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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    Neither of Them Are Us

    Friday, March 28 2008

    Harley arrives at home and admits to her daughter that money has been tight. She's shocked to see that Daisy has cleaned and reorganized everything. Daisy tells her not to worry, she has things covered, and walks out. This makes Harley nervous. She walks to the park where she finds Gus. She's surprised to see the place is now named after Olivia. He explains that she is dying and he felt like he needed to help her. That sounds like the old Gus to her; always trying to save someone. He tells her that he needed Olivia to know that everyone in town loved her. Harley jokes that he never got her a park. "Do you want a park?" he smiles. They pick up the boys and go back to her place. As he makes a sandwich, she tells him that he never stops trying to rescue people. Having him there is weird for her. She's still not in a place that's comfortable with him being with other women. He reminds her that she just moved her boyfriend into the house that he built. He explains that he doesn't love Olivia more than Natalia; he's just trying to make her comfortable. "But neither of them are us," he admits. As he goes to leave, she tells him that she was in love with him every day. "Are we friends now?" he asks. She starts to cry and says she wouldn't have it any other way. He tells her to paint the walls and leaves.

    At the TV station, Harley interrupts Vanessa to ask her if she's had any problems with a stalker. She tells her that her agency can do what the police can't. Vanessa assumes that Cyrus is still working with her and is the same man he was when he was with Dinah. Harley insists he's changed and is a good partner. Vanessa tells her that people like him don't change, they just get better at being deceptive. When Harley goes home, she tells Cyrus about her meeting with Vanessa and worries that Daisy must be up to no good. He tells her not to worry about it. She goes to the gym to hand out fliers for her agency. When she gives one to Remy, he crumples it up and throws it, and what she did to Marina, in her face. As he and his workout friend walk off, she notices that they left her gym bags and grabs them.

    Daisy and Rafe excitedly walk down the street. She's happy that their fake ID selling scheme is going so well. Cyrus catches them at it and puts a stop to it. He then goes to meet with Harley and suggests that he leave her alone for awhile so that she can get things back on track. She says no and insists that they need to get the Vanessa account. She changes for dinner and tells him that they will figure everything out. Changing plans, she goes up to bed and he makes a call to Vanessa, changing his voice to utter a few threats. Meanwhile, Daisy and Rafe try to sort out a new plan and go back to their fake ID selling.

    Sometimes Goodbye Sounds a lot Like Hello.

    Monday, March 24 2008

    Harley talks about her neighborhood and her dreams and how they have change. As she cleans up her children's toys, she remembers how much she wanted to be liked when she was a teenager. She loves what she has now, namely Cyrus, but sometimes she wonders if her life is changing too fast...then she thinks that she thinks too much. She and Cyrus stand on the lawn and she asks him to come to a meeting with her and Roc Hoover. At Towers, Roc tells them that he wants to buy their story for one of his crime novels. Harley isn't enthusiastic; this has happened to her before and it didn't go well. The waitress comes back to their table to say that her credit card has been rejected. Cyrus offers to cover it and Roc excitedly tells them about what kind of deal he can make for them. It might take a few months he says. Cyrus' card gets rejected next and Roc offers to pay. He leaves, promising to get in touch soon. Seeing the financial problems she's having, Cyrus says, "Maybe Frank and Buzz are're better off without me."

    Harley starts calling around to drum up some business. Cyrus shakes his head; he feels bad and knows that he's only making things worse for her. He wouldn't wish what she's going through on his worst enemy, let alone someone he loves. She tells him that it's only money and hugs him. Later, she gets a call about a bounced check. When she wanders into Company, she finds Gus drinking Pepto Bismol. He walks her out and comments on her lackluster taste in groceries. She insists that she is happy with Cyrus and asks him if he is happy. He doesn't answer. They used to believe that their happiness began and ended with each other, but no more...

    Daisy is applying for a rental application using a false ID. Later, she meets with Rafe on Main Street and excitedly tells him that she pulled it off. Now all they need is money for a deposit. When Daisy returns home, she helps her mother unpack her groceries. Although it becomes clear that money is now tight, Daisy reluctantly asks for cash for a field trip. They start to argue and Daisy says that she regrets having Harley for a mother. After storming out, she hurries over to Company and meets with Rafe, angry that her mother has money and time for Cyrus but not for her. She goes over to Towers and orders a Cosmo. A boy meets her and asks her to get him a fake ID too, offering her money in exchange.

    Harley goes to the station and meets with Mallet. She tells him that she hasn't been getting any work referrals since Frank was put on suspension. He tells her that she won't be getting any as long as she's with Cyrus. She understands that stealing her niece's boyfriend was wrong, but throws his stealing Frank's job back in his face. When Mallet returns to Cedars, he finds Marina defiantly trying to get out of bed. He's glad to see that she's getting some of her fire back and offers her some food. She tells him that Cyrus said goodbye. "Sometimes goodbye sounds a lot like hello," she comments mournfully before eating. Meanwhile, Cyrus returns to Harley's with champagne and steaks. She wonders if he robbed a bank. He didn't; he just sold his watch. "We're in this together," he says as they kiss.

    I'm Dying. Pass the Bread?

    Wednesday, March 19 2008

    Harley and Cyrus relax in bed. Everything feels perfect to her and she begins kissing him until loud music interrupts them. He gets in the shower and she tells him how important it is that her family see them a couple.

    Cyrus and Harley are at the gym shooting hoops. She usually only plays with a team. "I'm not good at playing alone," she confesses. He takes her hands and reminds her that she's got him and her family will come around. Frank always picked her up when she fell before, she tells him; now she doesn't know what will happen. He says that he has a solution. Immediately, he heads over to Cedars and tries to assure Buzz that he is good for Harley. He asks him to go down and talk to her in exchange for looking after Company for the afternoon. Buzz agrees and makes his way to the gym where he offers to drive her home. He can remember being on the outside of the family too... Harley repeats that she loves Cyrus and he deserves a chance. Buzz says that Cyrus ordered him to talk to her. They return to her house and he asks her if there is any going back for her and Cyrus. She tells him about Phoebe and how she paid off the blackmail. "I have not one doubt," she tells her father, though he's hardly reassured.

    He Set Me Up!

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    Cyrus and Harley stop for a kiss as they begin moving things into her house. One of the boys pops up to ask if he can help. Harley tells him that they are having a party to welcome Cyrus into the house. Her son wonders if Gus is coming, he misses him. Later, after moving in his boxes, Cyrus sits down with the boy and starts playing a game with him to make him smile. Harley thanks him.

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