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    Guiding Light CAST - Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer Played by Yvonna Kopacz Wright on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yvonna Wright

    Birthday: 1972-01-08
    Marital Status: Married, Brett Wright July 18, 2003
    Real Name: Yvonna Kopacz Wright


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    I'm Surprised to Find you Here.

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Mel bumps into Lizzie outside of the station. Lizzie wishes that she had a job so she wouldn't have men problems. She wishes that she never did crazy things either, sort of like Mel. Mel says she has done some crazy things. She advises Lizzie to stand back and let Bill and Ava try to work as a couple. Lizzie doesn't think she can do that.

    Mel and Remy meet for dinner. They talk about Ava. "I used to think she was the one thing keeping you honest," she says. "Then I am in trouble," he laughs. She tries to give him advice when she spots Lizzie and invites her to join them. Remy thinks this is a bad idea. Lizzie sits down anyway.

    Had it With Heroes.

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    Mel goes to see her brother at his new digs. He reveals his new EMT uniform. He has to show her the paperwork to prove that he's actually certified. She's impressed and asks him what happened. "Who is she?" she probes with a smile. He gets bashful and tells her not to meddle. She teases him as they leave. They go to Company to eat. She's eager to meet this "miracle worker" who seems to have turned him around. He informs her that she is getting married to someone else and having his kid too. She guesses it's Ava and tells him that he should tell her the way he really feels. He pays the check, much to her shock. "Thank you Ava Peralta," she smiles.

    You're Nothing Like him

    Monday, April 14 2008

    At home, Harley slips out of bed with Cyrus and goes downstairs to put on a DVD of her wedding to Gus. Cyrus wakes up and peers down the stairs to watch her, eventually shrinking away. She later goes upstairs where she finds him dressing and says that she made him breakfast. They have a strained conversation before he offers to show her what he's good at. They begin to fall into bed when the doorbell rings. She hurries off and finds Mel at the door. She informs Harley that she is the executor of Gus' will. Cyrus joins them and Mel informs them that Gus owned a building where he wanted to start a boys and girls club for orphaned children. He never finished setting it up, of course, but he named Harley as its director. After Mel leaves, Harley can't believe she never knew anything about this. She wants to run off and take a look but Cyrus suggests that this isn't the best time to do it; she can barely support her family right now. Gus' funeral wiped them out and they have no money. "This is bigger than that! This is real!" she insists, walking out. Later, she sits at the table crunching numbers. Cyrus thinks she's acting like it's her fault that Gus is gone. She wishes that she'd reached out more and done something differently. "You think that you're so powerful you could have saved him? You're not the only one who lost him! He had a wife and a son!" he reminds her, telling her that he saw her watching the wedding video. He knows that he's nothing like Gus. "You're right. You're nothing like him," she says. "Maybe I should go?" he wonders. "Maybe you should," she says, barely looking at him. He walks out.

    Olivia gets out of her hospital bed and, picking up a stethoscope, starts listening to her heart beat. Ava arrives to check on her mother. They realize that they've forgotten to pick up Emma. They call the school to check and discover that Rafe picked her up and brought her home. They track him down in the park and ask him why he did this. He didn't think they would have the time. She tells him to go find his mother. Later, Olivia returns to her room at The Beacon where she stares at a photo of Gus before collapsing in the hallway, sick. Natalia finds her there and helps her up and back into her room. Olivia tries to send her away, but Natalia bothers her about not taking her pills. Mel arrives and suggests that Olivia should talk to Rick about his experiences with heart surgery. Olivia's not interested. Mel starts to explain that she is the executor of Gus' will and tells Natalia that the house Gus bought is in her name. Natalia thinks she should sell it because she can't afford the mortgage payments. Olivia offers to pay for that as a thank you to Gus. "You would do that? For me and Rafe?" Natalia asks, moved. Olivia is silent. Mel becomes uncomfortable and walks out. Olivia coldly tells Natalia that she's buying the house for herself. The house was the last thing Gus bought so she wants it for herself. "I wish I'd left you on the floor," Natalia says, walking out.

