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    Guiding Light CAST - Harley Davidson Cooper - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Harley Davidson Cooper Played by Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Ehlers

    Birthday: 1968-07-23
    Birthplace: Queens, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Christian March 22, 1996
    Real Name: Beth Ehlers
    Height: 5'4"


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    Gus is Gone.

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    Josh meets Harley at church. He tells her that he spoke to Natalia already. She asks him if they discussed funeral plans. Natalia wants to keep it small, he says. Harley doesn't; she thinks Gus should be honored by the town. Josh advises her to give Natalia some space right now. She abruptly leaves, returning home and putting on her wedding dress again. She calls to start arranging the funeral, claiming to be Mrs. Aitoro.

    Everything is Temporary

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    Harley slumps in her stairway looking through old items of Gus'. She goes into the kitchen and tries to make coffee. The phone rings. It's someone collecting a bill. She lashes out at them, saying that her husband just died. Cyrus overhears this and she tells him it was a wrong number. He offers to stay home with her but she tells him to go to work so she can take care of stuff. After leaving the house, she finds Natalia in the park. She tells her she went to bed hoping that she would have a dream that Gus came to her and told her that things were okay...but she couldn't sleep. "She has Gus' heart," Natalia explains. They walk along the park and Harley reminds her that Gus' life was all about sacrifice. "Gus and his damn sacrifices!" Natalia breaks down. That's how she lost him, that's how his son lost him and that's why he's dead. Harley knows it's not fair, but that's who he was and she needs to take comfort in that. "I can't," Natalia sobs.

    At Towers, Vanessa receives another disturbing phone call. She hangs up and Cyrus comes out of hiding, following her with his eyes. She goes back to the station where Harley finds her. Harley asks Vanessa if the station will do a tribute to Gus. Vanessa says that she hasn't heard from the family yet and asks Harley to look into who has been stalking her.

    Harley arrives at home and shows Cyrus the check that Vanessa gave her. She excitedly tells him that Gus is still taking care of the family even though he's gone. As she hugs the check, he looks uncomfortable. She goes over to the station and finds Mallet. She asks starts to box up Gus' things and he promises her that he won't be forgotten. Afterwards, she and Mallet share a bottle and she tells him that, when she had lost all faith in herself, Gus had been there for her everyday, shouldering her burden and trying to solve her problems. Mallet asks her if she wants him to call Cyrus. "Not right now," she says. When she returns home, she joins the boys to finish painting the house. Rafe and Natalia arrive to help and Harley offers them brushes.

    He's Dead.

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Harley and Natalia sit at Gus' bedside. "What I really want is a cigarette and a hamburger and a beer and a baseball game," he thinks to himself. Meanwhile, Zach and Jude play baseball in the park while Rafe tries to fix his mother's car. Gus wishes that he'd known his son sooner, and longer, but he'll always love him. Thinking of the chaos at the police station, he realizes how he will miss that as well; he'll even miss Mallet. He will miss Olivia too and, if he'd gotten to know her sooner, maybe they could have been more than friends. He thinks of the house he never finished and hopes that, maybe, Cyrus can finish it...or he'll have to come back to haunt him. And he'll miss Buzz and his daughter and his burgers and his corny jokes... As he slips away, Rick turns to Natalia to tell her how sorry he is. Crying, she kisses Gus goodbye and then calls Harley over. She slowly approaches and kisses him, repeating his name. Natalia goes to meet her son and break the news to him. She doesn't have to say anything. They embrace.

    Alan arrives at Cedars as soon as he's heard of the accident. He finds Harley and demands to see his son. "He's dead," she says flatly. Alan offers to get him the best doctors in the world, but Harley says all the money in the world can't save Gus now. "Now you remember how much you loved him?'re late. We're both late..." she says, turning and walking out. Calls of the news quickly filter around the town, first to Buzz and then to Mallet. The station activity stops and the cops remove their hats in silence.

    Harley goes home, collecting her sons from the babysitter. They ask her why she's crying. She says it's just paint fumes and instructs them to help her finish painting the house. They ask her where Gus is. Meanwhile, Cyrus arrives at Company. Seeing that they are closed, he realizes what must have happened. He walks in and tells Frank that he knows that he hates him, but they all love Harley and she needs them now. They all go to Harley's together. After hugging her, Frank sits with the boys, giving them Gus' old badge and trying to cheer them up by telling them a story about Gus. Cyrus watches sadly. Buzz follows Harley inside. She doesn't think Jude will understand until the funeral, but this is the second father that Zach has lost. She doesn't know how she'll do this. He tells her that she'll just have to live. "It's the hardest thing in the world," he says, and everyday will hurt. "How can this be happening?" she asks. They go outside and see everyone painting. Frank suggests that they should do more to honor Gus, like a book about him which they can give to Rafe. "He didn't get to know Gus as long as we did," Zach says. Later, Cyrus tries to comfort Harley. She still can't believe it's happening.

    We Almost Got it Right.

    Monday, March 31 2008

    Olivia lays down on the park bench looking up at the sky. When she returns to the hospital, Gus is rushed in on a stretcher after being in a motorcycling accident. Meanwhile, Natalia returns to her new home where she gets a call from the hospital telling her of the accident. Elsewhere, Harley and Cyrus' lovemaking is interrupted by a knock at the door. Buzz has come to tell them of the accident.

    A sobbing Natalia fumbles with her keys in the parking lot until Harley rushes up to her. The women go inside the hospital and Rick promptly hands them some paperwork. He tells them what's happened and says that they haven't found a way to stop the bleeding yet. "I don't know how I can tell my son," Natalia cries. When they get in to see Gus, he begs to know what is happening. Later, Rafe arrives and he and his mother look through the glass at Gus. He starts to cry and runs off, unable to face his father. Inside the room, Gus apologizes to Harley for never finishing her house. He continues to mumble and she cries before telling him that he is the love of her life and she needs him to fight so that they can be together. "You're the love of my life too...we almost got it right," he gasps as the nurses wheel him out. Alone, Harley collapses on the floor before Cyrus arrives to comfort her.

    As Gus waits to go into surgery, Natalia arrives at his side. She cries and tells him to let go of his pain and let the people who love him take care of him. He asks her not to cry. She says a prayer and then Rick has him sent into the operating room, handing Natalia a bag of Gus' things. Later, Rick informs Harley and Natalia that they had to stop the surgery. Gus wouldn't stop bleeding and it became too dangerous to continue. The women go in and stand by his side.

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