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    Guiding Light CAST - Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer Played by Yvonna Kopacz Wright on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yvonna Wright

    Birthday: 1972-01-08
    Marital Status: Married, Brett Wright July 18, 2003
    Real Name: Yvonna Kopacz Wright


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    You're a Time Bomb

    Thursday, October 04 2007

    Mel and Jeffrey are discussing their latest case at CO2. He asks her out for the night. She agrees to 'acknowledge their amazing chemistry', but only if he's capable of committing. When Jeffrey doesn't run at this, she wonders what's up. He's not afraid of commitment, he insist; he just wants fun though. 'You and Reva were going steady,' she points out. Now he's obviously in denial and bouncing around. He obviously has a 'Reva problem'. Jeffrey doesn't know how it happened; there was supposed to be no baggage and just laughs, but it turned into something more. Now it's 'bothering' him. He takes out some of Reva's random possessions, including a hairdryer and a picture of Jonathan, and asks Mel to drop them off to her at the mansion. She won't do that; if he wants Reva, he should 'storm the castle' himself. Does he really think that Reva and Alan are having an affair? No, but he doesn't know what to think. Seeing what a hopeless mess he is, she walks off.

    An Eyeful

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    In Company, Remy is depressed watching the news footage of Marina's kidnapping. It feels like Tammy all over again. His sister tries to get him to cheer up. Lola walks in and Remy wants to hide. He tells his sister that Lola is a psycho stalker who sends him her panties. Mel finds that hard to believe and calls her brother a freak. Lola skips over, acting nice and asking them to lunch with her. He tries to run, reminding his sister that he is seeing Natalia. Lola runs after him, grabbing his hand and quietly making some lewd suggestions until Natalia runs in. Angrily, she tells her that Remy is hers and they even went ring shopping. She douses Lola with some water and strides off. Remy is speechless but goes after her. Later, as she applies for a job, Remy interrupts the interview to say that she can't work nights. He admits that he wants her available at night for him and thanks her for what she did to Lola. She just wants to find the manager and apply, but he pulls her into a dance. She wants to get home. 'To Gus?' he asks. She tells him about her recent problems with Gus over Alan's kiss. Remy is angry but she downplays the whole thing.

    It's Over

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    At CO2, Mel finds Remy and Lola sitting together giggling over coffee. She pulls her little brother aside and asks for an explanation. 'I'm bored, she's hot,' he states. His sister will just have to deal with it. Lola assures her that her brother is being a perfect gentleman. That's just what Mel wants to hear. After she walks away with a smile, Lola tells Remy how much she enjoys working with his sister. She likes to help people; her faith keeps her going. He tries to play it cool and keep his eyes off of her as she plays up the good girl act, adding a few saucy hints here and there. Soon she's whispering her naughty fantasies in his ear. They stroll down Main Street and she breaks it to him that they were set up by his family. He can't believe that he walked right into it. She's happy with it though: She's getting him in the bargain, after all. As they kiss, they quickly make their way to The Beacon but Natalia accidentally catches them making out in the hallway. Embarrassed, he pushes Lola inside her room and tries to explain himself to Natalia. She hopes that he didn't just ruin his date for her. She seems fragile as she explains that she's only coming to realize now how much she has screwed up, falling again for a 'very married man' and trusting Alan when she shouldn't have. They go out to the balcony. She apologizes for the way she treated him. He admits that he shouldn't be involved with her, particularly with all of her baggage, but he still wants her. She tells him that she's wasted enough time on Gus: They aren't kids anymore and she is ready to let go.

    Divine Intervention

    Wednesday, August 29 2007

    Jeffrey and Sam go down to Main Street and she offers to take him back to her hotel room. He turns her down. He's not sure what Reva is to him, but he owes it to her, and to himself, to find out. Mel finds him standing alone and he tells her that he's moved in with Reva. She bursts out laughing, but she doesn't think he's making a mistake. Offering him some advice, she tells him that he better never take her for granted. Meanwhile, Reva meets with her lawyer, who also makes a pass at her. She turns him down. When she goes home, Jeffrey soon returns. They both admit that they turned down an offer today.'Why take a barracuda when I have shark at home?' she jokes. He pulls out a bouquet of flowers and tells her that 'you're not my room mate' but 'more..much more.'

