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    Guiding Light CAST - Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer Played by Yvonna Kopacz Wright on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yvonna Wright

    Birthday: 1972-01-08
    Marital Status: Married, Brett Wright July 18, 2003
    Real Name: Yvonna Kopacz Wright


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    Who Would you Recommend?

    Monday, November 10 2008

    When Remy goes to the gym to work out, he runs into Christina again (she works there). He asks her what was wrong. She was disturbed by how arrogant he seemed. He teases her and tells her he wants to keep his options open. She thinks he has no determination or goals; she can't afford to play things loose. He jokes around, but she is serious and tells him about what a great doctor she could be. He's impressed that she has so much ambition and focus. She soon learns that his father is the Dean and he grew up in the rich part of town. Mel walks in. Remy introduces them. They discuss the M-CATs and Remy asks Christina to catch their scores together. She agrees, smiles and walks off. Mel teases him and tells him he could do better.

    At Company, Mel is on the phone telling her mother about Remy and Christina.

    At his apartment, Remy and Christina sit by their computers and wait for the test results. He's shocked when his results come in: 37 out of 45. When he turns to ask her what she got, she's somber and tells him she got 24. He thinks she's joking but she's not. Upset, she walks away. Later, Mel arrives, eager to hear the news. "I did lousy," he tells her.

    That Stockholm Thing.

    Monday, October 27 2008

    Alan shows up at the police station to confront Bill for screwing up again. He rubs his failure in his face and suggests that Bill doesn't even want Lizzie back. If anything happens to her, Alan will hold him personally responsible. After Alan leaves, Mel arrives and tells Bill that he is free to go but Joel will be arrested for making false claims. Bill wonders why Remy's sister is representing him. She thinks the grudge between them ended when the baby died. He begins asking after Remy. She tells him that he's been disappearing at odd times and acting distant. She leaves to finish the paperwork. He begins to mull over what she told him. When she returns, Alan follows, angry to see that Bill is being released. He orders him to stay out of the investigation. Mel agrees with him. Bill walks off.

    Pit Stop.

    Wednesday, October 22 2008

    Remy is trying to keep Olivia alive while she lays on the ground outside of Company. Natalia babbles that she is too stubborn to die. They beg her not to stop breathing. The ambulance arrives and they rush her to Cedars. Rick is angry as he sees her come in. As she's rushed off to be stabilized, Natalia hugs Remy, thanks him and then walks off. Mel shows up and asks her brother why he isn't off taking the MCATs. He explains that he was there earlier but took a break to have a beer. She wonders if he is 'going over the edge', then berates him and hits him with her purse until he runs off to return to the test.

    Josh Comes Back.

    Tuesday, October 21 2008

    Mel is sitting with Remy at Company when their mother arrives, complaining about how lousy the service is. Mel toasts to her son, the next Bourdeau doctor, and smiles. He's uncomfortable. Natalia tries serving them but brings them the wrong food. The family begins bickering. Remy chews on a french fry while his mother badgers him. Mel defends him but he soon walks away.

    Mel follows her brother to Cedars and tells him he's afraid of succeeding because it would mean that he couldn't hide out and blame the world anymore. Remy leaves and walks over to the police station. He stares off into space until Frank walks over, imagining that he must miss being a cop. Remy laughs and tells him that being a cop was nothing like he imagined it would be. Frank suggests he come back. Remy laughs and Frank talks about running a chop shop in the 80s so he could afford to look after Harley. People aren't always entirely good or bad, he explains. Frank points out all of the people who count on Remy and need him. "You're one of the good guys," he says.

    Lucky Saps.

    Tuesday, October 07 2008

    Mel explains to her worried mother that Remy just has a habit of hibernating. They knock on his door. He answers. They enter and begin demanding to know why he hasn't been returning anyone's calls. He explains that he's been doing double shifts. As they snoop around, they discover his textbooks and realize he's been studying for the MCATs. Felicia is thrilled that this means there could be another doctor in the family. Felecia and Mel tease him. He reminds them that it takes years to become a doctor and forbids them to tell his father about this; he's still not sure this is the right choice. Mallet calls Mel to congratulate her on getting the house and invites her to the clearing out party. Felecia is excited that the sale has gone through and can't wait to celebrate.

    The Boudreaus arrive and join in the drinking. Remy asks Marina if she's okay. She feels like she's being a sap about the house. He tells her that she can move in if she wants. The families soon begin playing football in the living room. Marina's tired and decides to leave. Frank drives her home. After seeing how depressed Marina was, Felecia tells Mallet that she doesn't think the place is really ready to be bought; it's too much of a fixer upper. Blake tries to convince her otherwise, but Felicia withdraws the offer. Remy and Mel thank her. Felecia apologizes to everyone and they walk out. "What now?" Buzz asks. Blake says they'll have to start over. Mel and Mallet do the dishes. She thinks the house should go to someone who really appreciates it and is sure he already has someone in mind.

    You're a Jerk.

    Monday, September 29 2008

    Felicia meets with Mel at Company. She asks her if she is a doctor or a lawyer today and then explains that Remy doesn't want the house. Mel says they need to let him make his own mistakes. Felicia knows, but she needs to find a way to convince Clayton of that.

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