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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    Roses Need Pruning and so do People.

    Friday, May 23 2008

    At home, Harley calls a member of the school board to try and get Daisy off suspension. They don't appreciate her threats and hang up. Harley reminds her daughter that she's still grounded. Daisy promptly walks out. Harley goes to see the principal. She asks her to give Daisy another chance. "Your daughter's lucky she's not in jail... and why that's the case, I won't ask," the principal bites. Harley wants to take all of the blame and looks for excuses for her daughter. She begs for a second chance but the principal doesn't want lessons in child raising from her and stomps away.

    Mallet searches for Gus' Pepto Bismol at headquarters. Finding it in the desk, he toasts to the dead detective and wanders off as Dinah looms close by. Mallet runs into Cyrus in the hallway. They start talking about Harley. Mallet lists all of her problems, particularly her backsliding daughter. When he looks at her, he sees trouble and that's what Harley doesn't need. He goes back into the main room and starts ordering people around. Harley walks in. He tells her she's not supposed to be there. She pulls out the Gus Aitoro Scholarship Award that she swiped from the school. She wants to hang it in the office; she was going to present it at the graduation but she can't do that with everything that's going on with Daisy. He agrees to do it. She begins poking him about the case.

    Cyrus calls Harley and tells her how sorry he is about Daisy. He blames himself but she insists that it's her fault. "She's a good kid," he suggests. She was turning herself around, getting her grades up and everything. He offers to stay out of it. She doesn't think he can do any worse than her; she just picked a fight with the principal. She almost had a panic attack and it reminded her of how much she needs him. He needs her too and asks her to make some time for him, suggesting they go bowling. "I can't," she hangs up.

    Rafe goes to visit the psychic. She reads his palm. "I see you've suffered a terrible loss," she says. Laying out the cards, she starts to explain the journey he has to take. He starts to fill in all of the blanks and asks a lot of questions. He starts to think that she's after his money and accuses her of robbing him. As he flies off the handle, she calls the cops. Harley arrives and offers to take care of it. She suggests the psychic not press charges or they'll have to investigate her as well. Rafe storms out and Harley runs after him. Catching up to him, she says that he's not the only person who is missing Gus; they all wish that he was still around. Even she almost went to see the psychic. She tells him that he is as brave as his father. They begin apologizing to each other about everything. He offers her Gus' jacket. It's not her stuff anymore, it never was. "My mother likes to say that he belongs to all of us," he says. "She's a better person than all of us," Harley admits.

    Harley returns home. Daisy is on the phone thanking someone. She explains to her mother that she is now going to graduation. Harley is thrilled and starts jumping up and down. She can't claim credit for it, buts she's proud; now her daughter can pick out a nice dress and think about going to college again. She wonders who could have done this.

    Hurrying over to the station, Harley starts thanking Mallet but he didn't do anything. He tells her life isn't like an old fashioned western; good guys aren't always good and the bad aren't always bad. He sends her down to the cells to see Cyrus. She smiles down at him and then gets him a drink and unlocks his cell, handing him a graduation ticket.

    Marry me Jeffrey?

    Monday, May 19 2008

    At home, Daisy is disturbed that her mother is making her yet another PB & J sandwich. Harley needs to save money so they can afford a graduation dress for her. Daisy tells her not to waste money on a dress she doesn't want for a ceremony she won't be going to. Harley offers to bribe her if that will work. She slips some cash into her daughter's hand. Daisy takes it without a word and walks out.

    Josh stalks around The Beacon when he discovers that Chris Boyle is staying there. He follows him inside, cornering him and threatening him. The man is confused and disturbed. "She's my wife!" Josh screams as Cyrus ducks out of the elevator and runs into the struggle. He tells Josh to punch him instead. Josh punches both of them in the face and storms off. Cassie runs in screaming. As Chris steps into his room, Cassie whispers to Cyrus, "Are we okay?" He thinks they have a problem. They apologize to Chris and beg him not to press charges, insisting that Josh is just under too much pressure. Cyrus assures him that they have everything under control. Harley arrives, saying that she's heard there was a problem. Cyrus tells her that they have it under control. Cassie runs off to look for Josh.

    Reva goes to police headquarters to get a ticket to Daisy's graduation from Harley. She wishes that Reva would actually convince Daisy to go to the ceremony and explains that she has no intention of bringing Cyrus. "Things are really good between me and Jeffrey," Reva says. Her life is happy now, but that doesn't make the past less important. "No, it doesn't," Harley agrees.

    Harley and Cyrus are in the elevator. He holds an ice pack to his face while he explains what just happened. She offers to take him for some first aid. He was in prison once; didn't he ever learn to duck a punch? Cyrus wasn't looking for a fight, he insists. She suggests that he take a hot shower and pulls him into the washroom. Looking in the mirror, he sees the mark on his face. He can't believe Josh actually punched him. She's sure that he was just understandably outraged at Chris. "He must not like you either," she jokes. After he's showered, she helps him into bed. He asks her to join him, but she leaves to get more ice. When she walks down the hallway, she runs into another mother and begins talking to her about graduation. Awkwardly, the woman informs her that Daisy can't go to graduation because she was suspended. Harley is shocked. She returns to Cyrus and tells him that she has to go. "I really did want to stay with you," she admits. She kisses him and thanks him for helping her friends. "I'm proud to be your..." she trails off.

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