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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    Never Ever Ever.

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Harley meets her brother at Company. He tells her that he's lost his job to Mallet. She doesn't understand. Frank assumes there must be a reason for everything. She thinks things just stink and suggests he take advantage of his time to start dating again. She asks him over for dinner and he says maybe tomorrow. As she walks out, Rafe walks in. He orders some food and Frank asks him how his mother is doing. He tells him that he is part of his family, just as Gus was, and if he's having problems, he wants him to come to him for help.

    Harley walks into the gym and approaches Cassie while she's working out. Cassie tries to get away, claiming to be tired. Harley begs her to stay and watch her "suffer". As she starts to lift weights, Cassie gulps when she asks her if she saw Cyrus. She explains that she got a call from a telemarketer about Gus and worries about Cyrus and how he's suffering from not being Gus. She wonders if Cyrus should talk to Josh, or maybe she's the one who should talk to Josh. Cassie doesn't think that's a good idea. "You don't need to ask advice of anyone. You're grieving," Cassie advises. Later, Cassie finds herself at the bar confessing all of her problems to a stranger.

    Cyrus and Marina meet at Towers for a meal. "Thanks...for telling Harley all about the Vanessa scam," he says. She apologizes; she couldn't lie to Harley. He understands and so did Harley, he explains. That surprises her. He tells her that he's trying hard to make a life with her aunt. "Don't mess with Harley and don't try to come between us," he warns. He walks her upstairs and tells her that he wants them to be friends but he won't let her make Harley miserable. "Don't worry about it. You'll do that on your own," she says, closing the door on him. Later, Daisy arrives and drops onto her bed. They start complaining about men and eat chocolate. Later, Marina tracks down her father and tells him that Mallet has a job for him. He doesn't think he should go back. Mallet approaches to chime in. "I used to be a damn good I guess I could be again. I'm in," Frank finally says, much to Marina and Mallet's delight. Later, Mallet asks Marina if she'd like to "hang out". When he returns to the station, Harley arrives and asks for the rest of Gus' stuff, including the six cases with his name still on them. She tells him that she has a great guy in her life now, but she can't stop thinking of Gus. She feels closer to him now than ever before.

    Cyrus stops Daisy in the rain and offers her a ride. She reluctantly agrees. Her phone rings and she stumbles through a conversation. He asks her what's going on. She tells him she's just in a little trouble. She's still making fake IDs and is being threatened by another kid. He offers to help her be better at her "business venture". The better she is, the less likely she is to get into trouble and the happier Harley will be. He returns home with dinner for Harley. She thanks him for trying so hard and they giggle while he eats his fortune cookie with the fortune inside. He goes over to Company to pick up some dessert and runs into Cassie. They share an awkward moment and he grabs the food and leaves. She tries calling Josh but only gets his answering service. "I need you to give me another chance. I need you," she says.

    You Need Help!

    Tuesday, April 15 2008

    At home, Harley finds a pack of cigarettes which Gus hid in the kitchen. She pulls out a broken cigarette and smiles before putting it away and staring at the flame of the lighter. She starts to cut out coupons. Meanwhile, Marina walks out of the guest house and calls Cyrus, leaving a message reminding him that they were supposed to meet. She arrives at Harley's and helps her cut out coupons for toilet paper. Marina awkwardly informs Harley that Vanessa caught Cyrus breaking into her room in a bid to scare her into giving them more money. "I know how it feels when you find out that he's been lying to you," Marina says before excusing herself. Alone, Harley wanders around her house, picking up a photo of she and Cyrus.

    Cyrus drives up to Harley's and parks. After a moment, he gets out and goes inside, watching as she tears open envelopes. He takes her hands and tells her he understands how important Gus was to her and, if she wants to make his project her priority, that's fine with him. She tells him that Marina told her of the break in at Vanessa's. "I had this crazy notion about taking money from a rich woman and giving it to a poor woman who really needed it. Disappointed?" he asks. She hugs him. She knows that he blames himself for their debts and understands why he has been doing the things that he's been doing. "I'm sorry that I pushed you away," she offers. "You are not a substitute for Gus. I love you," she insists, kissing him. She just wants to pretend that this whole stupid day never happened.

