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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    I Feel Like I'm Cheating on Gus.

    Thursday, April 24 2008

    At school, Daisy sells a fake ID to a student. They chat and the student tells Daisy that Rafe has a new girlfriend. She goes over to Company and sells another one. Cyrus walks in and she becomes defensive, reminding him that she has been helping to pay the bills. He tells her that she shouldn't be doing "business" in plain view and advises her to be smarter about this. She insists that he has jail bird written all over him and hurries away because he's bad for business. She relocates to Main Street, where her mother soon tracks her down and drags her home. Harley confronts her daughter, who lazily apologizes before taunting her mother, asking her if she is going to cuff her. Harley would love to throw her in jail, but she won't. Daisy argues that she only did this for the money, the same reason everyone does everything. She wanted money to move in with Rafe, but he doesn't want her anymore because he became convinced that Gus wouldn't want them together. Daisy becomes distraught contemplating how the family is collapsing and runs out.

    Cyrus arrives at home and Harley tells him what happened with Daisy. He confesses that he was helping her daughter sell the fake IDs. He explains what was going on to her and claims that the money helped. He even argues that Daisy was just learning to be an entrepreneur. "What could possibly be going on in your head?" she yells. How does he think this looks? A cop's boyfriend is helping her daughter commit crimes. She becomes breathless and pushes him away. He insists that he was only trying to help. "I know. I believe you," she says before explaining that Gus found Daisy in the car that killed Tammy and he hid her to protect her. He did that because he loved Harley, so she understands. She tells him that Frank thinks she's doing too much. "We can do this. We're really good together," he says. She doesn't think that's enough. He admits that he's screwed up, but he's in completely new territory and he's never been in a relationship long enough to screw up this bad. She tells him that going back to work feels right, but being with him feels wrong. "When I'm with you, I feel like I'm cheating on Gus," she confesses.

    I Thought You'd Given up.

    Wednesday, April 23 2008

    Harley slips on her badge before peering at a photo of Gus in her dresser drawer. She starts frantically running around the house looking for the children. Cyrus explains that he's already fed them and taken them to school. Before she can run off to work, he reminds her that she doesn't even have her gun.

    Standing amid case files, Harley tells Marina that she's excited to be back and wants to take care of all of Gus' cases. She doesn't want anyone else touching them. "Except me... I'm your partner," Marina reminds her. Harley admits that this is a less than perfect set-up. When they walk to the parking lot, Marina makes her aunt ride shotgun as they get in the car. She tells her aunt what she'll be doing today, but Harley doesn't need to hear it. They drive off to meet one of Gus' former informants. When they meet him, he refuses to deal with anyone but Gus. Marina tells him that he has no choice now but to deal with them; Gus is dead. The informant freaks out, reaching into his pocket for something and running off. Harley freezes and drops her gun and Marina runs after the informant. Soon, Cyrus runs up to Harley and holds her still while she explains what happened. Marina returns and sees them together, keeping her distance.

    When Cyrus returns home, Mallet is waiting for him. He's had some information about break-ins and the person involved in them happens to meet Cyrus' description. "I'm living with a cop. How crazy do you think I am?" Cyrus asks. Mallet isn't sure. Cyrus knows he has nothing so Mallet leaves as Cyrus reminds him to keep an eye on Harley. Later, Harley returns home and Cyrus gives her a beer, telling her that tomorrow will be better. She's depressed and isn't sure she can handle it. When she heard Marina say that Gus was dead, her panic attacks started again. "His being gone is clearly something I'm having trouble dealing with," she cries. He's sorry, but is sure that a time will come when she can start letting go. "I don't know," she shakes her head. Meanwhile, Mallet returns to the station and Marina comes in to check on him. She tells him that Harley is not ready to be back at work. She's actually worried about her, she has to admit. As she slumps down, he reminds her that Gus just died. She thinks it's more than that and isn't sure that Harley can watch her back. He promises to watch her back.

