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    In our 'Guiding Light' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    GL Welcomes a New Villain

    Friday, January 12 2007

    Kane Manera returns as Gillespie (CBS)
    This week we saw Kane Manera return to the set of GL. We were first introduced to the attractive young Australian actor last fall in the role of Gillespie. Olivia had hired him to scare, and possibly kill, Ava. Luckily, he failed and just in time for Olivia to learn that Ava was her long lost daughter. He retuned a few weeks later, at the behest of Alan-Michael to vouch for Ava's story of abduction at Olivia's trial. When Ava dropped everything, he quickly vanished. He did, however, leave a mark on the show's creative team who decided to bring him back in a surprising way: As Susan Lemay's older boyfriend. While Susan has clearly shown herself to be no angel, hooking up with this sort of bad man must have been an inspired, rather than incidental, choice for at least one of them.

    As we reported in the fall, Mr. Manera has been cast for an eight week stint on the show. The precise details have been kept secret, but expectations have been running high. With the looming prospect of Jonathan and Tammy's brutal end, his character is poised to play a major role in it. We have already seen him break into Gus and Harley's house twice and steal Gus' gun. This is expected to serve as his tool for the job he was called into town to complete. The character marks a return to the sort of character we used to see more of, cold and mysterious career criminals. Speculation has already begun on what Gillespie's back story could be. How do the Spauldings and Olivia seem to find him so easy to contact? Why is he with Susan, of all people? Many fans are desperate for a new villain, after the last year has made so many of the characters varying shades of grey. While Gillespie may not be this, if he does happen to be a killer, we may find him returning in the future, either for trial or another job.

    Manera is a native of Perth, Australia. This is his first soap opera job. He moved to New York five years ago to pursue acting and has worked successfully in theatre and done several small independent films including Dead Serious, Coalition and the upcoming Goodbye Baby and Creating Karma. He studied acting at the prestigious Stella Adler Studio and has just wrapped up work on a film with Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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    Posted by Frannie at Saturday, January 13 2007 06:26 PM

    Come on now. How many times are you going to break Reva and Josh up. I liked it when they were out doing good deeds together. They are too solid to be apart. She never would have kept a secret that big about her health from Josh. That story line wasn't very believable. Reva needs to get her old temper back, and tell Cassie to get a life. Why did you make Cassie so ignorant, as to go after her sister's (who she claims to love more than anything) husband? I always thought Jeffrey (in disguise) would turn out to be the real Richard, and that Jeffrey was the one that died in protecting the Prince. Now wouldn't that make for a happy Cassie. I don't think Josh would have a chance then, and he could go back to his real love. Also, let poor Harley and Gus have a baby. Haven't they had enough bad times for a while! Enough secrets between each other. That's getting old. I certainly hope the rumor of Jonathan leaving the show is not true! Poor Lizzie needs him. She's really trying to be a decent human being, which isn't easy for her, and she loves him, not to mention having HIS baby. Can't Jonathan and Tammy kiss and say goodbye and realize it's for the best. That relationship is really GROSS! What are you writers thinking. It got people's interest, but is going on way too long. Tammy needs to be with Remi. Those two goodie goodies can save the world together. Besides Reva worked too hard to make Jonathan a good guy. I like the Mother-Son relationship too. They need more time together now that his Mom beat death. By the time soaps get something accomplished, they crush it! WHY? Mallet and Dinah need to stay together. Poor Mallet put in too much time on making Dinah a good girlfriend. They make a good click. Jeffrey (or, I wish, the real Richard, shall we say) and Olivia should realize they both made mistakes and forgive each other, and have a relationship with their daughter Ava. Please don't take another woman from Buzz. He hasn't had anyone for a long time. I couldn't believe you killed Jena. That would be cool if she came back. She could have been kidnapped all these years. Hey, it can be done in the life of a soap! Last, but certainly not least, give someone worthy of good ole Billy. He's tired with all that work he put into bringing Reva back. Now, are you sure you don't need an additional writer for GL????