    The True Love Card

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    In his office, Bill is trying to get in touch with Lizzie. He's already set up a custody hearing. Matt walks in to remind Bill of the happy days before Jonathan. Bill misses those days. He goes to visit Mel and tells her how worried he is and how he feels about Lizzie, though he doesn't want to "label it" and isn't sure how long it will last. As he rambles, Rick is walked through the hall by a guard. She notices and calls down to him.

    I Miss My Old Friend

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Cassie meets Mel at the station before the hearing for Will begins. Mel wishes Josh was there. She's not convinced that Will is ready to go home with his mother. Cassie does her best to convince her. Mel walks into the coffee room and Marina asks her how she knew that Rick was cheating on her. This makes Mel uncomfortable and she quickly gets away while Marina tries to feed her marshmallows. Back in the hearing room, Cassie explains her version of Will's story to the judge and makes her case for keeping custody of the boy.

    Time to Let Go

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    Beth takes the baby to see Rick to get her checked out. She tells him that they can't call the baby Bernadette. This upsets him, but Beth reminds him that the baby isn't a Bauer. He can't let go of that idea, he says. Beth takes his hand and asks him to go and see Lizzie with her. They go off to meet Lizzie and run into Mel. She eagerly holds the baby and asks them what she's called. She tells them that Alan's lawyers keep calling her and she offers to help them fight him off if they need her. It won't be easy, however, because Alan is the father and they kept him from the baby. The only thing they can do is frustrate him enough so that he'll do something illegal. That sounds good to Rick. Beth takes the crying baby away to feed her and Mel tells Rick it's time to cut his losses. When Beth returns, she tells Rick that she doesn't want a judge to decide what happens to her baby; she's sick of being a victim. She's going to take care of things this time. She tells him they will put all the blame on Cassie and tell the judge that Josh threatened him into go along with it. Rick is reluctant, but Beth is certain that this is the only thing to do.

    Bad bad boys

    Friday, December 14 2007

    On Main Street, Beth chats on the phone to Rick that she will read the pamphlets on autism he gave to her. Mel walks up and they make awkward small talk. Beth wants to thank her for her generosity for the Bauer house and Mel says she wants to move on. They chat about their pregnancies and Beth apologizes, but Mel says she is fine and there is life after Rick. They talk about autism brochures and the statistics. Beth says Mel did everything right during her pregnancy and she wants to do the same. Mel says she is so glad Beth is looking out for the baby and says she will drop off some books on autism. Beth talks to her baby and says, "I'm going to do everything right this time."

    Aren't They Adorable?

    Tuesday, October 09 2007

    Cassie, Billy, Mel and Josh debate who is going to take full responsibility for the building collapse. Josh doesn't want his brother to take the fall and Cassie thinks that she should take the blame. As they loudly argue, Lizzie interrupts with a whistle. She read the contract and none of them are actually to blame. Bill is the one behind the whole setup. Mel says it might not matter anyway: She shows them a letter from one of the families that lost their home in the disaster. It thanks Lewis for all of their help taking care of medical expenses and finding them a new place to live. As Mel and Lizzie walk away to finish the PR campaign, Josh tells his brother that he's off the hook for this: He's not going to be running the company anymore; he needs to sober up. Billy argues for a chance to step up and do things right; there is no cure for alcoholism, he says, so a leave of absence won't help. After recalling their childhood, Josh gives in and lets his brother have another chance. Meanwhile, Cassie goes into Company where she finds Lizzie watching the Lewis brothers arguing. 'Aren't they adorable,' she smiles. She thought there were no good guys left until she met them. The whole family has been such an inspiration for her, particularly the way that Cassie pulled herself back together after losing Tammy. She admits that sometimes she thinks of having another baby and wonders if it's wrong to try and replace Sarah.

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