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    In our 'Guiding Light' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    David Andrew MacDonald Returns To Guiding Light.

    Wednesday, July 29 2009

    This week we learned that Jeffrey is really alive, if not well, and struggling through the woods to get back to Reva. He's looking pretty worse for wear and he has Edmund to thank for that. Jeffrey won't be the only one headed back to Springfield, of course, though one other return will no doubt be less welcome by the town's inhabitants.

    David Andrew MacDonald will be returning to the role of Edmund Winslow, the disgraced prince with more lives than a cat. Will he get the ending that his fans felt cheated of before? And will he be able to answer some of the lingering questions around his alleged demise, like why was his doppelganger running around town, who was he and why did he have a pocketful of diamonds?

    Keep your eyes peeled because he will be back on TV screens on Friday, August 7.

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    Posted by Bisaza at Wednesday, July 29 2009 12:37 PM

    Jeffrey and Edmund are coming back.What happens with Natalia?We have not seen her since on July 3rd/09,almost one month waiting for her.
    I read one day that her pregnacy did not fit in this story and later the writers changed their minds,when it was obvious.I can not understad it.I wonder why others soap operas have better RATING? They have better writers or where is the problem? Why nobody fixed this problem before.That is strange and incredible.This is really sad. The fans deserve better endings.Please,bring Natalia back as soon is possible,Olivia needs her.If Reva deserves the best,of course,Olivia too. There is not difference.Try to do something RIGHT,please.
    We support this love story!(We love Otalia's story).
    What happended with Ava,she already gone? she finished her job in GL?What about her father,he is coming back? she needs to see him again.Please,writers...come on!

    Posted by sassy4 at Wednesday, July 29 2009 02:00 PM

    Please, how rediculus is this that we need to spend time with Edmond again! I can harfly beleive that I am saying that; becouse I have always loved the Edmond story, mostly becouse David M. is such a great actor. But now, when we as fans have so little time with our faorite actors and stories--that one is not one I want to see. I loved Natalia too, and the I would love to see her come back with Frank and THERE new baby--that would be a wonderfull reconciliation story. But thanks to the politics of telivision we don't have time for that story either. Do not blame the writers. Anyone that has been a devoted fan over the years knows the wonderful stories that we have gotten, we have all delighted in all the fun that we have been privaliged to be able to watch. Ellen Wheller has been excellent as an actor on GL, and then turned around and started writing and the stories just got better. Fans used to matter, but then politics and greed used to not be as blatent either. Put the blam where it belongs becouse I beleive that true ratings were good, but polotics have taken over fans or rating or about most things.

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