    Posted by gemini27 at Sunday, January 14 2007 05:22 PM

    i think that Tammy and Jonathon should not be together they are undoubtedly cousins so their continuous courtship is sick. Please reconsider them bein together its WRONG. And put the soulmates back together please!

    Posted by shortmama76 at Monday, January 15 2007 08:31 PM

    I am against incest also, but this is a soap ok, if u think about this happen in real life also and they do it whether it is right or wrong. so in time they will see that it is not to be.

    Posted by Keaton at Tuesday, January 16 2007 05:07 AM

    I wish Cassie would just get some morals. Her poor son, RJ, is seeing his mother slep with his one time uncle Josh. He has seen his sister with both his and his sister's first cousin. I am sure he will be disturbed when he grows up. Cassie is acting as if it is the most normal thing in the world to be lovers with her sister Reva's husband. Please, GL, give us something besides foolishness to watch. This is insulting our intelligence!

    Posted by versaevel at Tuesday, January 16 2007 07:01 AM

    Ahaa they almost gave it away!! I bet Susans older boyfriend is going to do away with Tammy or Jonathan...Or both? Then they did the job with Gus's gun...Someone is going to hire him to do this and I just wonder who that might be....I just hope it's Tammy that dies and not Jonathan. At least Jonathan has the possiblity of coming back in the future. After what Tammy has done I'd rather see her go then Jonathan..Lizzie will probably be the one that hires this guy and then she'll get insanity and get a way with it again; because she's a spaulding...Very interesting!!

    Posted by surfin around at Saturday, January 20 2007 04:48 PM

    This guy gillespe might be a sneaky killer, but nobody will ever replace the ultimate Roger Thorpe!!! He was an original.

    Posted by JanieBaby56 at Sunday, January 21 2007 04:41 PM

    I'm pretty sick of looking at Tammy and her cousin Jonathan. Incest is gross and disgusting. Not sure how I feel about Lizzie, I'm beginning to think she's just like Alan. They both need padded rooms in a psychiatric ward somewhere. Alan is just mean and hateful I'm surprised he can stand himself. And is Philip dead or alive?

    Posted by crafter125 at Monday, January 22 2007 01:15 PM

    How could you just kill people? What goes around comes around and you will get yours. Tammy saved Jonathan because she loves him.. Theirs was a beautiful love affair, both of them loved each other and went through so much to stay together. It was Tammy and Reva who made Jon the man he is today. Both of them stood by him. Lizzie will destroy him. But now with Sarah, he has someone to call his own. I hope you get yours for killing Tammy.

    Posted by blank at Monday, January 22 2007 04:23 PM

    I was just looking over some of the comments and some of them i agree with. I say that Lizzie is just a spoiled brat that needs to grow up and act her age and not the two year old that she keeps doing when she dosent get her way with Jonathan or with any one els as far as that goes and her mother she is something else.Reva and Josh either they are with it or not them two I think they don't know if they are coming or going but I realy think that Reva should realy give Billy a chance they looked like a realy good couple when she was sick and he was looking after her.And let Josh move on with his new life with Cassie.I also agree with the incest that is just planly gross. Find some one else for Jonathan and let them be who they are supose to be cousins.As far as Alan Spaulding goes I realy think that he should be locked up he gets away with everything and never pays for anything that he does I think that he should start paying for the things that he does and so should Lizzie.They should be treated just like the ones that are poor on that show do something wrong you pay the pay the price. And let Buzz have lots of happiness for a change and I hope that you let Olivia be the one and that her and Ava can have a happy medium relationship of some kind and with her father too.

    Posted by gemini030 at Tuesday, January 23 2007 11:37 AM

    Gillepsie is a sorry hitman, he never get his targets...Ava, still alive, Jonathan, still alive. Are they paying him, I would want my money back if I was his clients.

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