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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    Something's not Right.

    Thursday, April 10 2008

    When Harley returns home, she finds the family sorting through all of Gus' belongings and deciding who gets what. Cyrus continues to get uncomfortable and starts to clean up while everyone ignores him. Zach finally asks if Cyrus wants any of it. Harley laughs. Cyrus picks up the box to take what's left to Natalia. He goes outside with the box and Daisy runs out, accusing him of trying to throw Gus' things away. Harley runs out after them and Cyrus explains that he just wants to help her so she isn't forced to constantly look at these things. Harley points out that they are only Gus' things and he is still gone. Daisy thinks that Cyrus still shouldn't be there and blames everything on him. She storms away and Harley tells Cyrus that she feels better when she is with him. Later, she and Cyrus eat ice cream in bed and try to decide on a color. She looks through the blueprints and notices that Gus wrote "creme" on them and, if Gus wanted that color, that is the color they will paint it. She sends him off to do the laundry. He stops and stares in the mirror, obviously disturbed by everything.

    I Didn't ask for This.

    Monday, April 07 2008

    Harley remains at the church. She goes to the altar and picks up the portrait of Gus. Cyrus helps her take it down. They go over to Company and Harley seems annoyed that the cops are loudly getting drunk inside. Cyrus says Gus must have been wonderful if they are remembering him like this. She thanks him for his help. Blake arrives and hugs her before walking away. "Her husband also died...I mean, not husband," Harley corrects herself. Mallet and Marina poke their heads out and ask her to come in and tell some Gus stories. As she's pulled in, the funeral director grabs Cyrus and tells him that Harley's credit card was declined. Cyrus says that she's busy right now and he'll take care of it. He sends the man away and watches as Harley tells stories to the crowd. She and Marina share some awkward glances and she goes into the washroom. As she talks to herself, Gus appears. He tells her not to be sad. "I always thought it would be us in the end," she cries. Buzz interrupts and she takes another beer as they wander back to the party, stopping to cry on the steps along the way.

    Harley finds Cyrus sitting alone outside. She swipes his beer and downs it before asking him to go to a bar somewhere where they don't know anyone. "I wish I could just be numb," she says. "Then you wouldn't be you," he reminds her, telling her that she's been great today and can do anything she sets her mind to. She kisses him and thanks him for reminding her that there is something she can do after all. They go back to her house and start doing construction work. He tells her that it's okay to let him kiss her; it doesn't mean that she's forgotten Gus. He goes to the basement to get nails and she starts to tear down some sheet rock, finding a heart painted behind it. "I'm a romantic, what can I say?" the ghost of Gus tells her. He suggests that finishing the house is a good way to move on. She writes "Harley loves Gus" on the heart before taping over it. Daisy surprises her and offers to help out but Harley asks her to go and do something fun instead. Daisy insists that she wants to help; she thinks Gus would expect it. They comfort each other before Cyrus returns. Daisy asks if the funeral director got in touch with her. Cyrus says that he took care of it. Harley leaves to get the power tools while Daisy tells Cyrus to pack up and leave, reminding him that he will never be Gus. He apologizes for shutting down her fake ID business and agrees to partner up with her. Meanwhile, Harley is upstairs when Gus' spirit surprises her and tells her he has to go. He wants her to promise to finish the house and tells her he will be waiting for her. "I love you y'know," he says before vanishing. She slumps onto the floor.

    One Family Out of Separate Lives.

    Friday, April 04 2008

    Harley wakes in bed and climbs out, picking up a picture of Gus as she runs the shower. She showers and cries before going downstairs where she finds Daisy making breakfast. She thanks her but walks to the door. "Gus would want you to take care of yourself," Daisy reminds her, suggesting that she eat something. Harley tells her daughter to be the mother today and asks her to look after the boys and Cyrus. She walks out.