    The Look of a Running Fellow.

    Tuesday, April 22 2008

    Harley walks into the police station. She stares off blankly at Gus' open cases on the police board. When she returns home, she gets Cyrus out of the shower to explain all of the "bill boxes" she's set up. He wants to make out, but she wants to go back to the force. He's startled and asks her about their business. She points out that they don't have any clients and walks away. He follows her downstairs and worries about how much stress being a cop will put on her. "I'm going back to work because we need the money," she insists, plus Gus left unfinished cases and she wants to finish them to get closure. "Okay. Good. I just wish I could help," he says. He is, she tells him.

    Cassie gets RJ ready for his trip to a friend's house. He wonders when Josh will be back and she tries to reassure him. After sending the boy off, she tries calling Josh again. He still won't pick up his phone. Later, Harley arrives, searching for stuff to help her kids make dioramas. Harley starts to rant about how her life is falling apart and how she feels like she is doing nothing for Gus. She doesn't know how to move on. When she asks Cassie how Josh is helping her move on after losing Tammy, Cassie becomes uncomfortable. "I don't think I'm the right person for you to talk to about this," she says. Seeing that she seems at loose ends, Harley invites her to have dinner with she and Cyrus. Cassie doesn't think that's a good idea, but refusal doesn't seem to be an option.

    Harley drags Cassie home for dinner, much to Cyrus' surprise. She looks for an excuse to escape Harley's cooking but she can't manage it. Cassie and Cyrus exchange uncomfortable looks and Harley sends her to help Cyrus do his repair work while she cooks. Reluctantly, she follows him down the hall but keeps her distance. They whisper about how awful they feel until Harley calls them back down. There is an awkward silence and then Harley decides to toast to the two people who have been sticking by her and helping her through everything. Cyrus and Cassie look away. They finish a bottle of wine and an announcement comes on the radio that there will be budget cuts and a hiring freeze for the police department. Harley runs out, claiming that she's going after ice cream and leaving them behind. Cyrus doesn't know if he should chase her or leave her alone. He loves Harley but... he stops himself and starts to do the dishes to avoid speaking. Meanwhile, Harley has run over to the police station to confront Doris about the budget cuts. She points out how many cases are left open and offers to take Gus' cases for less than the standard wage. Doris sighs and agrees. Harley cries and hugs her.

    Never Ever Ever.

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    Cyrus hurries downstairs and laughs at Harley cleaning up after breakfast. Before he can rush away to work, she suggests that she make dinner and then they can spend the night with the kids. She kisses him goodbye and then the phone rings: It's the phone company calling about Gus. She tells them that he's dead and they hang up on her. Meanwhile, Cyrus meets with Cassie to discuss their rendezvous the other day. He tells her that he had a fight with Harley and the whole family thing is new to him... She doesn't need him to explain. She knows they both love the people they are with. They agree to forget it and act like nothing happened. "One thing... I told Josh," she confesses. She didn't tell him who it was she slept with though and she never will. "Harley never needs to know. Never ever ever," she says.

    Harley chases Mallet around the courthouse. He wonders if this is about Frank but she has no idea what he's talking about. She explains Gus' plans for a girls and boys club and asks if he could get the police involved in mentoring. He says that sounds good and she walks off. In the parking lot, he gets a call about a fight on the golf course. He doesn't have anyone to send so he agrees to come on his own. Meanwhile, Dinah laughs with the golf course manager. When Mallet arrives, he's shocked to find Dinah there and no fight. Dinah laughs and says that Mallet is just like Andy Griffith on his old show. He reminds her that he has an important job and has no time for "playdates" and "crank calls". He would like to give up his job; he never wanted to take it from Frank. "Give me a day and I can fix it," she offers. "We used to have fun," she tells him. He knows, but tells her to stop annoying him. Things just don't work when they're together, he tells her. She repeats that she loves him. "I love you's just what happens when we get together," he explains. He needs calm and order and kisses her goodbye.

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