    You're Nothing Like him

    Monday, April 14 2008

    At home, Harley slips out of bed with Cyrus and goes downstairs to put on a DVD of her wedding to Gus. Cyrus wakes up and peers down the stairs to watch her, eventually shrinking away. She later goes upstairs where she finds him dressing and says that she made him breakfast. They have a strained conversation before he offers to show her what he's good at. They begin to fall into bed when the doorbell rings. She hurries off and finds Mel at the door. She informs Harley that she is the executor of Gus' will. Cyrus joins them and Mel informs them that Gus owned a building where he wanted to start a boys and girls club for orphaned children. He never finished setting it up, of course, but he named Harley as its director. After Mel leaves, Harley can't believe she never knew anything about this. She wants to run off and take a look but Cyrus suggests that this isn't the best time to do it; she can barely support her family right now. Gus' funeral wiped them out and they have no money. "This is bigger than that! This is real!" she insists, walking out. Later, she sits at the table crunching numbers. Cyrus thinks she's acting like it's her fault that Gus is gone. She wishes that she'd reached out more and done something differently. "You think that you're so powerful you could have saved him? You're not the only one who lost him! He had a wife and a son!" he reminds her, telling her that he saw her watching the wedding video. He knows that he's nothing like Gus. "You're right. You're nothing like him," she says. "Maybe I should go?" he wonders. "Maybe you should," she says, barely looking at him. He walks out.

    Something's not Right.

    Thursday, April 10 2008

    Harley wakes up beside Cyrus. After stretching, she goes down to make coffee. She starts sorting through the bills on the table. After withdrawing all of her funds from the bank, she returns home and shows Cyrus all of her money, now carefully organized in a series of envelopes, and explains her financial plan. There are still the funeral costs and everything else, he reminds her. He wonders where they are going to keep all this cash. She offers to hide it in the cookbook she never uses. She starts to pace and still feels that something is wrong. The phone rings and he throws it to her. Zach has little league practice today and she forgot all about it. "I know money's tight but, you and me, we're okay right?" he asks. She ignores this question and gathers up all the envelopes, ordering him to take a paint can to the car. She decides that she wants to take the paint back and get a different color.

    Cyrus returns home with some paint and starts bickering with Daisy who accuses him of being too "domesticated". Harley walks in and starts to flip through a design magazine with her daughter and explains her ideas while Cyrus carts things in. As he starts painting, she watches and criticizes his technique. She starts to complain about the color and he tells her to give it a chance or to try cream. She shakes her head, repeating that it has to be just right. They try another color. Harley ignores everything Cyrus says and asks for more colors. They run out and she demands more colors. He tells her they can't afford any more paint. "Something's not right. Something's missing," she says, sending Daisy out to get Buzz and some iced coffee. She tells Cyrus to look after Zach while she goes down to the basement.

    Cyrus goes down to Harley's basement and finds her blowing up Gus' inflatable doll, Mona. He makes some jokes about how awkward having a sex doll must have been for her. She explains that Gus just used her for the passenger seat in his car so that he could travel in the carpool lane. As she starts to sort through a box of Gus's stuff, he becomes more uncomfortable. She and Cyrus go upstairs where Buzz makes food for Zach. Harley takes out the Gus box and starts unpacking it on the table and laughing. Grabbing something, she runs out. Cyrus looks rejected so Buzz reminds him that it's just stuff. "Gus' stuff," he points out glumly. Meanwhile, Harley chases down Jeffrey and hands him the medal that belonged to Gus' dad, Joe. She knows that Jeffrey's been in touch with Gus' sister Eden and thinks that she should have it. She asks about Olivia. "Don't worry. Gus' heart is going to be fine," he assures her.

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