    Harley meets Natalia at her new house. Natalia admits that she hasn't been able to unpack or even to sleep in the bedroom. Everywhere she looks, she sees Gus. Harley asks her if she wants a funeral. Natalia doesn't want to think about it. Harley tells her that she can't keep Gus from the people who cared about him. They planned a funeral for him already, Harley tells her. She tells Natalia that she can come if she wants to or she can boycott it; she doesn't care. Natalia reminds her that she was his wife. "Don't tell me this is all about Gus," she says as Harley turns her back on her. Natalia goes to Cedars to finish paperwork for the insurance company. As she walks away, the nurse asks her if she needs to see a grief counselor. She shakes her head and wanders into Olivia's room for a moment. Later, her brother spontaneously appears at her bedside. "I don't come to visit you often enough so you rip your heart out to make me hop on plane?" Sam jokes, taking her hand. She barely looks at him.

    Cyrus and Harley arrive at the church to go over the funeral arrangements. Cyrus explains that she is Gus' ex-wife. The funeral director says that divorce should never stop you from going first class. Looking at the bill, Cyrus is disturbed that she is spending this much on the service, but Harley insists that this is important. She goes home and puts on her funeral black. Cyrus puts his arms around her and she tells him to go and check on the boys. He takes the boys to the church. Harley arrives and cries on Frank's shoulder. He reminds her that Gus loved her. Alan arrives. "Did you have to—" she starts, but Alan stops her rant to ask her if she chose the flowers or Natalia did. Before they can argue, the bagpipes can be heard and all of the cops in town start to file in wearing their dress uniforms.

    Alan tells Natalia that she should be in charge of the service; she's the widow after all. "Gosh, thanks for reminding me," she says, walking away from him. Meanwhile, Lizzie thanks Bill for coming to the funeral with her. Ava arrives and Lizzie starts taunting her. Ava says that she feels bad for Rafe and pointedly comments that she doesn't think any child should go without a father. Elsewhere, Harley finds her daughter watching Natalia and Rafe from a distance. "You hold onto me and I'll hold onto you," Harley offers as Daisy rests her head on her shoulder.

    Alexandra arrives and comforts her brother. As she cries, he helps her to a pew and Reverend Ruthledge begins the service. After he says his piece, he lets Harley up to speak. She stutters incoherently about the "tornado that swept through town and turned everybody upside down." Before she becomes too distraught, Alan stops her and helps her down. He takes the pulpit and says that they are all in shock that someone so vibrant could now be out of their lives. "I've lost a lot recently, but I'll never recover from the loss of my son Gus...the son who wanted nothing from me...who was just content being who he was...I envy that. Sometimes people have to be taken away from you before you realize the blessing they were to you and your life. I'm honored to have him as my son," he says. He gets down and Rafe goes up next. "We are his sons: Zach and Jude are just as much his sons as I am," he says. They hold his badge and a flag. "He was a good dad," Rafe says and the boys say they miss him. Mallet goes up next, recalling how much Gus loved the Chicago Cubs and saying that the sounds of the game will always make them all remember him now. All the cops pull on Cubs caps.

    Harley goes up again and recalls her first meeting with Gus and his "wonderful craziness". She wishes the best for Olivia and says that there are things that she wishes she could change, but she's happy that he got back his son Rafe and knows that Zach and Jude are happy to have a new big brother. She feels so blessed for knowing his love. Natalia stands up and says that, while she was against this, she was wrong. She shouldn't have been wrapped up in her own grief. Hearing them all speak of Gus gives her strength; not a day went by when she didn't love him, her first love and her last. She can't say goodbye anymore and hopes that Gus lives on in the, "one family he has created in so many separate lives." The Reverend finishes with a prayer as everyone files from the church into the rain outside.

    Gus is Gone.

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    Harley paces around her bedroom before pulling out some old pictures of Gus. She tears through her wardrobe before taking out her old wedding dress and collapsing in tears. She puts it on and goes out to the yard with a cup of coffee. Afterwards, she puts it back in the closet and takes out her black dress, laying it on the bed. Later, Marina arrives to offer her condolences. She offers to look after the boys and Daisy. The boys are with grandpa and Harley doesn't know where Daisy is. Harley is glad that Marina's there, however. "It means everything to me," she says, hugging her. When Cyrus walks through the door, Marina announces that she has to go; she's not able to deal with this. Apologizing, she walks out. Harley and Cyrus then go jogging and he stops to stretch. He tries to talk to her about Vanessa. She isn't in the mood to talk about it. She starts to worry that Natalia would have no idea what to do for Gus' funeral, but she's sure that she knows what he would want. She becomes short of breath so he holds onto her and promises to take care of her.

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