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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    This is the Worst Idea Ever!

    Friday, May 02 2008

    Harley packs up more things of Gus' for the basement and then goes upstairs. Natalia arrives and Harley explains that she's signed Rafe up for a college prep course. Natalia reminds her that she's having money problems and doesn't need to do this. Harley takes her to the basement and starts showing her through the boxes of Gus' stuff. Natalia offers her the jacket of Gus' that he left behind and suggests that Cyrus might like it. "Cyrus isn't living here now," Harley says sadly. Natalia suggests that she keep more of Gus' things. When he left her, all those years ago, he left a lot behind too.

    When Harley arrives at the station, she's surprised to find a debt collector sitting at her desk. He says they won't put a lean on her property... yet. They will garnish her wages first. He smiles smugly and walks away. She returns home and starts going through her bills. Josh arrives and asks her why she hasn't done anything yet; he's still paying her to look into what Cassie's been up to. She tries to make excuses but he needs to know the truth. He'd like to believe Cassie, but this is just festering and he needs a way to put it behind him. He puts the check on the table and tells her to think about it. Once she's gone, she picks the check up.

    Cassie goes knocking on Cyrus' door at The Beacon. She yells through the door to wake him out of his hangover. When she goes inside, she tries to avert her gaze as he walks around the room with a headache and no shirt. She reminds him that he's scheduled to do security today and he needs to find a way to get Harley back. She never thought he would go to pieces over a woman. He's not, he insists. After getting dressed, he meanders around the building. There's nothing much to do and he wanders away. He returns to Harley's. She tells him that he can't show up like this. He needed to remember why he is staying around town. "Do you remember now?" she asks as they embrace. After they have sex on the couch, she wonders why he keeps coming back. He tells her to stop fighting this. Nothing makes sense to her anymore; she's even spying on one of her best friends. She explains that Josh hired her to find out who Cassie slept with.

    Maybe you Should Love me Less.

    Monday, April 28 2008

    At the station, Harley becomes frustrated as she keeps losing her reports. Mallet assures her that she will get comfortable eventually. He suggests that she go home for the day. Reluctantly, she leaves. Marina thanks him for sending her partner home. When Harley goes out to get her car, she's shocked to find that it's vanished. Cyrus pops up and offers her a lift. She accuses him of stealing her car just so he can offer her a ride. He smiles and promises to help her find her car. He drives her home and asks her if he can borrow some tools to redo the locks at The Beacon. Wandering into the house, he offers to fix some moldings which are ready to fall off the wall. It doesn't take long for them to knock the Crispix off the table and start making out on the kitchen floor. Afterwards, he looks up at the ceiling and comments on all the cracks. She tells him that this is "the last time". Neither of them can remember if the ceiling had so many cracks when Gus was there. "It won't bring him back, pushing me away," he tells her. She doesn't want to listen; she doesn't see anything the same way anymore. He offers to help her fix things, but she says that he can't and he can't stay. "I have to concentrate on getting my life back," she insists, getting up. She shows him out and kisses him goodbye.

    Harley goes back in the house and cleans up before playing with Gus' lighter. Josh arrives at the door. Before he can explain why he's there, he changes his mind and turns to leave. She wants to talk though. They go outside and he tells her that he wants someone followed. He tells her what happened with Cassie. He hasn't been able to sleep since she told him and he doesn't think he can forgive her until he knows who it was. She reminds him that Cassie is her friend and she can't do this to her. He apologizes for even asking and she tells him that he should drop the whole thing.

    At The Beacon, Remy runs into Cassie. They talk about Tammy and she tells him it's a comfort to have someone who misses her as much as she does. She promises to cook him dinner if he will help with the church charity drive. "You are one pretty but evil woman," he smiles. Later, as she walks to her car, Harley follows her at a distance. They meet up in the beauty salon to have their nails done. They start talking about Josh and Cassie says that she just hopes he can get over her infidelity.

    Harley angrily tries to sort out her credit card bill but realizes that she has really spent over her limit. Frank arrives, sighing and sitting with his sister. She tells him not to worry about her. He's not; he's got problems of his own. "Men and women should never mingle. Nothing good comes of it," she comments. Meanwhile, Josh returns home and helps Cassie with the groceries. They share some awkward moments. He says that they have to get through this together. Suddenly, Harley calls him to say that she will take his offer. She wants to make sure that Cassie is alright too. If the man she was with is still around, she will catch him.


    Friday, April 25 2008

    Harley finds a pair of Cyrus' muddy boots in her yard and puts them in bag. Meanwhile, Josh returns to town and visits his church before returning home. He stands outside alone for awhile. Harley arrives to see Cassie. She finds Josh instead. He tells her that he hasn't been able to bring himself to go inside. She offers him some unsolicited advice. He thought that was his job, he jokes. She tells him to pick some wild flowers for Cassie and be grateful for what he has. Before she can leave, he asks her if she has any regrets about Gus. "Too many," she admits. She's all talked out about it though. It's been hard for her to see Cassie crying, she tells him. She doesn't know what happened but... Josh tells her that they will work it out and smiles. When she leaves, the smile vanishes and he paces by the door. He goes out to the field and picks some wild flowers before going into the house.

    Harley meets with Mallet outside the station. He tells her that her report on the incident with Marina was considerably different from her partner's. She admits that she froze up for a moment but wasn't having a panic attack. Mallet reminds her that this isn't about her being a good cop, it's about her keeping her partner safe. He's going to have to assign her to desk duty. She begs him not to. He tells her that she can't bring Gus back by putting herself and her partner in danger. "Take a break," he advises. She walks away. When she arrives at home, she finds Cyrus waiting for her. He tells her that he is not there to change her mind; he only came to pick up his stuff. She lets him in and he bags up his things. She hands him his boots and jacket and he hands her the keys. They stare at each other and then he walks way. Before he can leave the yard, she runs to him and pulls him into a kiss. They have sex in the garage because it's less muddy than the yard. Afterwards, she tells him to go so that she can think. He tells her to stop thinking and trust her heart. She's done too much of that already and asks him again to go. He picks up his things and slowly trudges away as she closes the door to the house.

    I Feel Like I'm Cheating on Gus.

    Thursday, April 24 2008

    At Company, Frank confronts his sister for abandoning Marina while they were on call. Harley apologizes but she couldn't help it. She lists all of the things she's stressing over but Frank isn't quite as sympathetic as usual. Returning to work, Harley finds a drawing by one of the kids in the car and takes it inside. A cop arrives with a kid he caught with a fake ID. She interrogates the kid, letting him off with a warning so long as he tells her where he got the ID from. "The same person sold them to half the school," he explains.

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