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    Guiding Light CAST - Ashlee Wolfe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ashlee Wolfe Played by Caitlin Van Zandt on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Caitlin Van Zandt

    Birthday: July 13, 1985
    Birthplace: New York
    Marital Status: unknown
    Real Name: Caitlin Van Zandt


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    The End.

    Friday, September 18 2009

    Doris tells her daughter that she pulled a few strings and got her into the writing program at Berkley. Ashlee runs off and tells Daisy. She thinks they should rent a house together. "We're going to California!" they scream.

    Remy and Christina call their friends down to the courthouse for a speedy wedding. Doris performs the service. They sign the license and run off to say goodbye to Ashlee and Daisy. Everyone hugs, Doris cries and Daisy tells Marina she'll have to handle being the only Cooper girl. James and Daisy tell each other that they love each other. She and Ashlee jump in the car and drive off.

    You Saved All Of Us.

    Wednesday, September 16 2009

    Frank, Ashlee, Daisy, Nat, Olivia and Blake take Rafe to the bus stop. He hugs them each as they stand in line. His mother weeps. He tells her he's got to go and asks Olivia to take care of his mom. He gets on the bus and Nat cries on Olivia's shoulder.

    You Made Us A Family.

    Thursday, September 10 2009

    Ashlee and Rafe sit in the gazebo joking around about setting up their moms. He tells her that his mom is already with Olivia. Daisy drops by and they tell her that their mothers are lesbians. Daisy is shocked and tells her friend that she should probably talk to her mother after running off the way she did. Ashlee leaves and Daisy sits with Rafe but doesn't know what to say.

    Ashlee goes to her mother's office. Doris sobs and apologizes for being a bad mom. Ashlee says she wasn't bad, she just put up a wall between them. She's angry that she never let her know her. Ashlee wants them to start getting to know each other now. They weep and hug.

    Doris and Ashlee go to the farm house to help Olivia move in. Nat wants to make everyone dinner. Rafe and Frank decide they can play softball while she cooks. They break into teams. Josh arrives and they pull him in. James stops by and tells everyone that the procedure went well. Olivia takes Nat aside to say, "You did it. You made us a family."

    I Want To Do It.

    Friday, September 04 2009

    Ashlee brings the galleys for Coop's book to Buzz in Company. He's proud of her for doing this. She did it for Coop. Doris comes in and Ashlee excitedly runs off. Buzz tells Doris what a great daughter she has. Doris can't take much credit for her and feels like she never gave her enough. Buzz tells her she can fix that.

    Blake meets Ashlee and hands her a check for her editor's fee. Ashlee's thrilled. Doris calls and asks to meet her daughter for lunch.

    Doris and Ashlee meet for lunch at the baseball diamond. Doris babbles nervously and talks about opening up. Ashlee isn't really following. They remember the day Doris told her about sex. Doris explains that she wanted to tell her something else that day. "I'm a lesbian," she says. Ashlee nearly hyperventilates. Doris explains what a lesbian is but her daughter already knows. Doris says she's always known but she tried to hide it and be like other people until she decided to live by her own rules. After she was fertilized, everything changed for her. As Ashlee grew up and asked questions, she could never come clean to her. She's sorry that she has never shared herself with her daughter. Ashlee doesn't know why she never trusted her. "You were cruel to me!" she cries. She's not ashamed, but she's angry that her mother could never love her enough to be honest with her.

    Rafe runs into Ashlee outside. He can see she's upset. She explains what happened with her mother. He laughs, but she's serious. Doris has been keeping the secret from her for her whole life. She thinks her mother has been angry at her all along but it's just because she didn't like herself. "She trusted you enough to tell you this," he points out.

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