    Exactly What They Need

    Tuesday, August 21 2007

    At Towers, Mel finds Remy, who is in a rush to get going after Alan threatens to fire him. She wants him to stick around but he's not convinced until her young friend Lola appears. Smiling, Remy sits down with them and starts making conversation. Later, Lola finds a depressed Remy standing out on the balcony. She tells him that she still has the note he wrote her when they were in the fourth grade. As they start smiling at each other, Mel comes out to ask Lola to go back inside and find something for her. When she goes in, Mel tells her brother to stay away from Lola. She's a good girl and doesn't need to get involved with him. When she gets a phone call, he runs back inside and asks Lola out for a drink. She gives him her number and he asks her to keep this a secret. After he leaves, Mel comes in and Lola tells her that Remy asked her out just like she expected. She's not sure that she's his type though. 'You're exactly what he needs,' Mel smiles.

    There Are No Accidents

    Friday, August 17 2007

    Sitting in the corridor, Cassie asks Mel some questions. Frazzled, she slips, 'Tammy never asked to be hurt...' Mel is confused but is sure that Reva would do anything to avoid being in a hospital again. Cassie tries to be positive and agree. She goes to police headquarters and tells Frank that she suspects that Reva may be in danger from Olivia.

    Who is the Boss Now?

    Thursday, August 16 2007

    Reva is rushed to Cedars. As she goes in, Mel tells Josh that it's still too soon to tell how bad the damage is. Cassie wants to be by her sister's side but, when she looks into the hospital room, she can't help but be reminded of her daughter's death. Moments later, she is sitting by her sister's side, rambling while Reva remains unconscious. This isn't how Josh wanted his wedding night to go. Cassie takes Reva's hand and they wait until Mel returns. She informs them that there aren't any serious injuries and no signs of brain swelling. As her beeper goes off, she congratulates them as she leaves.'You're married right?' she smiles. The couple realize that they might not actually be married. Out in the corridor, they find the reverend and ask him if they are officially married or not. He tells them that they aren't, but they can always throw a second wedding. They make a beautiful couple, he says. When he walks away, Josh tells his almost-bride that, as far as he's concerned, they are married but they can get married again if she wants. She tells him that it's okay that they are spending their wedding day with her sister; that's where they belong and he doesn't have to make it up to her: She loves him more than anything else in the world. As they kiss, they're interrupted by more test results. As he walks off, she stares at her wedding ring.

    Harley is Obnoxious and Overbearing

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Rick is carrying Beth to their table at Company. Unfortunately, he sets her down where Mel is sitting. Leah has already told her everything that's happened. Putting on a smile, she tries to wish them all the best and assures them that she isn't angry and they should just be happy. This is what they wanted all along after all isn't it? She walks off and Beth follows her outside. Mel asks for Beth's word that she will never keep Leah from her dad because, if she hurts her, she will have to become the ex-wife from Hell. With this threat, she walks away and Beth returns to Rick.

    Something to Lose

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    At Cedars, Mel tells Rick that if he wants custody, he's going to have to crush Beth. He tells her that the BBQ won't be the same without her. She knows. Later, Beth arrives looking for Rick, but Mel pops up, already on the defensive. Mel thinks that Alan and Beth deserve each other, but the baby deserves better...even Rick deserves better. Rick returns and finds the ladies together. Beth tells Mel that she's co-hosting the Bauer BBQ with Rick this year. She is not amused by this news. Shrugging it off, she walks away while Rick wishes that things weren't getting so complicated. He just wants a truce and worries about Alan. Beth hurries away without calming his fears. When she gets back to the mansion, Alan eagerly waits for her to tell her that he wants to have the wedding at home surrounded by family. She tells him that she couldn't get anything out of Rick. He tells her not to worry: Tomorrow is the BBQ and she'll have plenty of opportunities to get Rick to tell everyone how he really feels about her. He brings her milk and cookies, while Beth wishes that Alan wouldn't be trying to prompt Rick to expose his feelings in front of the town. Alan is sure that this is a fool proof way to get what they need to prove that she's not an unfit mother.

    I'm All You've Got

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    When Jeffrey arrives in his room, he finds that it's been torn apart. Files are thrown everywhere and many are missing. Mel is searching through things, sure that someone has targeted them to cripple their office. He writes her a check for their new office and a paralegal. He should have expected this. When Mel leaves, Reva arrives. Jeffrey tells her that Alan paid a visit to his room and his office. Reva thinks that she should stay away from him, but Jeffrey insists that she can't be alone. She can't go to Josh. Would she really want to involve Billy in all this? Since Jeffrey is already involved, 'I'm all you've got,' he points out.

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