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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    That's the Story of Your Life.

    Tuesday, May 13 2008

    Josh arrives at Harley's and catches her doing some gardening. She wonders why he isn't at the game with RJ; that's not like him. He hasn't felt like himself since the Cassie thing, he admits. She tells him he shouldn't be taking that out on RJ. He tells her that he's going to see Chris Boyle, the guy who "did the thing" with Cassie. Harley tells him that he needs to move on or, well, move on. She thinks he came there looking for someone to talk him out of this. He says he just wanted to talk about this with someone not directly involved and starts to walk away. Again, she tells him to let it go. "Could you?" he asks.

    Blake arrives at Harley's to check in on her. Harley tells her about her panic attacks and her time on desk duty. Blake wants a drink, but when she looks in the fridge she notices that there is no food in it. No wonder Harley is having panic attacks, she jokes. Harley starts to ramble incoherently and then asks Blake how she is doing. She's been busy promoting Coop's book and she's joined an online dating service. "I really felt like I had to connect... otherwise I might do something stupid," she confesses. Harley wonders what. Blake changes the subject and wants to go drinking.

    Jeffrey arrives at Cassie's with some of the final paperwork on Alonzo's estate. He starts telling her about the movie when Blake and Harley arrive. He decides it's time to go and walks out. Blake wonders if she's interrupting something and gets them all some drinks. Harley, Blake and Cassie go out for a picnic. They worry that Blake is getting restless and that usually means trouble. She feels out of the loop so Harley begins talking about Gus and explaining that Cyrus is smart for not trying to be Gus; she still can't figure out who he is though. "He's a cutie," Blake summarizes, saying that you can't choose who you're attracted to and sometimes you make very inappropriate choices. Right now, there is someone in her mind who she can't shake. Who is it? "Your brother," she admits. "Frank?" the women assume, quite happily. Blake wishes it was that simple, but it's not Frank, it's Coop. Harley's jaw drops. Cassie says that she has problems too; she just had a one-night stand and Josh found out. "I feel like my head is going to explode," Blake says. As they laugh, Dinah walks in the distance and they hope she won't see them. She does and sits down, accepting a beer from Harley while the other women look away. She starts to tell them about her "fantastic" new life and house. It's all only for Mallet though and he doesn't understand. They begin talking about the Reva movie and Blake wonders who will play her. They decide to track her down and find out.

    All of the women file into Company and start prying for details from Reva. Blake offers to be her agent and suggests a movie could be good for the town. Reva just worries if she can do the movie without sacrificing what she has with Jeffrey. Dinah thinks she can have it all and they toast to this. Later, Cassie and Reva share an awkward moment alone outside. Reva tells her sister about the script and the part where she found her sister. When she goes back inside, she says she has to talk to Josh before she makes a final decision. Cassie's sure he'll be fine with whatever she does. Reva leaves as Cassie stares. Dinah tells Blake that she hung out at the carriage house before they tore it down. They briefly talk of Ross before Dinah admits that she isn't as happy with money as she thought she would be. Blake tells her that Ross always had faith and belief in her, so she will too. Dinah vows that she will make him proud and thanks her. They hug and Dinah walks out. "Nicely done my fiend," Harley comments. Zach runs in with Frank. He leaps onto his mother's lap and tells her that her breath smells funny.

    To be Continued.

    Thursday, May 08 2008

    Harley walks and talks to herself about her plans for a fundraising party for the kid's home. She arrives at Company to get things ready. She finds that her family and friends are already there and preparing things. As the preparations are finished, everyone starts filing out so they can go back to work for a few hours. Harley continues to worry but Buzz assures her that things will be alright. Cyrus walks in. "We're closed," Daisy tells him. Harley follows him outside and he helps her sort some decorations out, offering to stay away if she wants him to. She doesn't. He helps her set up a large picture of Gus. "I guess it always feels like he's in the room with us," she says. He knows what she means.

    At home, Harley dresses and spills something on her outfit. Continuing to get herself ready, she fumbles through her things but can't take it anymore and slouches onto the bed. Meanwhile, Cyrus arrives at the party and pays the cover charge to Daisy. She asks him if he's going back Down Under. He'll be sticking around, he says. Later, after Harley hasn't shown up, Daisy goes home to get her. She finds her mother laying on the couch, refusing to go to the fundraiser that she's organized. Daisy tells her that she has to go. Harley can't do it and insists that no one will miss her. She sends her daughter away and starts to cry.

    Cyrus tracks Harley down to confront her for ditching him in a room full of cops. He tells her that the event was a success and she made lots of money for charity. He asks her to get in the car with him. They drive off and she starts to beat herself up for not being able to let the past go and forcing him to live in Gus' shadow. He reminds her that he has a past as well. "What if it never gets better?" she wonders. He assures her it will.

    Is That What I Sound Like?

    Monday, May 05 2008

    Harley paces around her house looking for food. She thinks she's going to have to cash Josh's check and spy on Cassie, though she doesn't want to. Cyrus tells her not to do it for the money. She's sure that Josh will hire someone no matter what so it would be better if she did it. Cyrus offers to look after it; he's already around Cassie everyday. She thinks if she could solve all of the other cases Gus left, things could... "Get back to us," he suggests, putting his arm around her. He wants her back.

    Harley goes to the station and argues with another cop, who just happens to be a cousin of Doris'. She goes over to Towers and runs into Reva. She tells her about the boys club Gus wanted to start and Reva tells her about the movie. They talk about getting Daisy involved with it and Harley asks about Cassie. Reva points out that she hasn't been all that close with her sister lately. Harley hurries away and back to work. Daisy arrives to check in on her. She helps her mother read Gus' handwriting in his old case reports. Daisy explains that she'd like to travel this summer and suggests they have a family vacation. Harley laughs, thinking it's cute that her daughter imagines such a thing is even possible. Daisy thinks she should do something nice for herself; Gus would want that.

    Harley goes to see Cyrus. She tries picking up the mess in his room and tells him that she looked into Cassie but didn't find anything. This is just an excuse. "Why don't you just tell me that you want to see me?" he asks. When she's away, she thinks of him. When they're together, she thinks of Gus. She has history with Gus. "We have history of our own," he points out. Their beginning was wrong and it hurt people, she says. Maybe they should start over and talk with their clothes on? "You mean, date?" he smiles. She goes back to work and closes a case.

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