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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    Marry me Jeffrey?

    Monday, May 19 2008

    Harley storms home and kicks her daughter off the phone. She confronts her for being suspended from school. Daisy explains that she was caught for selling fake IDs. Harley's baffled that no one even tried to contact her about this. They did but Daisy just forged her name on the letter they sent. It was right after Gus' accident so she didn't want to dump this on her too. Harley wonders what all of this means; will she even graduate? Her daughter shakes her head and begins to cry.

    I Would've Carved Something but we Don't Have a Mantle.

    Friday, May 16 2008

    Cyrus is working out at the gym when an attractive woman arrives. They check each other out and she asks him if he's single. He says he's with someone. Is it serious? She asks. "I think so," he says. Back at Harley's, Daisy comes downstairs for breakfast. Her mother wants to go and try on graduation outfits. Daisy tries to avoid the subject and says that she might not even go. Frustrated, she leaves for Company. An annoyed Harley goes to work and starts to pace around. Cyrus suddenly pops up and surprises her. He invites her out but she says that she has too much to do. The phone rings and he wanders off while she's not looking. Later, she runs into another parent and they start talking about the graduation ceremony.

    Harley goes to see Jeffrey in his office to get an update on his investigation. He's still going after subpoenas and tells her he wants to keep this independent. "You're way too close to this," he reminds her. She knows and backs out. Back at headquarters, she finds a note on her desk that says: "Stay out of it!" Looking around at the cops, she demands to know who wrote it, but everyone looks away. Meanwhile, Jeffrey calls Mallet and tells him that he would like to work with the police department, not against them, on this case.

    Buzz goes to see his daughter and tells her about the poker game. He tells her that Daisy is awfully hard on old Cyrus. She tells him that they're just dating but she isn't ready for a commitment to him; she wants to keep him at a distance. He tells her that you can never be sure; you're either in or out. She knows what kind of man Cyrus is and has all along. She walks away from his advice. When he returns to Company and starts to sweep, Daisy arrives. They sit down and he starts to talk to her about where she gets her attitudes from. He has to wonder where she got her "wanderlust" from; he has it and so does her grandmother. She asks him if her mother has it too. He says her mom wanted roots and advises Daisy to take the middle road.

    Jeffrey arrives at Company. Cyrus tells him his girlfriend is quite the poker player. Jeffrey asks him about Harley and Cyrus explains that they're just "casual" right now. Smiling, Jeffery suggests that might be a good thing. "If you can have fun without complications in this town, you're an urban legend," he comments. Later, Cyrus returns to work at The Beacon. He gets called on an emergency. He rushes over and finds it's only Harley with a walkie-talkie. She invites him to dinner. At Towers, they share a sundae and he admits the he has trouble figuring her out. He invites her to dance and begins twirling her around the floor and into the elevator. They begin making out as the door closes.

    When Harley and Cyrus get back to her house, he asks her what the rules are now. She doesn't know, but she's not inviting him to Daisy's graduation because she doesn't want to start needing him. Daisy looks out at them and then slams the door. Cyrus takes the hint and decides to go. Once he's gone, Harley calls her daughter out. She explains that she is dating Cyrus and won't bring him to graduation. Daisy doesn't care because she's not going and tells her mother that she would have to drag her there. Fed up, Harley tries calling Cyrus but hangs up before he can answer. "I don't need anybody," she decides. Meanwhile, the woman from the gym finds Cyrus at the hotel and takes his hand.

    It's a fix!

    Wednesday, May 14 2008

    At headquarters, Harley stares at the case chart and paces. Suddenly, she seems to realize something and begins searching through her files before putting something together. Meanwhile, Marina is mocking Mallet in the interrogation room when Harley hurries in. "It's a fix! Gus' case. That's why he couldn't close them," she announces. She explains that someone in the department must have been tipping off the drug dealers he was investigating. Marina doubts it but Mallet offers to check it out, though he thinks Harley is wrong. When he leaves, Harley wants to keep digging but Marina reminds her that they are not internal affairs. She accuses her of doing this just because her life is a mess. Harley just wants to protect Gus' name, she claims. Upstairs, Mallet begins shredding documents. Harley comes up to see him and asks to see the files again, eager to find the dirty cop. He tells her to relax and promises her that he has it under control. "None of this is gonna bring Gus back," he reminds her. She needs to have a life outside of this place, he says, hugging her and sending her home to paint the house.

    Harley runs into Jeffrey outside of Company. She tells him about her suspicions of a dirty cop and how worried she is that Mallet can't really handle looking into this. She suggests that they owe Gus this and walks away. Later, Rafe arrives in Jeffrey's office: He needs to talk to a lawyer. He asks him if Olivia can really take the house the way she has. Jeffery thinks Natalia's lucky to have him looking out for her. He's not doing it for her. Jeffery agrees to look into it.

    Jeffrey arrives at Harley's. She's excited that he already has news. He tells her that she needs to stay out of this and let him handle it. She returns to the station and slumps at her desk. As Harley continues to sort through the files in search of the cop, Marina defends her to the other cops when they start to lay into her for this.

    That's the Story of Your Life.

    Tuesday, May 13 2008

    By the road, Blake is on the phone talking about how lonely she's felt. Meanwhile, Harley hurries out of her house and over to her son. She tells him to be on his best behavior while Uncle Frank takes him to the ball game. Frank hurries over and excitedly takes his nephew over to the father-son baseball game. Blake meets him there on the sidelines. She starts to talk about Ross and she mourns the recent loss of the old carriage house. She remembers all the good times she had there... Frank kisses her forehead and tells her she'll always have her memories. He walks off to cheer on Zach while she sadly watches.

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