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    In our 'Guiding Light' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Guiding Light's New Theme

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    With Guiding Light's controversial new look has also come a new opening to the show and a new theme song. Leaving behind last year's anniversary opening, which featured a montage of hands and the poem which was spoken in the show's early days, the new opening is more elaborate, featuring helicopter shots of the countryside and outdoor shots of the characters. There are five variations on the sequence, allowing it to change with each day of the week.

    Playing over each of these sequences is the song "Only Love" by five time Emmy nominee Kati Mac. The song was chosen by producer Ellen Wheeler who, along with her children, has confessed to being fans of Mac's music. The song appears on her fourth album Poseidon's Son, which was inspired by her sojourn to Club Med to recover after 9-11. The majority of the tracks were written while she was getting her Masters Degree in composition from Purchase College. The album is currently available for purchase on her official website. Of course, you can also purchase individual songs for download and listen to a few sample clips while you're there.

    For a look back on the previous opening of Guiding Light, please see this story.

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    Posted by jinny25 at Thursday, April 03 2008 02:14 PM

    well i was just reading all the comments and i just have one thing to not real the characters the stories.. all made up. they do what they do just to keep you interested. and yeah by far guiding light is the most intertaining soap yet,and with the exception of the occasional ghost apperance,pretty much the most down to earth soap i've seen. and sorry to disappiont but allen and reva are my two favorite! i hope they keep reva and jeffrey together and i think they should pair allen with someone like olivia but a new character. i dont like harley and cyrus together. bill and lizzy yes good together. i wish beth would make up her damn mind and what is the deal with blake...they show her like once a month??? they brought back matt and vanessa just long enough to break them up?? there are a lot of questions with out answers and that is what keeps you watching. i have watched guiding light since before reva drove her krazy self off the bridge. and i loved the fact that allen was the one who found her! anyone remember that? i think they should bring back some of the old characters if they could get them... ross, philip, allen michael-the original one-and you never see mara and shane. oh well guess we will just have to see!

    Posted by LUCKYLADY7 at Thursday, April 03 2008 02:45 PM


    Posted by camelady at Thursday, April 03 2008 08:45 PM

    i like the new opening of the show and the opening song. some say give the new format a chance and i will i guess but, the music being played during the story is making me crazy. THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD! i can't hear the characters voices over the music being played. i know i'm not alone out there. I'm sick over losing Gus. I always hoped he and Harley would make it. They should have. I'm also sick over losing Johnathan. I guess I'm just sick. Two GREAT actors.
    I hope Cyrus ends up with Marena and Harley ends up with Mallet. Josh and Reva are ment to be ALWAYS. Bill would be a great catch for anyone HA.

    Posted by GLFAN2 at Friday, April 04 2008 09:29 AM

    I think the new opening is ok, but I hate the new camera style. I feel like I am a spy sneeking up on the people of Springfield it's kind of creepy. Peeking through doorways, windows and tree branches it's to much. I miss the sets and hate how everything looks the same. It looks like there all standing around in my backyard,what makes that so great????

    Posted by GLFAN2 at Friday, April 04 2008 09:39 AM

    ---jinny25--- Your so right, Alan-Michael the original one I would love to see, Amanda too. Why didn't they show up to Gus's funeral??? I do remember Alan finding Reva, and the Deaf Girl that married Rick what was her name?? She would be a great return.

    Posted by Bright Light at Friday, April 04 2008 03:59 PM

    I agree with the music being too loud that you can't hear what the characters are saying to each other. The other day when Rick had no luck stopping the bleeding(i think thats what happened)i couldn't hear what he was saying to Harley and Natalia. I had it on tivo and i think i had to rewind like 7 times and still couldnt make out what Rick said to them. I love when they film outdoors and u see the snow, rain and how cold the weather is by the smoking coming out of their mouths. Thumbs up on the different scenery..

    Posted by ThinLine at Saturday, April 05 2008 10:04 PM

    Guiding Light is a make believe real life soap and I the theme song only love can change the world becuase only I they can change people live to stay alive and well!

    Posted by searia at Sunday, April 06 2008 12:59 PM

    Been watching since GL went on TV. I agree that the music is too loud the vocal are too distracting and add nothing to he scene. If its done to add drama the actors do a very ood job at that. I like the outdoor scenes also. But I would like to see some of the old scenes the Bauer Kitchen ECT. The hand held camera leaves a lot out lets not have so much of that. Love the show its like an extended family to me.

    Posted by CeEdBrMoBr at Friday, April 11 2008 03:34 PM

    Please go back to the old way of taping your soap! I Don't like the new look. It makes the star's look very old. I agree with another comment that was posted, it is a little creepy the way the camera shoots behind objects, on the floor shooting upword. I hope you are getting enough complaints about this that you will start back the old way again.

    Posted by Screen Name at Friday, April 18 2008 06:59 PM

    well I and others i have talked to find new format empty! dont like the singing all throught the story,too many outside scenes and even the inside scenes are like the outside scenes,seems like the writers are trying to sabatoge this show..I have been watching G.L since it first came on tv..was always a feel-good too much evil involved!I am surprised that the older actors have chosen to stay,unless that is what the plan is!

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