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    Guiding Light - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Guiding Light' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    GL Goes to the Gulf Coast

    Monday, February 12 2007

    This Wednesday's In The Light episode will feature the cast of Guiding Light as they make the trek to Biloxi, Mississippi. During the last week of January, the cast and crew of more than 80 shut down the studio in New York to head off to the Gulf Coast. Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis) described the devastation they saw as �we drove from New Orleans Airport to Biloxi, we saw miles and miles of wasteland, and then all of a sudden it turned into a swamp and scrub brush...This is a year later, and many people are still living in trailers, but the work is slowly being done.�

    Jordan Clarke puts his carpentry talents to good use (
    Once there, they set out helping to repair and build homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Together with local volunteers, they worked on three homes, bringing one to a complete finish for a family that had lost everything. In addition, they toured the area, visiting schools and performing volunteer work in local communities. This volunteer work has been carried out in partnership with the Hands On Network as part of the 70th anniversary Find Your Light celebration. Each month they will travel to a different community across the nation and offer their help. Anyone interested in volunteering alongside the cast an crew is encouraged to visit the Find Your Light or Hands On Network sites to check for opportunities to join in.

    The episode to air on February 14th, will feature the actors as themselves in their unmade-up glory, helping construction crews build homes in various states of completion. While many of the cast have never done more than hammer a nail, some actually worked as carpenters or in other trades while they were still struggling actors. The producers of the show hope that this venture will bring the original spirit of Guiding Light back by turning the focus back on community and helping other people. Bob Bogue (AC Mallet) summed up the purpose of their presence to reporters: "People think that since Katrina news is not in the headlines that things are up and running here. Well, things are not up and running, and we are here to help those who have fallen through the cracks."

    From a fan, we recieved this poem which we would like to share with you.


    We have the pleasure of knowing a friend or two
    Who smile and say �What can I do?�
    To help those in need or in poor health
    Regardless of time or available wealth

    Of talent or task, no matter how hard
    The efforts are done with little regard
    To awards or prizes or gifts in return
    Just the smiles and the thanks of people who�ve yearned

    Success is born as ideas abound
    Desire and energy bring solutions around
    To spread our assistance to people in need
    Stretching opportunities because we believe

    If there is ever a time when doubt comes around
    As to your value, let this resound
    We each have a season, we can�t do it all
    One thing or twenty, you�ve answered the call

    Sometimes it is hard to fit it all in
    With families and pressures so keep up your chin
    Support and have faith and make sure you rest
    Know whatever you�re doing, it is always your best

    This tribute is written because of you
    Without your help, there would be only a few
    Your uniqueness brings strength to our band of brothers
    That sets us apart from all of the others

    There is no greater love of human kind
    Than to give of yourself and cut into your time
    Oh, what a difference your presence has made
    Your talents are valued; your contributions remain

    So thanks to you � The Volunteer!
    Take time for a smile and even a cheer
    You�ve done a great job, you�ve nothing to fear
    You�ll be blessed for your efforts because you�re so dear

    Nora J. Gulden

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    Posted by sandy2249 at Monday, February 12 2007 03:19 PM

    I'm thrilled The GL went to Mississipi the worst hit by Katrina and totally forgotten by the media and Hollywood who's spending all their cash and time only on New Orleans. I'm not being cold its a FACT! My 80 year old Aunt has lived in a parish outside New Orleans most her life with her husband who passed away just weeks before the Hurricane hit and she raised all her children there and one still lives within walking distance of New Orleans, the fact is my aunt is not rich and neither are her children but when they were told to leave they left because everyone thats lived near New Orleans as long as my aunt could remember knew the risk and knew the levies would go some day it was totally the city of New Orleans and the states fault the levies broke because of generations of neglect. My aunt drove to Florida where her children now live to get away from the hurricane and I'm sorry if a elderly woman can get away on HER OWN so could a lot of other people that were a lot younger. I'm not talking about the disabled or children and some elderly I'm talking about healthy people below 80 years old. But I'd like to thank GL for going to a state that was hit head on and totally forgotten. These people left and came back to nothing not even shells for homes. They were truly victims and no one cared or has even mentioned them. How must it feel to them watching Brad Pitt move to New Orleans and spend a fortune on that city when they've suffered more then that state has and how must they feel watching the media repeat and repeat stories about New Orleans while their trying to pick up their lives. The difference I think is clear the people of Mississippi are a tough crowd and aren't used to hand outs so they did what they always do when one falls from a horse they got back on to try it again! Mississippi you should be proud you have stood up alone and starred the devil in the face and won. If I ever move south again Mississippi will be the state I chose! God's speed and good luck! GL way to go!

    Posted by stevenbunch5 at Monday, February 12 2007 07:16 PM

    I cant wait to see this episode,and I also want to thankevreyone involved at G&l for this show. I also think that its a shame that Mississppi was never heard much about sense this all happened. God speed to all . Thankyou for such a wonderful letter.

