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    Guiding Light CAST - Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Melissande "Mel" Boudreau Bauer Played by Yvonna Kopacz Wright on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Yvonna Wright

    Birthday: 1972-01-08
    Marital Status: Married, Brett Wright July 18, 2003
    Real Name: Yvonna Kopacz Wright


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    The End.

    Friday, September 18 2009

    Remy tries to get Christina to relax. She's eager to get married before they have the baby. They rush off to find Mel. When she opens his door, they see Cyrus naked in bed. "I was just giving her her birthday present," he says.

    Remy and Christina tell Mel and Cyrus that they are having a baby.

    I'm Going To Miss Him.

    Thursday, September 17 2009

    Cyrus goes to see Mel. It's her birthday so he hands her cookies, telling her that they are terrible but he wanted to give her something. They kiss. Then they go to The Beacon and do a lot more.

    You've Given Me Happiness.

    Tuesday, September 15 2009

    Jonathan and Lizzie talk by the water. He tells her that he visited Alan. She says that he's really changed. He leaves and meets Mel in the parking lot with his daughter. They walk back to the party. When everyone sees them, the dancing stops. Jonathan says that his daughter needs her mom and they will be staying. Everyone promises to help keep her safe. Jonathan takes out the custody papers he had drawn up.

    Cyrus and Mel stand by the water and kiss.

    Take Your Cookies And Go Home.

    Friday, August 21 2009

    At Company, Buzz and Cyrus are sorting though their box of stuff when Mel arrives with some legal paperwork for Cyrus to sign. He's now a free man. After she leaves, Buzz repeats to his son that he's not going to dump the Jenna stuff. Frank has other things to worry about... like Natalia. Buzz doesn't think it's much of a problem. She arrives and Buzz makes himself scarce. Frank admits to her that he's still not sure he wants her raising the baby with Olivia.

    Mel runs into Nat in the minimart and notices she's pregnant. They talk about baking and decide to make cookies together. They go to Nat's and start baking for their 'friends'. Mel admits that there is a man she wants to be 'friendly' with.

    Mel brings the cookies to Cyrus and wishes him a happy birthday. He thanks her and doesn't know how he can thank her for everything else she's done. She grabs him and kisses him, then apologizes. She's wanted to do that for a long time. He thanks her. "This is the best birthday I've had for a very long time," he says. When they get on the bed, it breaks. She thinks they should just have cookies. He tells her she's cute and she asks him about his dogtags. He tells her about his mom and then asks to taste her cookies. She nervously runs for the door. He calls and arranges a flight to Australia.

    Not the Easiest People To Love.

    Monday, August 10 2009

    Mel wakes up Christina and Remy. She tells them that they need to work on a plan to save Cyrus. Mel wants Cyrus back inside because she needs him to get information from a snitch in jail. He thinks she's being devious. Christina thinks that Mel's just looking for a way to get to Cyrus.

    As Cyrus sits in his cell, Mel arrives and tells him that she might be able to get his sentence lessened if he had some information to barter with. She implies what she wants him to do and leaves him alone with the snitch in the cell across from him. After they've talked, Mel gets Cyrus out. He tells her that he doesn't have any money. "Don't worry. You'll pay," she says to him.

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