor and his warm smile. His eyes lit up as he discussed the joys of being able to work outdoors. He... » Read More

    Guiding Light's Karla Mosley on Stage.

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    Like many members of Guiding Light 's cast, Karla Mosley is also an accomplished singer and live performer. She received raves for the range she displayed during her off-Broadway stint in "Expatriate." She also co-produced and performed in "Broadway for Obama" and can regularly be seen singing in poetry cafes and charity events around New York. Australian viewers may have also caught her when she sang, danced and exercises on the kids show... » Read More Talks to Guiding Light's Zack Conroy

    Tuesday, March 24 2009

    The younger generation of the Spaulding family is about to get a little bigger. As Lizzie tries to settle down from the chaos of her life, she must be relieved to have someone else around to take a little of the family's attention off of her...or maybe not. Zack Conroy will be making his first appearance as her brother, James, on April 8. The character was last seen as a child but has now been magically aged to 18, just the right age to be a... » Read More

    A Glimpse of Guiding Light in Orlando With Marcy Rylan.

    Monday, March 23 2009

    I had the good fortune of being one of half a dozen journalists invited by Guiding Light to their location shoot at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida last week. My colleagues and I were treated to a seat at the sidelines of the shooting and a special luncheon with many of the show's actors followed by one-on-one interviews.

    But first up, a glimpse of what the entire trip is about. Now that Bill and Lizzie finally seem to... » Read More

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