    Posted by stroxler7226 at Tuesday, February 13 2007 10:37 AM

    I have to disagree with you sandy2249. I live in Metairie, LA and the area I live in was totally destroyed by Katrina. I am still waiting for the money from the state so I can rebuild my home. I am glad that the news is still talking about New Orleans. New Orleans is a beautiful city that is full of life. I don't begrudge Mississippi one bit but they got their money they have started to rebuild. The water came in and out of Mississippi fast. My home had 6 feet of water in it that sat for 15 days. I agree it is Louisiana's fault the leeves did not hold but lets face facts the destruction was worse in New Orleans than Mississippi. Our water sat for days, mold grew, some stores just opened this month. Mississippi's casinos were back within three months of the storm. I have been to gulfport and biloxi recently and it doesn't look at all like the ninth ward, chalmette, New Orleans East, or my area of Metairie. I thank GL for helping and I thank all the famous people that helped New Orleans and my God bless you and you blinded ways.

    Posted by Mrs. Applegate at Tuesday, February 13 2007 06:50 PM

    My prayers are with you stroxler 7226.

    Posted by abcmrsb at Tuesday, February 13 2007 07:48 PM

    Today's news (2-13) showed another tragedy in New Orleans, I pray cast and crew takes all precautions and comes back safely.

    Posted by Ladyundefined at Wednesday, February 14 2007 01:23 PM

    Today was really awesome to see all these actors actually getting their hands dirty, just like one of us, was just so
    good to see. And Ron Raines ( Alan )saying not bad for an old man, made me laugh, Ron, you may be getting old but you are ONE hot sexy old man, lol.... I love to hate you. And to all the crew of Guidling Light, guys you did great.....its was also good to see Tammy and Blake.

    Posted by MARDI GRAS at Wednesday, February 14 2007 02:06 PM

    Ive been watching the Guiding Light for 36 years and todays show had me in tears of happiness,I've always loved the actors as actors but today I love you as real people, all of you showed more love and compassion to us here in La. and Misssissippi then our own people,May God Bless all of you the whole crew.My dream wish would be to meet you all in person to thank you and give you big hugs ( I would even boil you some crawfish or some awesome gumbo LoL, Barbara from Avondale La.

    Posted by cocomadison3 at Wednesday, February 14 2007 05:09 PM

    Dear Producers and entire cast and crew of Guiding Light, I have just finished watching your Gulf Coast endeavor and I can't even write this through my tears. Never have I seen such compassion from a group of actors...To see you as just "people" was awesome. I felt like I knew you all personally, it was like meeting you.Unbelievable! You did a wonderful thing, and you will all be rewarded in some way for it.God always remembers acts of kindness.I think you are the first of daytime soaps to do something like this, and I will always remember it.A very long time ago, I was a banker for one of your actors and I used to tell him how my Mother loved him and the show so much so he made it possible for her to come to the show, meet all of her favorite people and take pictures, etc. She passed away in 1976 of cancer,but that day was all she talked about for years.That was just another example of how this show, and its people, give back to their audiences. Thank you with my whole heart for my tears of happiness, my memories, and your continued energy that entertains me every day. Carolynne Parker,Englewood, New Jersey

    Posted by Quicia at Thursday, February 15 2007 11:13 AM

    For 21 years I have been a faithful fan of GL. I have had some favorite episodes, but none like the Valentine's Day! That by far is my favorite to date. The cast was amazing in every effort they displayed in rebuilding lives & communities on the Gulf Coast! I have donated money because I couldn't afford to leave home to volunteer!I used to be employeed with Cumberland County DSS until my family relocated to California. During the time of Katrina, I met several families that had relocated to the area. My heart wepted at the stories that they shared while sitting in my office! I became advocates for some of the families to receive public assistance. At that point in my life, I really felt worthy to say that I was an American, a sister to the community & a friend to my neighbors!I was honored to have met the families that I met from the Gulf Coast! I would love to give more & change more lives! Some kind of way, I hope to hang sheet rock, use a stud gun or something to help rebuild a home in the Gulf Coast. I don't know when or how, but this summer, I'm going to do everything in my power to hook up with HandsOn or some organization that I know will do what it takes to help a family rebuild their lives. I have a friend from New Orleans that will not even go back to look around because it hurts her so bad! I want to give back anything that I can to help someone that needs it! I don't have a lot of money, but I do have a big heart with lots of LOVE! It's a heart that seeks after the God! He is my GUIDING LIGHT!!! I will forever be a faithful fan of GL. God Bless each of you...FOREVER!

    Posted by N Walls at Thursday, February 15 2007 05:07 PM

    I too am a great fan of GL. I've been watching the show for more years than I can remember. I record it daily so that I can watch it when I get home from work. The Valentine Day show was extra special to me.
    Seeing what the cast and crew of GL did to help the these three families of Biloxi was a blessing to my heart. I always knew these people were more than mere actors, they are real people just like the rest of us.
    I had the opportunity to visit D'lberville, Miss., which is just across the bay from Biloxi about two weeks after Katrina hit. Myself and a group from my Church took down food, bedding, and clothing for the residents of D'lberville. We spent three days there walking the streets where as far as you could see every house or business was a pile of rubble. We meet people coming back in to see what if anything they could salvage of their lives. It was a sight and smell that I will never forget.
    Some of us at my Church have talked about going back to help with the rebuilding, but until now it has just been talk. Knowing all along, but actually seeing now just how much is still needed, it is my commentment to work towards getting a team from my Church, or work place or whoever to make another trip to D'liberville to help with the rebuilding.
    I know The Hands ON Organization is one place to start. If any of you know other organizations that I can contact please e-mail me at

    Guiding Light cast and crew May God Bless You for the Love and Compassion that you have shown to the people of Biloxi Miss. Nancy Walls Hawkinsville, Ga

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