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    In our 'Guiding Light' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Familiar Face to Return to Guiding Light

    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    Reva (Kim Zimmer) may have found a new friend (
    As Reva (Kim Zimmer) begins her recovery, she may have someone new to share her life with. On Thursday December 14th, she will have her first contact with a new character to Springfield: Cal. They shall be brought together, at first, by the fact that they are both cancer survivors, but writers have already hinted that this may develop into much more. Whether this shall be a genuine and meaningful relationship or a ploy to make Josh jealous, we'll have to wait to see.

    Cal will be played by a face familiar to many GL viewers-- Paul Michael Valley. You may remember him for his short lived performance in the role of Joel Silver in 2002 on GL, or as Josef Avalon in One Life to Live. However, many will remember him in the role that once made him famous, as Ryan Harrison on the much missed drama, Another World. He played that part through the 90's while viewers obsessed over his affair with Vicky. The pair made up one of the most popular supercouples of the decade until he was shot to death by his own brother in a controversial storyline.

    In his time away from daytime, Valley has been hard at work developing his craft on stage and working on a variety of primetime shows in small roles that expand his range. Let's hope that he brings his characteristic charm into Springfield and Reva's life.

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    Posted by abclvfan at Wednesday, December 06 2006 11:25 AM

    I think it is great they are bringing Cal on to Guiding Light. I think it is to make Josh jealous. We all know there is only one man for Reva.

    Posted by danielleb at Wednesday, December 06 2006 01:17 PM

    I think it's great to bring Cal back for a short period , just to help Josh realize his true life is with Reva and not the women who gets all the left overs when it comes to men (Cassie). Lets get Reva back to her old self, meaning enjoying life and then eventually back with her true love only if she wishes to. Please leave the decesion up to Reva as whether or not she wants Josh back or not, but please really make Cassie know and understand that she could never take anything from Reva but as she did she handed him to her on her dying bed rubb it in real good

    Posted by CBSoapKing at Wednesday, December 06 2006 01:24 PM

    Ok - the cobwebs are clearing out and I now remember Cal. Now how can his return be for any other reason than to make Josh jealous? Cassie has no history with him but Josh and Reva certainly does. Tammy has already given Cassie the hint that her relationship with Josh is effectively doomed.
    There's just no real suspense in GL right now. Maybe Cal with come packing a magic potion.

    Posted by jani at Wednesday, December 06 2006 01:53 PM

    I don't remember any Joel Silver on GL, is this guy a forgetable charactor or just a limited personality?

    Posted by LaydC65 at Wednesday, December 06 2006 02:52 PM

    I love the storyline with Reva and breast cancer....however the sister with the sister's husband I hate.....thats taboo in the real world .... we females (at least the ones that I know) don't believe in sharing our men....whether friends or family...thats just taboo....
    I hate Cassie right now how she gonna do that to her sister...and then find out that she was dying and still be with him....sick storyline...lets move on to something more serious.....why does soaps always have to be about who is sleeping with can leave a little of that in but put more serious storylines in there will ya

    Posted by MARMAR at Wednesday, December 06 2006 05:21 PM

    oh nooooooooooo please get josh and reva back together, away from cassie they made me sick today the show was so touching when josh and billy reunite, but then when josh went to her house it was awful no kidding they are really sicking together, nothing there, reva and josh pleassssssssse

    Posted by MARMAR at Wednesday, December 06 2006 05:25 PM

    i agree with you, let reva have her day, she wants josh and he wants her, get them back soon then get on with other things cannot stand much more of cassie and josh no kidding they realy make me sick together, no sister would do this to her family

    Posted by MARMAR at Wednesday, December 06 2006 05:27 PM

    the show would reall stink if josh and reva do not get back, i only continue watching gl for those two love stories their ups and downs and back together, they are really always

    Posted by alleycat46534 at Wednesday, December 06 2006 05:53 PM

    Good for you Reva,,dont be second fiddle to nobody,not even josh especially to your own flesh.

    Posted by guidinglight at Thursday, December 07 2006 12:05 AM

    Posted by FGB AT Wednesday,December 06, 2006 11:34 PM

    Well, if it takes another man to fall for Reva,this would
    really be something, that Josh will realized, if he will
    allow this to happen. after all, if he, Josh has fallen for Cassie, with the misconception ,that there is
    something going on with Billy & Reva.Reva neglecting him,
    doesn't show up when Josh is expecting her, while she was
    sick of cancer?

    This could be good for Reva, knowing that men could easily
    fall for her because of her being straightforward, & a fun person to be with, instead of a boring Cassie. trying to
    be very accomodating to Josh, in everyway, trying to be there for everybody, who are not willing to accept her,Tammy is right her relationship with Josh will be doomed.

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