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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    Thank you for Saving my Life.

    Tuesday, May 27 2008

    As Harley packs at home, Frank comes in for an update. She doesn't tell him much. "He's a Cooper now," Frank says, assuring her that he likes Rafe and would do anything for him. She thanks him for being the best big brother ever. he walks out, promising to find him. As soon as he's gone, she gets on the phone to Buzz to ask for help. There are things she needs fast and she'll need him to back her up with Daisy, Frank and Rick. She can't tell them what she is going to do because they would talk her out of it. She promises that she will be back but she can't tell anyone what she's doing. He promises to get her what she needs.

    Coop and Daisy arrive at Harley's looking for her. They find Cyrus, who has no idea where she is. "I want my mom," Daisy says sadly. Cyrus sits on the front step until Harley returns. She asks him to keep an eye on Daisy while she's wrapped up in things. He thinks he's the last person she wants watching her. Harley tells him to do it from a distance. The best thing she can do for her daughter now is take care of Rafe. She hugs him. "I love you so much," she says. "Thank you for saving my life," she cries. He tries to comfort her but she sends him inside to check on Daisy. As soon as he's gone, she walks away.

    Harley goes to the park and hugs her sons and brother before sneaking away to check on Rafe. He's hiding in the backseat of her car. She hurries over to Buzz in the garage. He's emptied the cash register and gotten numbers and things together for her while she's on the run. Rafe comes over and hugs Buzz. He asks him to let Natalia know that he was fine when he last saw him. She asks her father to keep everyone distracted so they can get away. He embraces her and then walks away. She looks through the garage window.

    Great guy, Crooked cop?

    Monday, May 26 2008

    Mallet tracks Harley down outside her house. He explains what he's discovered about Gus. He's tried destroying most of the evidence connecting Gus to the corruption and is doing his best to shield him. "He was a hero and that's how people will remember him," Mallet insists. After he leaves her alone, she begins kicking things around the yard before climbing up the ladder to fix the gutter.

    In her room, Olivia hands Natalia the deed to Gus' house. Natalia hands it back; she couldn't even afford the mortgage. Olivia says that she's paid it down and jokes that she's a saint now. She tells her to take it. Natalia refuses charity and walks out. As soon as she's gone, Harley walks in with flowers. Olivia is a bit startled by this. They sit down and talk about money. Olivia tells her that Gus never gave her any money; she's never had financial problems. Harley keeps talking about Gus and his money, which makes Olivia uncomfortable. She tells Harley that it's her heart now, not Gus', and she can't be the person everyone goes to when they need him. If she wants to talk to Gus, she can try talking to Alan about his dreams. Harley smiles and sits in silence. Olivia asks her to take the flowers with her when she leaves.

    Harley tracks Alan down at Company and asks him about the dreams. She wonders what his angle could be. Did Gus ask about her or the children? Did he seem worried or guilty? "About what?" Alan asks. She starts dropping names he might have mentioned and Alan stops her at "Grundy" explaining that he's a defense lawyer. She asks Alan to tell Gus that she's okay and the kids are good.

    Rafe runs into Harley on the street. He asks is he can go to her house and pick up the rest of Gus' stuff. She says sure but he turns down a ride over there and walks away.

    Harley goes to see Mr. Grundy. She tells him that his name keeps coming up in an investigation she's been running. She questions him until he gets a call. Staring around the room, she sees that he has received awards from the heart center realizes something before walking away.

    Harley goes to Olivia's room and walks in. "Gus was taking bribes to move you up the transplant list," she confronts her with, laying out the evidence. Olivia is shocked. Harley is shocked that she is shocked. "He really stepped up for you," Harley points out. Olivia walks out and runs into Natalia down the hall. She starts sniping at her but Natalia still offers to help her. Olivia offers to sell her the house for the money that Gus left. "Yes," Natalia finally agrees, looking away. Olivia admits that Gus' heart could be for more than just pumping blood. When she does something wrong, she feels like Gus knows. "Having this gift makes me want to share it," she admits. Natalia puts her arm around her. They both miss him. Her phone starts ringing. It's Alan searching for Rafe, worried that they better find him quick.

    Harley runs to the station and explains what she's discovered to Mallet. The stuff Gus did was never about money and was barely criminal. Mallet tells her that Jeffrey is about to give a press conference so they'll have to stop it. Harley has to run off to graduation.

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