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    Guiding Light CAST - Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer Played by Yvonna Kopacz Wright on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yvonna Wright

    Birthday: 1972-01-08
    Marital Status: Married, Brett Wright July 18, 2003
    Real Name: Yvonna Kopacz Wright


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    Bill And Lizzie Get Married.

    Monday, July 13 2009

    Remy and Christina are teasing each other about how they would only ever get married if they were drunk. Remy and Cyrus walk over to Rick's car with Buzz and Matt so they can get beer cans to tie to the bride and groom's car. Rick's trunk is full of rotting food.

    Remy saunters over to Christina with some champagne. They drink and begin dancing, leaving Cyrus and Mel alone. He tells her she needs some lessons in trouble and asks her to dance.

    I Feel Very Blessed.

    Friday, July 03 2009

    Remy's car breaks down so he, Christina, and his sisters have to get a ride with Cyrus. Mel can hardly recognize him with his clothes on.

    How Long?

    Thursday, June 25 2009

    Christina arrives at Cedars to see Mel. She's going to be helping her study. Mel wonders why she and Remy keep making things difficult. Christina says they are better together when they have some distance between them. They study and Mel grills her for details about Remy's life.

    Remy and Cyrus head to the sewer plant. They argue about what to do and Cyrus begins stripping. Remy follows and they leap in. After they swim around, they get out and hose each other down until Mel shows up. They tell her they don't want her to know what they've been doing. She smiles at Cyrus and shakes his hand, inviting him to the barbecue. As she walks away, Cyrus says she's a beautiful woman but he'll be dead before he gets to do anything. Remy pulls out the diamonds and dangles them in his face. Remy says he's giving them to the cops. Cyrus wants them but Remy thinks he's scamming him.

    Rick calls Beth and tells her that Michelle is going to be the hostess of the barbecue. He brings up the fact that they got married at one and how he didn't want her to feel obligated. She didn't. He calls Mel next to tell her that she doesn't have to be the hostess. That's fine with her. She reminds him that they've been divorced for years. "What a moron!" she says as she hangs up. Beth overhears. They begin laughing. "What were we thinking?" they shout in unison.

    Mel runs into Christina in the minimart and tells her that she might not want to study with Remy tonight considering how much he stinks. As she explains that she caught him coming out of the sewer, she tries to give her some air freshener but Christina runs off.

    I Think I Have Rug Burn.

    Thursday, May 28 2009

    Christina and the Boudreaus arrive at the station to see Remy be reinstated. Blake and the Coopers come too. Everyone laughs and they take pictures. Dinah pops up and Remy worries to her about the diamonds. She tells him not to. Frank and Mallet come out to start the ceremony. Frank swears him in and everyone claps. His family hugs him and Clayton tells his son that he shines inside. Marina tries to lure Mallet to the picnic but he leaves for work. She seems frustrated.

    They all go over to the baseball diamond. Felecia teases her daughter about not getting a man and then teases Christina about being divorced. She insists that she and Remy are much better divorced. Dinah and Remy run around and then get some cake. After the picnic, the family begins packing up and Clayton walks off to take a call. Remy follows him and asks him what's wrong. Clayton explains that the bank needs money he doesn't have. He doesn't even have a plan to pay it back. Remy promises him that they can fix things. "Don't worry about me. There's no way that you can fix this," Clayton says.

    Living In A Daycare Center.

    Tuesday, May 12 2009

    Across the room, Mel is telling her mother about her new boyfriend. Clayton is distracted by his phone. Felecia talks about her plans to re-decorate the house. Mel gets called off to the hospital.

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